Monday, March 3, 2014

The Past Few Weeks...

Wasssssssuppppp!  It's been a while since I shared my Instagrams, so this is going to be a photo heavy post.  I don't think that Moe here really cares.  : )
 We made jammie pants and they're so awesome!   I'm wearing mine right now.  Just in case you were wondering...  It's going to be a weird post.
 Ah, yummy banana bread.  Or banana bread of DEATH!!!  I thought it was fine but I gave a piece to The Mom and she couldn't even get it down!  You know it's bad when your mom can't even stomach it.  Apparently using peanuts was weird (it was all I had) and the fact that they were probably pretty old didn't help either.  
Old signs are always winners in my book.  This one looks like the "o"s used to be eyes.
 Who the hell is going around taking huge bites out of Pyrex?!  Ugh...
I got the chalkboard wall changed.  Hopefully this week I can get more stuff added to the booth.  Getting kind of bare in there!
 I've recently started doing my own gel nails at home and so far I'm pretty much in love with them.  This color turned out way more neon that I anticipated.  Still pretty though.  
 Yup, that's a shark eating a bowling ball return.  It's close to being the coolest thing ever.
 The internet gave me this gem a few nights ago.  I will never tire of you internet, keep the good stuff coming!  
 This beautiful sculpture lives on a private property not far from my neighborhood.  The yard is full of these hand made windmills that have tons of moving parts.  They're so fun to watch.  
 New kitchen island!!!  I'll have a better picture pretty soon, but for now this will do.  It is larger than my other one, but it's so open it makes the kitchen look way bigger.  I LOVE IT!!!  What do you guys think?
 Just because I can.  : )
 Finally, a fluff free way of preserving some of The Little Dudes moments.  I love me some list making!  
 Shut the front door!  Is that a vintage leather bag with my initials on it?  Yup, it is!  Winning!
 More puppy love.  I wish they would stay this little forever.  
 The magazine that makes all our hearts flutter with excitement.  This issue has been my favorite one so far.  
 So my aunt told me she had some old toys and books that she doesn't want any more and asked me if I could help her sell them.  Sure I say, why not?  She brought over like 6 huge boxes of stuff last night!  Barbies, Barbie accessories, more clothes than one doll needs, a few cars, her damn huge ass dream house and a butt load of books.  And that isn't even all of it!  So I'm going to do a kind of pop up Instagram store to hopefully move some of this stuff pretty quickly.  Spread the word!  I don't have time to research everything, so there will be plenty of good deals for people I'm sure.  

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  1. Hi there, I love your new kitchen island, that's nice! And that pic of the little mouse and jello, too cute! Like those jammie pants too, they look comfy to me.
    Have a great week~Dorothy
    I'm having a giveaway, come on over!

  2. Well dang, your banana bread looks delicious anyway! Love the cute jammie pants, love lots of things about this post...oh that puppy, the cutest! I got my Flea Market Style too. I'm cheap about magazines, but this one is the BEST and worth it because I read it from cover to cover.

    Love your kitchen island! I have almost an identical one! Two differences, mine doesn't roll (lucky you) and my bottom shelf is an open grated design. We bought it 10 years ago when we rented a house without kitchen counters (seriously), and I still love it and won't give it up. Hubby threatens to make a new base for the stainless steel top but has so many projects it won't be soon.

    GLAD to see you back! I read your post a couple days ago but hate typing on my tablet...doing it old school today. Thanks for all the sharing.

  3. The chalk board is super adorbs! Jealous of your super artsy skills!


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