Sunday, March 23, 2014

This Past Week...

It was finally nice out, so we took the kidlets to the zoo.  We were about as happy to be outside as this smiling hippo.  Spring has finally arrived...
I got to work photographing and sorting the enormous amount of frilly stuff that my aunt brought over.  I was drowning in was kind of disturbing.
 The Little Dude loves my bakelite bracelets.  It's so funny when he wheres them like this.  Got a nice stack going there buddy!
 The booth got a little bit of love.
 I sold my first item via Instagram!  Yeah!  
 Mmmmm... cinnamon rolls.
 These vintage pearls belonged to The Husbands grandmother and I had totally forgotten about them until the other day.  They made me feel all fancy in my dirty sweatshirt and jammie pants.  
 That 70's Show!  I recently started watching it again on Netflix  and am loving all the good stuff!  I actually just sold the lobster recipe tin in the corner.  Lara at Pretty Quirky commented about how fun it would have been to be a set designer on this show.  That would have been so AWESOME!!!  
 I take comfort knowing that I'm not the only one of us that this applies to...  : )
This wine was so yummy!  Another successful, "oh, that label is cute" wine purchase.
 What the hell spring?  WHAT.THE.HELL?  We're sick of getting teased over here.  We ended up with almost three inches before it was done with.  SO OVER IT!!!
 A lot of the Barbie stuff sold on Instagram, but I was still left over with the dream house, bus, two cars and all kinds of other bits and pieces.  I posted it to my Facebook and ended up selling the whole lot to an old friend from high school.  Score one for me!!!
 This estate sale wasn't super fruitful for me, but it sure was fun!  I wish everything in this picture could have come home with me, house included!  
A fire destroyed hundreds of homes and thousands of acres last year in the same little town where the estate sale was.  I'd hate to be a resident of this town and  have to drive this road all the time.  What a painful reminder.  You can see in this photo that the tires on the truck melted away completely, along with the house that used to be behind it...  And those trees aren't just back-lit, they're burned.  So sad all around...

Do you use Instagram?  It's usually much more cheery than my last photo!    


  1. I meant to comment on Instagram - I have the same lobster recipe box - it was my mother in laws!

  2. Love it all -- the hippo, your little guy's hair, the Barbie stuff, choosing wine by the cute labels! Not so keen on the snow, though. We're supposed to get some tomorrow and I am driving people crazy whining about it. ;)

  3. I thought that that hippo was a car covered in snow in the thumbnail on saw on another blog. & when I watched That '70s Show on Netflix I feel like I was looking at the set more than the characters!

  4. I love That 70s Show! Whenever I watch it I also make a mental note: have that, had that but sold it, and most importantly WANT THAT! :)


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