Monday, August 5, 2013

Thrift Haul - Happy Birthday to Me!

The thrifts were pretty darn nice to me this weekend.  Maybe it's good thrift karma, or maybe it's birthday luck. Whatever it is, I'll take it!  I was getting killed earlier in the week.  The Little Dude and I hit 8 shops and came out with nothing.  I was a little bent out of shape until I hit a  jackpot at my regular thrift.
I haven't seen good Pyrex at this particular thrift store in months!  And priced well too.  It had to have been my lucky day!
Most of it isn't super exciting, but the little red hostess is the first time I've seen that size. The two that I found here a few weeks ago are smaller.  Thankfully this one is in way better shape.  The Horizon Blue is in dang near perfect condition and was right on top of a lone Friendship lid.  It's not in the best condition with a few little scratches, but I took it to the booth anyway.  It will make someone happy eventually.

I thought the Flamingo Pink baking dish sold right after I took it to the booth because I left for a minute and went back and it was gone.  The lady must have changed her mind though because it didn't come up on my sold report. Oh well. The white pie plate is in great shape now that I scrubbed it like crazy with some BKF.

This mid century tray was the only non Pyrex item I brought home from the thrift.  It has one little chip in it, but I'm keeping it and I don't care!  It is now being used to hold the pool balls I found a little while ago.   All in one trip to a thrift where I haven't found anything good in a long time!  Hell yes, I'll take it!   All of the Pyrex goodies went to the booth.

Does any one know anything about this tray?  I'm not familiar with that makers mark.

The Little Dude and I walked (I walked, he rode) to a neighborhood yard sale Friday morning.  Most of it wasn't my thing, but I did end up with a few goodies.  I would have been wicked peeved had I walked up all those hills for nothing!  Shiney Brites, an indent and some knee huggers.  I'm always happy to find vintage Christmas stuff.

Last night The Husband let me open my birthday present early, and I'm so glad he did!
He bought me this  book without my even asking for it and I didn't even tell him it existed!  I'm still super stunned.   He's such a good guy, I think I'll keep him around for a while.  : )
Thanks for the thoughtful gift honey!!!
I'm thinking my birthday will be pretty chill today.   Hit a few thrifts, maybe go to dinner with The Little Brother.  I also have a twin brother who lives in Alaska, so birthdays without him are always a bit off because I miss him.  Happy Birthday Brother!!!
Also, I've been blogging for almost a full year and that means I'm going to do a anniversary give away!  I'll be announcing the details of that in the next week, so keep checking so you don't miss out!  


  1. I really need a good Pyrex hit to get my mojo back. I have been hitting the thrifts out of desperation because the sales around here have been so bad this Summer. I am super excited that you found some vintage Christmas. I found a little bit of it this weekend myself. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I didn't know you were a twin. Hanna & I are twins too, only 10 years apart:-)


  2. Happy, Happy Birthday to YOU, Melissa! :) Hope you have a wonderful day and a fantastic year of life to come!

  3. PS--I just found this on my FB and thought of you!

  4. Shiny Brites and Pyrex. All perfect hauls. Happy birthday again!

  5. Happy Birthday to you!!

    Love your Christmas finds, that sure did make your walk worthwhile!!

  6. Happy birthday! I'd love of a peek at that book! ♥

  7. What fabulous pyrex finds!! And that BOOK!! I'm so jealous!

    Have a WONDERFUL birthday!

  8. What a great guy at Christmas time I posted a list on the boyfriends computer telling him the book would make a great present I finally got it in the Spring when I bought it myself. I have a collection of Christmas elves there something I'm always on the look out for.

  9. Oh, nice prezzie! Happy Birthday! I don't know anything about that Polish tray, but I LOVE it. I need a trip to Colorado just to shop at your booth!

  10. It's a true bummer when we set out looking for treasures and end up coming home empty handed. But I guess it was well worth the wait. You found some great treasures in the end. I love seeing the Pyrex that everyone finds. I'm hoping to find some good pieces as well. And now is a great time to find those vintage Christmas pieces. Happy Birthday!

  11. Happy Birthday! Wow! You really did find some great Pyrex! If I was in Colorado I would totally come and buy your Friendship lid- I have the dish with no lid!
    My Pyrex finds have been pretty spotty lately- I only come across a good piece every once in a while. I think it's because everyone knows it's collectible and snatches it up!
    Oh, and I love the vintage Christmas (I'm a huge sucker for it myself) and you've got a great husband to get you that book for your birthday!

  12. You had some great finds! I love the one on top with the birds (can you tell I'm far from knowledgable about Pyrex??)
    I hope you had a great birthday!

  13. Hello! Replying to your comment you left me about "feeling wistful at a thrift store", that is a GREAT way of looking at it. I hadn't thought of it that way. But yes, maybe we shouldn't think of it as all this hard work someone labored over, but as just a way of passing the time. I agree though, still needs to be appreciated!
    I LOVE all your finds. Oh, the Pyrex! I just found that same flamingo baker two weeks ago, lol. Happy belated bday. Thanks for stopping by, take care - Dawn

  14. Missed adding birthday wishes since I was on my junking road trip. Hope it was a doozy and all your birthday wishes came true!

  15. Love the elves! Cool book too-- very thoughtful! Visiting from Thrifty Groove.

  16. Happy Birthday to you!! Wow all that Pyrex in one store, great finds!! I love the knee huggers and shiny brites! What a great book for your hubby to get you! Hope you had a wonderful celebration!



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