Sunday, March 16, 2014

This Past Week...

My cats were feeling frisky!  (Sorry, it couldn't be helped)  "You aren't busy, are you Mom?"
"You need to brush your teeth?  Really?  Don't bother me with such trivial things human.  I don't care."
Got my green on at the booth.
These were in a box that my aunt brought over a few weeks ago.  They belonged to my Grandma and I'm keeping them (no take backs)! Unless The Grandma wants them, and even she'll have to fight me for them.  : )  The one on the right has the funniest annoyed facial expression.
Yeah for Pie Day!  Did anyone celebrate with some actual pie, or dare I say it, math?  
This is by our front door.  I didn't have many letters to choose from, but that's ok because rare describes us pretty well. 
I made these mushrooms last year and still love them.  This is my offering to spring.  More of a demand really...
Vintage Easter!  That little spun cotton ducky is actually a piece of super old candy that someone didn't unwrap.  So cute!  And the little honeycomb eggs...adorable!
This was a little treat to myself since my booth sales are doing so well.  I'm not sure which convinces me to buy Benefit more, the nice makeup or the fun packaging!
The Best Buds actual 30th was this weekend, so we did some more celebrating.  This was her Bellini Martini and it was super gross (it reminded me why I stick to wine and beer), but the mermaid was wicked cute.  
And I had SPECTACULAR luck at the thrifts this weekend!  Oh, I can't even explain how much I needed that.
My Little Brother left for Afghanistan and I miss him.  I know it's his job and he's damn proud of what he does (as he should be and I am), but it still sucks that he has to go so far for so long.   Stay safe little brother! 

So I see a lot of you still aren't on Instagram...what is that about?!  Get with the program people!  Geesh!


  1. Love those mushrooms! I need to make sure Hanna sees this post because that it something right up her alley. I have three giant dogs. They wouldn't last in my yard.


  2. Can I just say I pretty much would love ALL the green stuff in your booth!!! Just exactly all the green I would love to have to display and USE! I want pieces to LIVE WITH not just take up space :)

  3. Wow Melissa, There is so much fun in this post. Your kitty is too cute! Love your "green" shop, everything really.

    Such a sweet photo of you & your brother, sending prayers that he stays safe.

  4. Loving the mix of green goodies for the booth. Glad to hear you're doing well this month. I have a sneaking suspicion that weather has something to do with it...

  5. Those letters/mushrooms are incredible! Love the kitty photos too, of course.

  6. Ha ha, my cat does the same thing-constantly getting in the sink! I love your St. Patrick's display with the Pyrex, and I also love the little deer! I would have kept them too, no question!

  7. Ah Benefit, one of my (many) make-up addictions! My fave is the Porefessional. Amazing product aaaand cutest packaging ever. They have a whole Benefit store here that I've yet to venture into, cos, well, I'd blow my months rent in about 5 minutes.

    1. An entire store?! Holy crap...that might be just too much for me. I'm a huge fan of their Big Top cream. It's wonderful!


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