Thursday, August 15, 2013

Booth Update

Wooohooo August, you're freaking spectacular!  This has been a really great month so far, which is awesome because that means I get to shop more and that's always good.  The difference isn't super noticeable but here's a comparison between last week and this week.  
One of the Globes, the big red "A" and a bunch of Pyrex has sold since I took this week's picture.  Now if I could just get some of the Butterfly Gold Pyrex to sell I'd be golden...haha, pun not intended but totally welcome!  
My In-Laws will be here for the next four days for a visit, so I probably won't be able to get a lot of thrifting in.  Hopefully I can sneak out here and there for a little thrift fix...sneaky sneaky style! 
Don't forget to enter my giveaway!  The info is all conveniently located right here!  
Thank you very much to everyone who has already entered!  You guys rock!!!
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  1. I love that you changed it up enough that it's noticable!

    Good luck with the inlaws this week. It's my vacation weekend :)

  2. Your booth looks great, My daughter would have loved that "A" But I see it is sold! Happy thrifting....and happy VTT!~

  3. You have a neat and inviting both. I am sure you will continue to have great sales.

  4. Always love lookin' at that booth.

    Yes! I was thinking about that giveaway yesterday! I used to be a sweepstaker (you know, one of those people who enter sweepstakes obsessively... sometimes 10 hours a day) & was talking about it on Facebook with some sweepstakes friends... I recently won a $10 Visa gift card - woohooooo from Purell!

    Hope you get at least a tiny bit of thrifting it. I'm nervous - 6 thrift stores & only a towel & and some wrapping paper.

  5. Maybe the golds will sell with the coming fall weather! ♥

  6. I love all of your Pyrex grouped together. My Butterfly Gold hasn't sold well either. But I'd still pick it up at the thrift store if the price is never know next years color of the year might be gold!


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