Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wanted Wednesday - A Quarter

Not just any old quarter, but one made in 1963 or earlier.  Those puppies are pure silver and with a little time and patience, you can turn one into a cool ring.  How awesome is that!?  I found this on Pinterest (follow my boards via the button to the right for good stuff, and some occasional inappropriateness) one day when I should have been being productive.
I dug through my huge pickle jar full of change and couldn't find one older than 1965 (that's the year they started adding copper to quarters).  Ah, so close!  I was so bummed because I had these instructions up and I was ready to go.  Major let down!
So, does anyone have a few old quarters they are willing to part with?  : )
This idea obviously isn't new to everyone because there are lots of comments from people who say they have been wearing one for years.  Do you have one of these neato quarter rings?  If so, tell us how you got it.  Did you make it or did someone make if for you?


  1. tampering with US currency... tisk, tisk, Melissa!

    1. Tots legal!

      Well, unless she plans on trying to pass the ring off as a 50cent piece after.

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  2. Anyways, I don't have any! I had a somewhat large collection of US silver quarters, but, I sold them all a few years ago to buy a handful of Jolly Chimps off eBay (which shot up in value after Toy Story 3!).


    Can't wait to venture through this last year of my 20's.. too..


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