Monday, February 25, 2013

Booth Update and A Bit of Exciting News

Things have been pretty crazy and busy around here.  We are still going strong on our bathroom remodel which is going to be awesome!  The shower pan is getting poured today and tile next week!  It seems like I should be able to list all kinds of other things, but I can't for some reason.  I guess doing a million little tasks is a good generalization for how my time has been spent lately. 
My thrift haul is going to be in a little late this week because of the above mentioned madness, but I was thankfully able to get to the booth yesterday (The Husband stayed with The Little Dude and I got some much needed me time.  Thanks Husband!).  
I've had pretty good sales this month.  How are you guys doing in sales?  Booths, Etsy?  Which is the slowest sales month for you?  Why hasn't that globe sold yet?!  Grrrrr.  How long do you guys leave an item in your booth before you start marking down prices? 
Dang, now that my little game of twenty questions is over, how about some fun news?  
Drum roll please.................(imagine a snare drum getting beat to death for extra dramatic effect)
The Mom and I are going to Junk Bonanza in April!  This may not seem like big news to some of you, but it is to us.  We are super crazy excited about this little (kind of big actually) junking trip.  As you may already know, we live in Colorado.  This festival of awesomeness takes place in Minnesota.  That's crazy far away from us, like 16 hours away!  But it is so going to be worth the drive.  Yeah, you read that madness right, we are driving! Have any of you ever been to Junk Bonanza or some other kind of big Junk gathering?  Any tips?
Well that is it for me now.  I have to go get started on catching up from our weekend and this weeks new list of small tasks.  
I'm joining the parties at Apron Thrift GirlSir Thrift A LotSumo's Sweet StuffRemnantYoung Heart Old Soul and A Living Space.  Have a great week everyone!!!


  1. Oh my gosh, how FUN! I always see the ads for that one, the Country Living Fair and Farm Chicks but they are so darn far away that they're out of the questions. You are going to have a great time--you'll have to be sure to stop and junk in all the little towns you'll pass along the way!

  2. February has been good to me. January was slow. At our mall, months aren't consistent from year-to-year. Although summer is usually consistently good. I'm pretty darn patient with things.........I won't mark it down for awhile.......and I move things often.

  3. would love to come shopping there x

  4. How fun! I wish I could go shop it!
    I used to do Paris Street in Littleton. I thought about taking my show on the road, but it's a lot of work. SO rewarding though. Have fun & take lots of pictures!


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