Sunday, October 28, 2012

Crazy Wallpaper and A Few Good Things

The thirfts have been terrible to me this past week, so I decided on Saturday to run down to Florence for some antiquing and goofing off, a little retail therapy if you will.  Before that though, I hit three estate sales near my house.  The first one was a bust.  It was mostly kid stuff and ski equipment in a fancy newer house.  Feeling bummed, but still optimistic, I hit the second sale which was also in my neighborhood and thankfully the house was older and cooler than the first.  Yay for that run on sentence and for the cool house!
The company running it was unfamiliar to me, but they were super cool and let me take some pictures.  The wall paper reminded me of houses that Rae at Say it Ain't So has been to for sales.  She likes crazy wall paper. : )

This one was in the entryway and kitchen.  The pictures aren't very bright because the house was super dark, and I couldn't use my flash because it was really distorting the color.

I love the cars on this wallpaper.  It was in a kids room.  I'm pretty sure nothing had been changed in that house since it was first built in the early 50's.

This floral print was on every wall in the living room and hallway area.  

Ok, it is a bad picture, but just imagine a really bright orange color, then imagine it being fuzzy!  Yeah, it was as awesome as you are picturing!  

I found a few good things there.

This knitting bag is in great shape and I love the colors of the scarf.  And in that little box is a teeny tiny little bitty 110 camera!  I think  I still have some film for it.  No one processes it anymore, but still, its cute!  Some weird glow in the dark angels for good measure.  

I really like this bowl and stand.  It will look cool with someones mid century mod kitchen ware.  

This mustard colored planter need a succulent friend. 

It is in rough shape, but it was way to neat to pass up.  

The last sale was in a weird little gated community so they couldn't do any signs.  I went up to the house with the most cars in front of it and crossed my fingers.  Luckily I was right!  It was slim pickings by the time I got there, but I was able to grab these vintage toys.  Again, rough shape but I couldn't pass them up.  They will be adorable in a vintage themed nursery or play room!  Pretty much everything will be heading to the booth for resale soon.  

So I finally got down to Florence and didn't end up getting anything!!!  It is the best place to antique, but I feel like I have been kind of ruined for that because I am so used to the thrift prices, high as they may be.  Does anyone else have this problem?
As soon as they are up and around I'm going to head over to Sumo's Sweet Stuff for Market Yourself Monday! I will also be joining the party at Apron Thrift Girl for Thrift Share Monday.  Have a great week everyone!


  1. Love the wallpaper tour (and Rae would approve, I am sure). I would love that vintage car paper for one wall in my son's room! Also, great toys :-)

  2. Love the wallpaper photos! I had that little dog in the last picture when I was a kid. I wonder if my mom kept it? Thanks for sharing & good luck thrifting this week!


  3. aw yeah! that wallpaper rules! especially the fuzzy kind!!! i need to post about the wallpaper from this house i used to live in. it was peacocks! and pheasants! and the kitchen was all fruit!


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