Sunday, October 27, 2013

Weekly Instagram Recap

Why haven't you guys all jumped on the Instagram bandwagon?!  It's so much fun!  Come know you want to!!!  Peer pressure is a bitch! Hahahaha, sorry, it's been a long week....
I found this perfect box of lavender ornaments and about died when I found a second perfect box a few days later.  That was one of those GASP moments Danavee!
These little bits were tucked into a box of lovely blue ornaments.  I love little surprises like that! 
I used up my very first can of BKF...good stuff.
 A few family members were in town for my Uncle's 80th birthday so I went day drinking with them downtown.  These sweet gas pump taps are so awesome!  
 What's up scary ass Mister Spock?!  From 1981.  
 Some how I was lucky enough to find more buttons at the thrifts.  This sad squished little Mickey is my favorite one of that batch.  
 We went to a small farming town for my uncles 80th birthday and naturally we stopped by a few stores.  I saw some wonderful vintage decorations in the window of one stores and asked if I could buy one.  He said, "I have a whole box of that old stuff upstairs, hold on."  SHUT UP!!!!  I almost died....  He said I should come back around Christmas...nicest dude ever!  
The farming area we visited is famous for their melons.  They were out of season for us, so I found the next best thing. 
I bought these green tomatoes at the same produce mart.  I''m going to try to make my Big Momma's fried green tomatoes.  Cross your fingers for me, frying scares the crap out of me!  

Do you Instagram?  Find me at andromedavintage if you do.  It's so much fun!!!


  1. HA! Ohhhh Shiny Brites are CARTWHEEL worthy! Those make me LOSE IT! Lucky girl!!!!

  2. Maddie is the Instagramer in our family but maybe I should jump on the bandwagon! Looks like so much fun.

    I can't believe you found purple Shiny Brites. Never knew they existed.

    Glad you had a fun day of day drinking. Isn't it the best? :-) Hanna and I consider ourselves professionals.


  3. Melissa, I love reading your ALWAYS make me laugh. Oh, love those fried green tomatoes. Frying scary? LOL! Wow~great vintage Halloween, make sure to show us what Christmas you get from him later on.

    Those gas pump taps are awesome! How fun, day drinking with your 80 year old uncle. Tip one up for me! :) Pam

  4. WOOOOOOOOO! On the Shiney Brights! How neat!

  5. I LOVE instagram. Completely addicted to it. Just requested to follow you over there. :) BKF is a thrifters best friend. I just started using the liquid BKF too mighty good stuff.

    Those Shiny Brites are such a great color!

  6. Oh, that poor little Mickey button! I love it. Stupid question here, I just bought my first can of BKF and have only used it on one thing. What do you use it on? I used mine on a hammered metal tray and I have to say it didn't help matters much. But people swear it is a miracle worker, so I must simply not be in the know. Any advice appreciated!

  7. i loooooooove instagram too! but you knew that! haha. i love that little mickey, and SPOCK!! give me a heads up if he goes to your etsy shop!


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