Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Thrift Round Up-Part 2

Like I said in my last post here, the thrifts have been very nice to me lately.  So much so that I had to split a weeks worth of finds into two posts.  This is the rest of what I found last week.
Do you remember this chick?! This adorable little Raggedy Ann wall hanging practically jumped into my cart.  It's not like I could say no!  Look at that sweet face.
Ok, so I am unsure of what this pitcher is.  Do you guys think its Blenko?  Thanks Heidi!  It's made by Blendo.  I'm pretty sure it is, but am unfamiliar with that company, so I don't want to label it that way.  It went to the booth the already.  If this month picks up, I'm betting it won't stay long.  Either way, it's pretty fabulous!  I wish I had orange in my kitchen...

Isn't this yellow vase super mod and lovely?  This one almost didn't make it to the booth.

 And now for the bronze.  I found a bunch of it and almost all of it has gone right to my new Etsy Shop.
A very nice lady from Belgium wanted to buy this sweet little squirrel today, but when I looked up the price to ship it to her, it was a bit too high.  I almost had a sale on my first day open with only a few listings.  Super exciting!

 I can't resist an owl.  Well, I guess I can.  I saw another one that was gigantic in size and price.  I left that one to roost on its shelf. (bada-bing!)
Sweet little woodland critters.  I couldn't handle the thought of breaking them up, so they are going to go in the shop as a pair. 

So this little ducky kind of screws with me.  It is obviously a duck looking to the left, but if you look a little harder, you can see a bunny looking to the right.  Can you see it?  Am I nuts?!

All of that on top of these little kitties seems like a lot of bronze to me, but The Mom assures me that people seem to be liking it more and more.  What do you guys think?  Do you sell much of it?

I'm going to head over to Colorado Lady and My Romantic Home, then I will list a few of my most recent finds.  Listing doesn't seem to bug me too much.  I actually like it more than writing price tags because no one can see my horrific hand writing.  : )


  1. Cute finds! And yes, that duck also looks like a bunny looking the other way - too cool! And you left an owl?? Hoot, hoot!

  2. I am pretty sure that the pitcher is Blenko. My sister would have died to have found it. Orange is her FAVORITE color! She also would love the squirrel and deer. She collects those as well. You are having some great luck. I'm glad someone is:-)


  3. I think your pitcher is Blendo, rather than Blenko.

    The brass stuff is awesome! I follow this Etsy shop that has tons of brass stuff and HIGH prices:

    I'm on the lookout for brass stuff now but haven't found anything yet. I think your animal figures are really desirable!

  4. I once owned a set of the little brass squirrels! I had forgotten them until I saw your post. I have no idea where they ended up, but probably one of my children have them. Good luck on your shop!

  5. My Sister is correct, I love everything in your post! I picked up 3 bronze giraffes at Goodwill this week and they are all selling on Ebay as we speak, so I'm all about the bronze now!
    Fun finds!


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