Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A GREAT Estate Sale

I mentioned a really fantastic estate sale in my last post and I'm trying to not over blow it but it was the BEST estate sale I've ever been to.  The ladies were super nice, the prices were perfect and the stuff was pretty dang good.  I could have probably gotten so much more if not for two things:  I'm trying to be good and I didn't see it until it's third day.  Dangit!   
Only a few Christmas goodies were left by the time I got there.  That tinsel garland will be used to make a few ornament wreaths.  I'm tired of drooling over everyone else's, time to make my own!  The Made in Japan stacking Salt and Pepper shakers are totally staying with me, but the rest will go to the booth during the Christmas season.  
As I was looking in the basement, a tired lady looked at me and said, "I really don't want to carry all this junk out of here, everything is half off down here!"  Well you don't have to tell me twice! These kids toys were all together in one bag.  I didn't even realize how many tin plates there were until  got home.  Does anyone know anything about these?  Only the little cup and matching saucer in the front are marked. the only reason I bought the puzzle is because it says "Adult" on the box, but when I looked a bit closer I noticed it was stamped "The Mill" on the front.  Probably a mill, not a nudie picture.  : /  
The Better Homes and Gardens came home with me for the ads.  Follow me on Instagram if you want to see some good ones as I come across them.  They are so entertaining to look through!  The wire basket, paper doilies and Colorful Colorado fan were fun finds too, though they don't yet have a clear future.  
This is a bit out of the realm of what I normally buy, but the casters sold me on it, as well as the fact that it was only $1!  I would have paid that for the empty coffee tin!  What are those neat looking numbered nails used for?
Pyrex!  Shut the front door!  This was totally one of those, "Melissa, don't let them see you being weird" sales.  The mustard color promo item hasn't even been opened and with a little elbow grease the Pressed Flowers looks brand spanking new!  It came with a lid, but in a spazz moment I dropped it and watched it shatter into a billion pieces on my sun room floor.  Can you imagine what was probably there during the first day of the sale?!  Oh, it hurts to think about it!
And again, apparently that wasn't enough for me because after the sale I hit my little senior thrift store and scored these great linens.  The yellow one has a big hole in it so it is destined for a craft project.  The red flower one is perfect after a good soak, but I'm not quite sure of it's fate yet.  I really like it!  Same thing with the donkey motif table runner.  It's pretty awesome!  
The same little shop had these great day of the week kitty flour sack towels waiting for me. They were in really yucky shape, and came out just o.k after a good soak.  They are probably destined for the booth so someone can cut them up for a cool sewing project.  The Walt Disney souvenir plate is listed on Etsy and the California tin tray is soon to follow.  The Whizzle sticks are one of my favorite finds from that day.  They make me want to have a party just so I can use them!  
And this big guy was watching me photograph my spoils all afternoon!  He was probably happy to be relatively sheltered from the rain. 
 And that my friends is just what I came home with.  I could have also bought a few quilts, some bed linens, fabulous retro towels, and a butt-load of fancy china, but again, I'm being good.  It was a great day and I was so excited that I sang one of my favorite Queen songs like a GOOBER the whole way home!

I love me some Queen!  Linking up with The Colorado Lady and Junkin Joe.


  1. Wow - I'd say you got some GREAT stuff for hitting the 3rd day of a sale!

  2. I can't believe you found all of that amazing stuff on the third day! I gives me a not so good feeling to think about what you might have missed out on. DANGIT!!! It happens to the best of us!

    I am super excited for your vintage tablecloths. If you decide to sell that donkey runner, let me know! I'm sure you are well aware of my donkey obsession:-)


  3. That's awesome. Going to a sale like that makes you keep going to all the others, hoping each will be as good!

  4. To think that you found all that on the third day, makes you believe that it is never to late to go to a sale! You did walk away with a lot of neat things and of course those Pyrex finds are great!


  5. Oh wow, love it all. & who knows, you might not have missed anything!

  6. YES! You ARE the champion! Congrats! :)

  7. That was your lucky day. Great finds.

  8. Amazing score!! The tin toys may be Ohio Art or Wolverine? And the numbered nails were used to mark the old wooden screen doors and windows. :-)

    1. Thanks Sandi!!! Now my next question...Why did they have to mark doors and windows? Haha! I ask a lot of questions.

  9. Wow Melissa,
    What a haul! The Toy dishes are mostly from the 70's, except for silver tin ones those are from the 40-50's. The number 'nails' are actually stamps for Dad's a Pipefitter and he has some of those. Love the tablecloth's

  10. They're window screen markers :) I have two whole sets and I can't even bare to take them off of their original cards. I just like to look at them apparently. lol
    LOVE your linens and the California tray! You did great!
    Erica :)

  11. You made out like a thief in the night! Love those numbered nails - I have been looking for some. They were also used to mark utility poles. Sometimes going the last day is great because the sellers will empty out attics and basements with new "old" stuff.

  12. I'm jealous of your great estate sales! What a haul, and those linens.....ooowee!

    Hope you show your wreath after making it.Need to do my own also, so inspire me!

    :) Pam

  13. So many excellent scores, love 'em all! This inspires me to go hunting again for some quality vintage this weekend to and try more estate sales :)

  14. This looks like so much fun! I'm a sucker for vintage Christmas, oh... and Pyrex, oh... and printed tablecloths...

  15. WOW...What FABULOUS FINDS!!!! Congrats and thanks for sharing! : ) hugs...

  16. What a haul!!! And, such a great assortment!! I bet you couldn`t wait to blog about it all!!!!


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