Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Booth Has Been Floofed

The antique mall where my booth is does a vendor night about once a quarter, and I'm telling you guys, it is so awesome!  First of all, they buy us pizza.  There will be food?  Heck yeah, I'm in!  Secondly, no customers.  We are able to spread stuff out a little better without fear of being in the way or stuff getting knocked around.  And last but not least, we get to chit chat with other vendors and the employees of the store.  A good time is had by all!
So The Mom and I got busy and did some floofing and shooshing, those are technical terms.  We wanted to showcase the springy patterns (sold the Butterfly Gold cinderella bowl the next day) and play up the globe.  Why hasn't that globe sold!?
I asked The Mom to come help me because I wanted to do something different so I needed someone else's eyes and because lets face it, she's my mom and I like her!  We mixed everything up so it's different compared to the color coordinated OCD arrangement that I had here before.  What do you think?

The Mom did the chalk board and I really like it.  Hopefully it will get that globe sold!
I also found that super sexy lamp the other day (and another one that is even sexier if you can believe it.  I'll blog about it soon).  I would love to sell that type writer (its a beast) so we tried to showcase it with the lamp and a few more office type things.

This is the view of my booth from the main hall way.  I'm kind of tucked in a little cove.
Doesn't it look good?!  Thanks Mom for all your help!!!

After I link up with The Colorado Lady, I'm heading to goof off with a friend and add some little items to the booth.  Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I would LOVE it if our shop did a dealer night! OHHHHH I'd love that. Seriously it would be awesome.

    The floofing looks great.

  2. The booth looks great! It would definitly draw me in (and not just for the Pyrex!)


  3. I would so be all over your booth in a heartbeat if I was in your area! It looks wonderful. Great job on the floofing.


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