Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thrift Haul - A Few Unusual Items

See those Black Snowflakes?  Those ones right there in the picture?  Yeah, I almost missed them !  I walked right past the pair (and their killer price tag) in a small antique shop while trying to chase after The Little Dude.  Thankfully The Mom and her eagle eyes spotted them.  Can you believe that I don't have these in my personal collection?!  KEEP!!!
The booth can always use more Butterprint and unnumbered Primary dishes.  They are always quick sellers for me.  The hankies are destined for some kind of awesome project, though I don't know what it is yet.  That's the story of my hoarder life...  : )
Have you ever seen a glass washboard?  Up until the other day, I didn't know they even existed.  The print is really faded, but I can tell it was made by the Columbus Washboard Company.  I'm guessing it was produced around the time of the second World War since it's glass and not metal.  Other than that, I got nothing on this.  Any washboard collectors out there?   Do you know anything about this board?  Hard to find, common, etc... It's in reseller limbo right now.  Keep or sell?  Ugh, I don't know!
And then there is this jar, this glorious pink jar.  Pink is far from my favorite color, but I can't deny the beauty of this thing.  It doesn't fit with my stuff, but I just can't imagine never seeing it again so it's going to The Mom.  
Booth sales are still going strong, thank goodness!  And I'll be doing a small outdoor flea market outside of my antique mall next weekend.  The plan is to bring the stragglers and price them low so I can move stuff out.  If it doesn't sell there, it's going to get donated!  I have an embarrassing amount of, "what was I thinking" items...  
In other news, The Little Dude is still waking up too dang early and I'm still super tired, though I'm getting more used to it.  Hopefully it's just a phase...  

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  1. 2 black snowflakes?!? Are you kidding me?? Lucky! I just picked up a small washboard made by the Columbus Washboard Company. I know nada about them or how to price them... so I just check out others in my mall and priced it cheaper ;)

  2. Aaaaagh! I decided that I want to collect all of the Snowflake Pyrex to display during Christmas and so far the only black pieces I have are the smaller space saver and the 045. You lucky chick! I did know that the glass washboards existed but I have never bought any. I have three or four regular ones that I am considering painting. I'll probably get struck by lightening.


  3. All your finds are great. Can't imagine you find more Pyrex that you did not have. I have an old washboard as well.

  4. Snowflake is my fav!!! I have all the blacks! I think anyways, lol. So much Pyrex out there I am losing track.

    I love that jar! So amaze! If you ever sell it...

  5. Awesome pink jar! Love the Pyrex too. I think I'm going to take some of my hankie stash and make a banner. I've seen a few, and they're pretty....if I can just find somewhere to hang it, lol. Super finds all!

  6. I'm dire this has been answered 5 times over, BUT the glass washboard is provably from the early 1940's. All of the available tin in America went into making planes. So to keep company's afloat they started making washboards with glass. I have one beside the stove at the Casablanca (it was my grandmothers)! It's hard to think of people having a need for a washboard (other than decorating) but not many had the luxury of a washing machine in those days. Especially in rural areas!

  7. Love all your finds. Over the years I haven't found many glass washboards. I think maybe they got broken. Enjoy that Pyrex!

  8. I know I already commented, but thanks for linking up to TTF @ Melissa's Antiques!


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