Monday, June 9, 2014

The Past Weeks...

I've been slacking!!!  Slacking on blogging, slacking on commenting, slacking on thrifting - slacking on everything!  Some of it is pure, unadulterated laziness, don't get me wrong.  But most of my blog neglect is because we have been potty training The Little Dude for the past three weeks.  I have been a bit preoccupied, to say the least.  : )  
All things considered, the booth got a little bit of love in the recent weeks.  I got a really nice email from a customer last week.  She was sweet enough to take time to tell me that she shopped at my booth when she could and I helped her finish her yellow Gooseberry set.  She even said she loved my blog!  Thanks so much Marianne.  You made my day, that's for sure!
More bakelite!  That light blue one on the left started out grubby and mustard colored.  With lots of sanding and polishing it is back to it's lovely original light blue color.  
I KNOW!!!  Hahahaha!  This thing is huge, and super obnoxious, but there was just no way it wasn't going home with me.  The cephalopod lover in me wouldn't have it any other way.
 The Husband didn't like his tangerine gimlet.  Not a problem Not. A. Problem.  : )
 OHMYGOODNESS, OHMYGOODNESS, OHMYGOODNESS!!!  These were in a bin at the thrift the other night.  I saw the black and white and thought, "that can't be what I hope it is.  Holy sh*t, it is!!!"Can you believe it?!  
 Mine!  Mine! Mine!  ; )  This little gem sang to me at the thrifts.  It was magical...
This stack of bakelite bangles reminds me of a hamburger.  I was overly amused by the resemblance all day.
My antique mall did a flea market in the parking lot a few weeks ago.  It was fun, and a good learning experience, but I didn't sell as much as I hoped for.  It was just meh.
 ~insert heavy breathing here~  
Two of these sugar coated sugar pillows was all I could handle (even that was too much) but man, they sure were AWESOME!!!
 Lets all have a moment silence please...  Tragic, just tragic!
I did another market over the weekend that went much better than the previous one.  It was in a fun touristy part of town behind some cute boutiques that I frequent.  They have decided to do the market three more times this summer and I know I'll do at least one more.  
Are any of you going to sell at or go to a few flea markets or vintage shows this summer?
So are you guys all on Instagram yet?!  For me, it's the fastest way to share and keep up right now.  Don't leave me hanging!!!


  1. Melissa, you have way too much cool stuff to comment on, lol. I love all your finds. Your bracelets are fantastic, your cephalopod pin outrageous, and on top of all your goodness, Catherine Holm enamel bowl??? My heart is pounding, lol. It's a difficult time of year to keep up on all the blogs, having that problem myself, but great to see you post.

    A friend told me you need an iphone to do Instagram, can't do with an android. Sounds crazy to me. Do you know if that's true?

  2. I about died laughing at the *insert heavy breathing* part! I did a cool vintage/flea market this weekend... was supposed to do it Sat AND Sun... but I hit my goal for both days on just Sat, plus it rained Sat night into Sun morning set up time. Also, I was exhausted and really wanted to just binge watch the new season of Orange is the New Black. Thinking of having a few sales at my house over the next month. Need to de-stash hard core.

  3. I am going to visit a flea in NY near Buffalo this summer. We don't have any normal fleas near me (except for the made in China ones or fleas in the hip part of the city where a 401 Spring Blossom is $18). We qere supposed to go last year, but didn't happen. I can't wait! Not for like a month tho.

  4. Me? Do a market and SELL things? What would the hoarder in me say?

    Way to go Little Dude with the potty training!!


  5. YAY! that your 2nd market was better! So glad for you! Bet the summer ones will be even better. I'd love to do another market this year (I've been collecting pink/aqua/shabby/foofoo stuff with a booth in mind) but don't know if that's going to happen. Rats.

    Your hamburger bakelite cracks me up. It totally looks like one! Did you get hungry all day whenever you looked at your arm? I would have! LOL

  6. Great stuff! The bracelets do look like a hamburger. I would have been pretty much preoccupied with that all day, I'm like that : )

  7. I've never tried setting up anywhere, but it would be a fun thing to try!

  8. Donuts covered in cereal? Bracelets that look like hamburgers? And hand-sized Octopus brooches??? And then you're potty training a toddler too?? LOL It's crazy around here! :)
    OK- I think you have convinced me to join Instragram. Ahhhhh!
    Erica :)

  9. Loving all the drinks that appear in these photos...LOL ;) Our antique mall did a flea market two weeks ago also. I was only able to do Friday, but ours must have been like yours- a lot of hype and not a lot of sales...and I had some good stuff that didn't sell. I'm hoping to find a better flea/vintage show nearby and do more though.


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