Monday, April 14, 2014

This Past Week...

I got all crafty!  The insanely cool bakelite button was an antique store purchase and the key came from an estate sale a few weeks ago.  It's the perfect kind of statement necklace for me.
 More keys!  They are quickly becoming about as bad bountiful and awesome as my button collection.
 I bought these milk bottle lids from  Vintage Rescue Squad and decided to make some magnets out of them.  Inspiration for these came from magnets that Heidi at Vacuuming in High Heels and Pearls made, though hers were way cuter.
 Ok, so this really grinds my gears.  This Pyrex is in the case at the thrift store and priced like it's at an antique store.  And that Forest Fancies is dishwasher damaged beyond repair.  THEY HAVE LOST THEIR DAMN MINDS!!!  Ok, now remember I said that...
 Another one at a different store!  It's a conspiracy I tell you.
 National Siblings Day was on Thursday so I posted this picture of me and the brothers from a year ago.  I love those two big butt heads!  Ugh...look at that bad hair cut!  What made me think I could pull off a pixie...frightening.
The Little Dude has been waking up before the butt crack of dawn (yeah, that's an actual time of day...just ridiculous) lately, and let me tell you, it's totally wearing on me.  I'm usually already up, but just not quite awake, and have yet to grab the life nectar that is coffee.  He talks a lot in the morning...  ; )  Needless to say, I felt like I deserved the beer and cupcake Friday afternoon.
Does anyone have any tips to get my 2 year old to stay in bed a little later?  
This key cabinet!!!  OHMYGOSH, I freaking love this thing.  It was priced a bit high, but the vendor was willing to drop the price since it had been crowding her booth for a while.  It's going to get a fancy turquoise paint job this week and it will be glorious!
 See that set of Primary bowls sitting on the right corner of the table in my booth?  Those are the over priced bowls I was bitching about a few pictures up!  They were still in the case on half off day and I snagged them up super fast.  It turned out to be a very good deal for me, which is awesome because Pyrex is getting pricier and pricier lately.  *Inserting foot in mouth*
That spool is my very favorite find of the week...ok, the year!  This one is super cool because it has nice graphic lettering on it and is in pretty good shape.  I think I'm going to keep it where it is and use it as a little table.  
These colors are so fun together.  Spring has arrived in my house dangit, even if the SNOW outside disagrees.  Yup, it's snowing right now...

Do you Instagram?  No...come on man, we're all doing it!  


  1. A) Love those milk bottle magnets, B) your thrift stores are BONKERS. Our GW's don't even put out vintage stuff anymore. They have "professional" sorters that pick all the good stuff out that goes to the local warehouse, where it it photographed and placed on their auction site. (I have insider knowledge that now keeps me out of all GWs.) C) beer + cupcake = YES PLEASE! Have you tried a Guinness cupcake with Jameson frosting. They're to die for. D) Your booth is rockin'! Hope sales have been good. E) I now must hunt down a large spool.

  2. I saw those magnets on IG and immediately decided that I needed to make some. Only problem? They won't stick to my stupid stainless steel refrigerator!! So happy that you got the Primary's for a good price. I haven't seen any good Pyrex in the stores since my haul a few weeks ago. I'm pretty sure that the Pyrex Gods have decided that my time is over. Oh well, I'll happily pass on the good luck. But to put it in display cases? That pic seriously looked like an antique mall photo, not a dang thrift. They have lost their minds.

    Have an awesome week. See you on IG!


  3. You always have such good stuff to sell. Honestly, I don't even look at Pyrex anymore, except to occasionally tsk-tsk at high prices. I have all that I need to use, and use all that I have, so done there. Love your key case and your stool, what fab finds! Stealing the magnet for some vintage milk lids I have, thanks for passing on that idea. Cute family photo and love your yellow and blue got it going on Melissa! :)

  4. Okay, my magnets are not either cuter than yours! They look just the same! Yours are darling and I love the milk caps you found. The key cabinet is awesome and I can't wait to see it with its new paint job! And that overpriced Pyrex photo still just pisses me off. Glad you got the Primary set for a deal, though!

  5. Love that button necklace you created and your keys are fabulous. Be careful - I have thousands of keys! I do not know much about Pyrex so when I get it for my booth, I just put $10 on it and let the customers decide if it is a steal or a crime. Is that a giant starfish on your head? :>)))

  6. This last week, one of my favorite thrifts went completely bonkers. $38 for a set of three green Cinderella nesting bowls. One was dishwashered beyond recognition.


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