Thursday, December 20, 2012

Left Behind Thursday

My brother is in town so I dragged him to the thrift shop and the antique mall yesterday.  We found a few goodies that I will share later, but mostly there was a bunch of overpriced or just plain strange stuff.
I adored this set of t.v trays.  I think there were 6 of them, but the shop wasn't selling them as a set.  No no, they were selling them separately for $14.99 each!  Sorry, but oh hell no!  
They also had these.  I like the design on them, but not enough to pay that crazy high price. I was so excited to see these t.v trays because I never run into them, but that price is obnoxious   
These Putz houses were in pretty reasonable shape considering how old they are, but she wanted $15 each! Is there something special about these that I just didn't see?
It killed me to leave this lamp behind.  It is so pretty.
"Send in the clowns."  NO, that frightens me.

I'm still bummed about the t.v trays, but not so bummed that I would be willing to pay full price.  Oh well, hopefully I will find some again at a not stupid price.  Tomorrow morning I will be heading up to Denver once again to pick up a brother.  I love having my brothers here!  Sadly, my Aunt broke her leg yesterday, so she won't be able to be here with us for Christmas.  We are so beyond bummed about the entire situation.  Please send good vibes her way, she could totally use them.  
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  1. Someone is proud of their stuff! WHOA!

  2. $14.99 is Insanity, I tell you! Love that clown, if he was the right price he'd have joined my ridiculous little collection. I need to stop buying those things...

  3. Nooooo! Run back to the store! That lamp is vintage blanc de chine worth hundreds sometimes thousands in highend stores. Ahh! I hate it you missed out!

  4. Shut the front door!!!! Now I know for next time. Thanks!!!

  5. i got lucky and picked one of those lamps up at a yard sale for $2! I went home and found out it was worth a lot more!


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