Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Back to Reality...Kind Of

So we got back home Sunday afternoon, and while I had a great time, I sure missed The Hubsand and The Little Dude.  The Husband asked me if it was worth the long drive and I didn't hesitate to quickly say yes.  Check out a few of these booths and you'll see why I will do my best to make this an annual trip till I die!  (I don't have a lot of booth pics because I asked vendors permission before I took a picture and some of them were too busy for me to bug.)
This Jadite display was just absolutely stunning and I loved her chalkboard sign.  These were some of the most creative and elaborate temporary booths I have ever seen.  I have been totally inspired to revamp my booth Junk Love style!  
This was another super eye catching display.   Look at all those vintage cameras!  Imagine how many pictures those things have taken....
 I really wanted the awesome planter and The Mom wanted the cart, but I'm afraid of loosing another plant to ravenous gnats and she didn't have a home for it.  Isn't the whole set up cool though?
This was one of my favorite booth signs.  I love the use of the turquoise tail gate.   

This booth was fabulous, full of all kinds of goodies, but they were priced a bit a lot out of my league.

The little chalk board was part of a wedding inspiration booth they had.  They had a lot of really cool ideas, and I love the use of all the globes. Maybe the Husband and I should renew our vows...  ; )
Huge architectural stuff was every where.  I've never seen anything like it.  This booth took old arched window frames and strapped them to the support columns of the building.  I'll say it again, I've never seen anything like this, it was nuts!

The Mom and I were so excited the first few days that we didn't stop to get a picture together, so we rushed over there before our trip home and got someone to help us out.

This was an awesome trip and totally worth the drive and the expense.  I'm so happy we went and I'm glad we are home, but I'm going to live in the glow of it for a while if you don't mind.  Next post...the goods but until then, check out the Junk Bonanza blog for more fun stuff!

 I'll stop talking about this soon, I promise!


  1. How long did it take you to drive? It seems SO far away!

    1. I know! The great North! It was about a 13 hour drive which we split into two days so it wasn't that bad. I've never been that way so it was fun to see something different. I imagine if we do it a lot it won't be as fun.

  2. It looked like a DREAM come TRUE! So glad you were able to go!!!


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