Sunday, October 20, 2013

Weekly Instagram Recap

We made it home from Florida where we had an absolutely wonderful visit - even though we were sticky and hot most of the time!  Geez Florida, it's October, take a break for the winter!  Ok, maybe I'm being a bit dramatic...still, I was happy to get home to my  dry, crisp and cold Colorado! 

This beautiful old cabinet belonged to my Grandma's Aunt.  This bad picture doesn't does nothing for it.  
 We went to Tarpon Springs where I became an expert on sea sponges (yeah, I wasn't expecting that either).   The movie  pretty much just promoted the shop, but they did include an old video from the 60's that explained how they fished for and prepared sponges for sale.  It was pretty interesting actually.  I bought a few little cosmetic sponges.  I really wanted one of the sponge planters (lower left corner of the photo).  They soak those down and keep them outside with moisture loving plants.  Not really something I could do here in Colorado.  
Tarpon Springs was originally settled by Greek people.   You can kind of tell that from the font on this sign.  And come on, Spongeorama!!!  That's the best name ever!
Holy guacamole!  Ha, thanks Jackie!  This isn't your average avocado.  It was huge and much sweeter than a regular sized one.  Florida grows them big!  Have you ever seen such a monstrosity?!
I found this dude at the beach on Treasure Island.  I've been to this same beach with my family lots of times and have never found anything as cool as this.  And trust me, I'm always searching.  I'm the dofus at the beach who is always looking down trying to spot good shells!  This was in only a few feet of water.  Too bad I couldn't bring it home, it was still occupied.  
My Grandma's aunt made this quilt out of men's under britches!  Hahahaha, I love it!
These guys are every where in Florida.  The Little Dude got a kick out of them.  He was watching one who was so desperate to get away from him that he jumped on his hand to get away. Startled the heck out of The Little Dude!
It snowed a little the day after we got home.  I love waking up to snow!
A well deserved Punk'n beer. It totally hit the spot!
 I found some great bags of vintage buttons at the thrifts when we got home. I wonder what the metal tag was for... Grandma, Grandpa, anyone -do you know?
Stained, faded and totally mismatched.  Such a bummer.  
 Check out the owl I found at an antique shop the other day!!!  It's a bit rough, but the price was right and I just couldn't leave it behind. 
What a glorious way to finish out the week!  I bought this on Etsy a few days ago.  It's black but worn in a few places to be almost brown so it will go with anything.   And the leather is buttery soft!  I love it!!!
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  1. I can't believe you already have snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that belt is perfect. And that owl is perfect. AND THAT QUILT IS PERFECT! Did you get to bring it home?

  2. I was to Tarpon Springs in 2011 - loved it!!


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