Monday, February 4, 2013

Thrift Round Up-Part 1

The last two weeks of January never turned around for me, which sucks, but I can handle it like a big girl and move on.  I have come to the conclusion though that I need to rotate stuff out a little more.  I never liked doing it because that means stuff is sitting in my sun room, lonely and sad, without the chance of finding a new owner.  For this reason, I'm going to try my hand at an Etsy shop.  It seems like a good next step for me and I'm super excited about it!  If you have any Etsy tips, pointers, or suggestions send them my way, please!  I'm listing items right now, so hopefully in the next week or so I will be able to confidently open for business.

Anyway, on to the fun stuff!  The thrifts have been so generous this week that I need to break this up into two posts!  Lucky me!  How did everyone else do?  

Grumpy owl wants you to save your monies!

This little elf skier creeps me out.  I'm so glad he chose to not murder my family while we were sleeping.  He went to the booth the other day thankfully!

Oh make my little heart quiver!  This Daisy pattern is so bright and cheery.  If it had a bum, sunshine would be coming out of it.  : )
These Lefton's wall hangings are super cool.  The one on the left reads "Kissin don't last, good cookin do" and the one  on the right reads "No matter where I serve my guests, it seems they like my kitchen best."  My inner hoarder wants to keep the one on the left, but I'm not going to let "hoarder me" win!  It's going in the Etsy shop!
These Libbey Hostess glasses are so neat.  The detail on them is in great shape, not scratched or faded at all.  I bought an old Life magazine a few months ago, and was looking through it the other day for my Smash book when I found an advertisement for them!  How cool is that?!  They should sell fairly easily here because of our large military population.
My one and only Valentines Day item.  

Swoon!  I love love love this New Mexico pennant!  The colors are so bright and vivid and the landmark drawings are fantastic.  I have also been to most of these places so I think I am a little biased. This is another thing my inner hoarder wants me to keep, but I can't.  I'm putting my foot down in the name of a clutter free home dangit! To the Etsy shop it goes!
 This is probably one of my coolest finds this week.  It is a Gilchrist 30 ice cream scoop.  I read that these were used back in the day at neighborhood soda fountains.  It has a 12 etched into the sweep of the scoop, which is supposed to mean that you can get 12 scoops out of one quart of ice cream.  Think of how many root beer floats this thing has helped to make.  I could day dream about that all day...
 Back to reality!  This little dohickie came in a bag with the ice cream scoop.  The Grandparents and The Mom think it is for squeezing lemons for mixed drinks.  I'm inclined to agree.  What do you guys think?

 I'm joining the parties at Apron Thrift GirlSir Thrift A LotSumo's Sweet Stuff, Remnant and A Living Space.  Have a great week everyone!!!


  1. Congrats on your new etsy shop! Hope you sell a ton there. My only tip is that an etsy shop is similar in some ways to an antique mall -- needs to be replenished and paid attention to on a regular basis. I bet you'll do great. Good luck!

  2. Lots of cute finds there. Good luck with the Etsy shop! My shop is fairly new but I love it. My tips would be to get involved in the communities and teams. You learn a lot there. Also, learning the best tips and tricks for tagging items makes a huge difference in your traffic. You'll be great!

  3. Best of luck with the Etsy shop! My tip is to take really great photographs! Great finds...I love the Lefton wall plaques. Thanks for visiting L'Heure Bleue At Home.


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