Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Thrift Haul - Woohooo!

Finally!  Holy crap on a cracker.  It's been more than a month since I've had finds that are worthy of a post.  I could whine and cry about dry thrifts and bad weather, but no one wants to hear that nonsense so on to the goods!!!
Pyrex, oh glorious Pyrex, how I have missed you!  I searched hard for the red primary, but I never could find it.  : (  The fridgies are a great score from a small antique store.  I was pretty thrilled to find the Gooseberry.  Some people find that stuff like it's Butterfly Gold, not me!  Maybe this is a sign of good finds to come.  A girl can dream right?...
 These little sundae cups are puzzling.  They look vintage to me, but I know there are a lot of reproductions out there, and I have no idea how to tell the difference between real and knockoff.  Does anyone know anything about these little cuties? 
 Here pretty soon I'm going to get my crap together and start listing more on Etsy and these adorable salt and pepper shakers are first in line.  I can't decide on the prescription bottle.  I kind of want to fill it with red buttons and use it for my Valentine's Day decorations.  
 I found a little pile of these cast iron owls a few weeks back and have already sold a batch on Etsy.  That fabric might have been an empty hand syndrome purchase, though it's slowly growing on me.  I will probably stick it and the recipe tin in the booth soon.
 Squeeee!  My first floor globe!  It's likely that it will become a permanent fixture in my home...because I apparently need more globes...NOT!!!   I have a problem for sure, but it's ok because they're educational...right?
 My first Federal Glass find in the wild.  They are really neat and the pattern is in good shape, but both bowls are half dishwasher damaged, if that makes any sense.  I couldn't leave them behind though.  
One thrift had a bunch of pennants that I just couldn't pass up.  What is it about these super colorful, wonderfully illustrated pieces of felt that is so stinking attractive to me?  They don't sell well in the booth, but I have had luck with them online, so that is where these will go.  
 This one is huge and will probably go pretty dang fast online.  It's a bit creased on the end though.  Does anyone have any tips or tricks for getting the creases out of these?
I couldn't leave it behind.  I just couldn't.  Someone needs to give me some advice here.  I'm not sure why I'm being so weird about it, but I can't help it.  Is it ok to sell this or should I just hang onto it?   What would you do?
This month has been pretty good at the booth, and even though the Etsy shop isn't getting a lot of new listings, those sales are doing pretty well too.   We don't really have a lot going on for the next week.  We have more snow and of course the Super Bowl.  Here in Colorado things are starting to get a bit nutty and us non-football people are a little frightened.  : )  I just don't have the brain power to learn the game so therefore I have little interest in it.  Maybe one day I'll figure it out, but for now I'll stick to scrolling Pinterest and filling up my shopping cart and then emptying it out during games. HA!!!
Do you have any big Super Bowl plans?  
Oh, and because I'm super proud of where I live, and if I watched they are who I would root for...
 I'm joining the parties at  Sir Thrift A LotRemnantMod Vintage LifeThe Thrifty GrooveA Living SpaceIvy And ElephantsThe Cottage MarketWe Call It Junkin', The Colorado Lady and Apron Thrift Girl. Have a great week everyone!


  1. Yes, I think it is OK to sell it. You never know someone's story & they may be looking for that pennant. I really like it.

    I totally want that Gooseberry fridgie! I don't have one yet. Cute S and P s. I work for the Super Bowl. Preparing for the onslaught of the gamblers doing sports lotto - it's. Gonna be cray!

  2. I just had to get my Mom's Guide to Depression Glass out - the book helped me some when I was trying to identify her pieces but it was the bloggers who came through for me in the end. But, it looks like your dishes are Block Optic, made by Anchor Hocking - 1929-1933 - but now I see that someone told you the pattern on Instagram - oh, well!!

    Your material looks strangely the same as a pair of salt and peppers I have!!!

    Nice finds, I went to three thrifts yesterday, bought nothing - it was pitiful!!!

  3. I think you can take a crease out of your pennant. Dampen a piece of light weight cotton fabric - a hankie or press cloth. Put it on the crease and lightly iron with the steam setting on. Don't press hard - check to see if it puffs up the fibers little. You can start with the back first if you want. Love everything you found! I have my Grandma's green glass dishes and I think there are sundae cups with them!

    1. Thanks for the tip Lynn! I'll give it a try. Oh, I stopped by your Etsy much cute stuff! Thanks for visiting!

  4. Brian found me one of those Federal bowls at Goodwill the other day. It's not Pyrex but I am still kind of loving it. Those Primary bowls look freaking perfect! SCORE!!!!

    No plans for the Super Bowl....yet. I'm sure Alex will tell me at about 10 pm on Saturday night that he is having people over. Kid is super last second.


  5. Oh man, I'm so jealous you found some Pyrex, I'm getting desperate here! I think the pennants are great and I would probably hang on to the twin towers one, but I am a hoarder :) Today will be day 4 that I've gone to my local GW and left empty handed; lets hope I finally get to bring something home!


  6. All your finds are great. Wish you were around here,as the antique malls have so much Pyrex.

  7. Yay!!! Great finds!!! SO happy you finally found some goods.

  8. Great Pyrex and other finds - wow! Makes me want to go out junkin Right Now! Ha ha. I think it's okay to sell the WTC pennant, you never know, it might bring someone comfort, and it's really a piece of history. Thank you so much for sharing this at my History & Home link party this week. Take care - Dawn @ We Call It

  9. Great finds!! Without seeing them in person, your green glasses could be Vaseline glass? If you happen to have a black light, you can check that way....they'll glow if they are! :-)

  10. Loving your primary bowls. My only primary bowl is that little blue one. Think it's fine to sell the pennant, but I would have trouble letting it go. Love the green glasses, glad you got your ID?

    Go Broncos...pass me the chicken wings. :)

    Yup, Go Broncos! Im always up for the superbowl commercials and chicken wings.

  11. Lots of cool stuff! Settle in waiting on the primary red... It's the bowl that goes missing the most. (Idk if they get broken or what) we give them out as wedding presents to our lady members at the Casablanca. I've had one set that I found the 3 yellow/blue/green bowls for $15 for all 3, and just a few weeks ago found a beat up red bowl to finish that set.


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