Thursday, April 24, 2014

Thrift Haul - Spring Has Arrived!

Spring, glorious-wonderful-magical Spring!  The birds are squawking and the trees and flowers are blooming, and most importantly - IT ISN'T SNOWING!!!  I could dance a gig right now.  Anyway (no one needs to see/hear about that), I only thrifted one time last week, but it was all I needed.  Yup, it was one fanfreakingtastic day of thrifting with The Mom!
I spied this globe lamp from across the store and practically sprinted to get to it.  I've had this on my list for a while so now it can finally be checked off.  It is stunning when it's lit up at night.  Dreamy even...
 This score didn't involve any sprinting, just a lot of heavy breathing.  Pink Gooseberry is just so dang pretty!
 ~Insert more heavy breathing~  I just couldn't believe it.  All of this pink Pyrex was found in one place!  That pretty flower tray is the only thing other than the globe that I'm keeping from this haul.  It was covered in black grease.  Who knows happened to this poor tray in it's past life, but it will surely have a better living situation now.
 The fresh springy weather has brought out the lovely Spring Blossom, 1 and 2.  These are in spectacular shape and will look so pretty in the booth next to all the new pink stuff.  
 It just kept coming!  These Designs bowls need a good scrubbing, but otherwise, they're awesome.  And those hound dog salt and pepper shakers are killing me with cuteness, just look at those soulful eyes!  Though I want to keep them forever and ever, I'm running out of room so they'll be heading to Etsy soon.
 Is that white casserole dish Fire King?  The pretty pattern drew me in.  The beautiful bright yellow lasagna pan is cast iron and HEAVY AS HELL.  It was made in Denmark and fetches a pretty penny online.  I'll be sticking it in the booth though - shipping on that thing would be painful.
And last but certainly not least, The Grandma came home from Arizona bearing gifts!  Oh Gooseberry, how I love thee.  I already have this set in my personal collection, so these will be heading to the booth.  Squeeee!!!  Can you imagine how cool my booth is going to look in a few days?!    She also gave me a very special afghan that was made by my Great Grandma, see it here.  Thank you very much Grandma!!! Ugh...blogger won't let me center this.  It's being sassy.
Thank you guys for all your kind words of encouragement and understanding regarding The Little Dude.  It helps to know that he isn't the only butt-crack-of-dawn riser.  : )  Today he woke up at 5:40 am, so that's a swing in the right direction.  It isn't 4 am!  

We're going to be getting ready for a road trip to Oklahoma next week and I'm pretty excited!  The drive is just dumb, ugh- so dumb, but my Auntie will be at the end of it, so it's totally worth it.  What a cluster eff this is bound to be.  The Mom, The Grandma, My other aunt, a cousin, and The Little Dude and me - all in one van for 9 hours...  HA!  ~insert a shiver up the spine~ 
Are you a fan of long road trips?  Have any fun ones planned for this year?  


  1. I cannot freaking believe you thrifted all of that Pyrex!! Woo-Hoo!! Now I feel like dancing a jig. Believe me, you'd want to see it just for the sheer entertainment...

    Hanna & I just started planning our big road trip to the Alamada Flea Market in August. Its a drive so we want to strategically plan good junk stops along the way. We are really good road trippers!

    Keep up the good thrifting!


  2. ALL THE PYREX! HOW!?! HOOOOW!? So jealous. So drooling!

  3. Wow, just wow. I cant believe you found all that Pyrex! I NEVER find Pyrex. Ok, occasional I will find one and it will be in totally crappy condition. Love that yellow metal pan. And those hound dogs, so cute. I just bought a basset hound planter and I am like you, I so want to keep it but I have NO room for more stuff so gotta sell. I need to reopen an antique booth!

  4. Gorgeous little haul! Love all the pyrex patterns.

  5. I love all your finds. I never find that much Pyrex. I bet the globe light is cool when lit up. Have a great & fruitful weekend! Hugs, Dianne

  6. That is an amazing amount of Pyrex to find! It would take me months and months to find anything like that around here and it sure wouldn't be that nice!

  7. Do you know the year of the globe lamp? I think it's exactly like mine, but had no luck.

  8. I LOVE all the beautiful Pyrex you found! I picked up a couple of pieces recently but nothing as beautiful as yours. Nice!


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