Sunday, February 2, 2014

This Past Week...

I made a pair of jammie pants out of a vintage table cloth that had holes and was faded. 
 They turned out pretty dang cute if I do say so myself.  I just wish I hadn't messed up cutting my original pieces.  That's why I don't sew very often, I hate and suck at the cutting part.  Anyway, because I effed up one of the pieces I had to piece together the back.  They're cute, but they could be made better. Oh well, at least I tried. 
 Swoon!!!!  I found this fabulous turquoise bowl but it was horribly damaged.  But it's not like this little hoarder could leave it.
 I tried like hell to revive it, but had no luck.  Super sad, but at least I have an every day bowl that I don't have to worry about hurting.  
I HATE this cheap, yucky, dirty ass - terribly put in fake slate ceramic tile.  So I started to paint it!  It's tough because the tile was installed wrong by the previous owners and none of the grout lines are level, plus it's all jagged if that makes any sense.  One by one, I've been painting...
 Halfway there!  Except, I don't like the dark grout!  Ugh!!!  Maybe I'll paint that too!
 Look at this super mod fancy dancy air plant holder thing!  Found at the grocery store of all places.  
 My cousin turned 13 today, so instead of being forced to watch a football game I'm not totally interested in, I got to go get my nails done with my family - so much more fun!  I love these Cathrineholm inspired nails!  I could totally get used to this.  
This is my 13 year old cousin wearing the Katniss inspired cowl I made her for her birthday.  She's a big fan of The Hunger Games trilogy.  It's upside down, but still cute. ; )  

And have you joined in on the Instagram fun yet?  Come it, you know you want to!


  1. Oh Melissa, your pj pants are so stinkin' cute! I cant sew and see simple projects that just need edge stitching, so I'm thinking of an inexpensive machine to try it. You did great!

    I'm jealous of your cool catherineholm nails, lol, sweet idea. Love the cowl, didn't know you were sooooo talented until this post. Promise to show us your finished kitchen. Love those imperfect finds we can use without worry, and dang, better be paying more attention at my grocery store. :)

  2. I wish I could even sew a button, let alone a cute pair of PJ pants. I have so many linens that just need to be saved from becoming rags because a spot or 2. I visited the a few thrifts On Friday that I pass on my way home from work and I found my first turquoise bowl in the wild. It was DWD beyond belief. And I have so many everyday DWD bowls, that it made no sense for me to pay $4 for another. Those nails are cute - I would've loved to have gotten mine done instead of watching the game. I was asleep by the end of the 3rd quarter. I just wanted to see the RHCP at halftime. Of course they only got one song.

    I did make it to Phoenix on Saturday. Did get to browse the Brass Armadillo there - and OH MY GOSH - they had more Pyrex than this girl had room to carry. Great prices on it too. I only got to browse for about an hour. I did bring home a green depression salt/pepper shaker to match a lone one that I have.

  3. I am still completely in awe of your pajama pants! They are really darling and I love how the pattern of the tablecloth works so well with the stripes and lines of the pants. SO clever!

  4. Those PJS are SO cute! I'm impressed! And I definitely hate cutting the most, too, on the rare occasions I sew something. I love your bowl, too. Sometimes I actually like to find slightly damaged items, because I can use them and love them without any fear of damage or guilt, if that makes any sense. I always feel pressure to list the "perfect" finds in the shop.

  5. The PJs, the nails, the niece... this post is too cute! I don't saw and I am in awe of anyone who does!

  6. Love all the crafty fun here. I need to get busy making again!

  7. The cowl and pajama pants look great! How sad that poor little bowl, but like you said now you have an "every day" you can just throw in the dish washer!


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