Saturday, November 3, 2012

Little Odds and Ends

Snot snot every where!  The Little Dude has had a yucky little cold for the past few days, but slept through the night last night in his own bed, so I'm crossing my fingers and hoping this is almost over.  It is so sad to see his squishy little face all red with goo dripping from his nose, then getting smeared on everything and everyone in the house.  Even the cats haven't been sparred!  
Anyway, I haven't really wanted to drag him around while he wasn't feeling good, so I haven't made it to the thrifts this week.  I know, I'm surprised too!  Oh how I miss it...
I was attempting to organize thousands of pictures and found a bunch that had been left out of the blog for one reason or another. 

 I seem to be loving these things right now because this isn't the first one I found, and it isn't the last one I have found.  This one is huge, and aside from the front being a little scratched, it is in great shape.  Here is one I found back in September.
I wonder how well these things sell?  I guess we will see soon enough!

This rotary phone style phone book was also saved from the thrifts in September.  Is this like the one you mentioned you had Sir Thrift A Lot?
I also found these sweet acrylic flower coasters and they just happen to match my living room, so I'm keeping them!  

Pyrex is always a plus in my book!  This Snowflake bowl was even at a reasonable price.  ~Insert thrift store price rant here~
Today I will be heading to a friends wedding in Denver, and hopefully I will get my crap together early enough so I can get some thrifting in too.  Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Nope, that one is a lot nicer than the one I found! Simple style like the black one, but with the rotary style part. It was silver. I just tried to find it in my blog, but.. couldn't do it. Too much stuff!

    Pyrex is always a plus in my book, too.

  2. "Groovy" odds and ends! lol
    And of course I love the snowflake Pyrex. I have the blue 401 in that pattern I think. So sorry to hear that your little guy is "snotty"! It's hard to watch them when they are so stuffed up and can't breath easily!
    Hope it passes soon for him.
    Erica :)


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