Monday, December 10, 2012

A Few Fabulous Odds and Ends

We finally have some snow!  Not a lot, but hey, we'll take what we can get.  Anyway, it has been a pretty busy week (the Little Dude is finally home!) so I haven't been able to make it to the thrifts much.  Thankfully though, I still have goodies from a few weeks ago to share.
First and foremost is this glorious fan.  It's in great shape, and still works.  Someone has already put on offer on it, but I had to turn it down because I am in love with it.  We're going steady now.  : )

It lives on my shelf so I can adore it every day.  This all sounds silly and slightly scary  but its the coolest thing I have found so far!

This set of glasses is right up there with the fan in coolness.  It is missing one though which is a bummer, but I'm confident I can find a stray glass at the thrifts.  Should I attempt to complete the set of 8 or should it be broken up and sold in one set of 3 and one set of 4?  

This super cool promotional Ivy Cinderella Bowl was scored at a "new to me" thrift shop.  They have all their housewares items lined up on the far wall so that when you walk in you have a clear view of that section.  I saw this bowl from afar and had to be careful not to knock any elderly folk down in my frantic run to pick it up.  It looks like it was hardly used.  Who wouldn't use this all the time?!  Its awesome!

And last but not least this little ghost blow mold came home with me.  He didn't work when I tried, but I think it just needs a new bulb.  What is supposed to be in his hands?  A pumpkin?  A bowl?  

Hopefully I can get some thrifting done in the next few days.  I also need to give my booth a little love and attention.  And then The Brothers are coming next week, so I'm going to be a busy chick.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  : )
I'm joining the parties at Apron Thrift GirlSir Thrift A Lot, and A Living Space.  Have a great week everyone!!!


  1. Lucky you to find the Pyrex Ivy bowl. Did you know that it is part of a chip & dip set? Now all you need is the bracket and the 441. I believe the ghost had a pumpkin in his hand at one time. The replacement cords for those blow molds are easy enough to find. I got mine at Joann Fabrics.

    Happy Holidays!


  2. LOVE that fan! I've never seen one outside an estate sale or antique store but I'm determined to keep looking! I bet that ghostie had a pumpkin in his hands too. And very cool ivy Pyrex!

  3. I love the icy looking ZERO text....Brrr!

  4. THAT FAN! Don't you dare sell it!! HOARD HOARD HOARD!

  5. Yes, everybody is right, the blow mold had a pumpkin in his hand:

    I like the fan. Lots. I have the Ivy Pyrex bowl. I need the rest of it.

  6. I love the graphics on the fan! So COOL! Haa!
    And I would love to find that Ivy bowl too.
    Great Finds!
    Happy Holidays :)

  7. Beautiful fan. I also found this little Ivy bowl recently - it's very cute. Seem that the little ones survived better than the big 444.

  8. That fan is FABULOUS! I'm with the others -- keep it! :) Regarding the glasses: I have great luck selling sets of 7; sets of 3 are much harder.


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