Sunday, November 25, 2012

Lets Try This Again...

Yesterday Blogger yelled at me for being a storage hog and I didn't get to  finish this ridiculously late Thanksgiving post, so I'm going to try again now that I have figured out my storage situation.  I just bought some more via Google because it was easiest.  Thanks for the tips though guys!

From Yesterday:
Wow, I am a Tardy Tina on this, but better late than never!  Happy Late Thanksgiving, Black Friday (anyone score anything crazy good?) and Small Business Saturday.  We spent the day at The Grandmas house, stuffing our faces and looking through newspaper ads for crap we really didn't need.  It was awesome!  I love those guys!  This is what I brought to the feast:

 Gobble Gobble!  Hahaha!  I saw this on Pinterest and decided I needed to make one.  I'm not usually good at this kind of thing, but I think it came out pretty cute.  It is sitting on my new thrifted tray.   It is in the shape of a leaf and has flower engravings on it.  No markings on it though, so I don't know who made it or how old or new it is.

I didn't leave the Pyrex out, no worries : )  A Woodland Cinderella Bowl held the Jalapeno Ranch Dip and the Yellow Casserole (is this a Daisy dish?) held the hummus that The Husband made.  It was sooo yummy!  I usually don't have anything nice to bring stuff in, but this year is different because I am able to borrow from my booth inventory.  Sweet!!!
That is all I have for now.  It has been a busy week, so I haven't been able to do much thrifting.  And it will have to wait a little while longer because The Little Dude it going on vacation with The Mom and her Bobert (her husband, my name for him) so I have to get him ready.  He is so excited to drive for 16 hours (this was their idea by the way.  I think taking a 10 month old on a road trip is nuts, but more power to them!) to go see Great Grandma and Great Grandpa!  
I should have a few things to show soon though because my buddy has been thrifting for me!  ~Insert evil laugh here~  I think the thrifty bug has bitten her!  Have a great rest of your weekend!


  1. Ok, that veggie turkey is just painfully cool!

  2. How cute - this is a real "veggie turkey" lol
    16 hours in a car with an 10 month old did you say? fiouf!

    1. Thanks! So far he is doing well. I still think they are nuts! Can I be rude and ask what "fiouf" means? I'm not very hip...


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