Monday, August 26, 2013

Thrift Haul - Pyrex and More Paint By Number!

Well this week made up for last weeks mini haul.  The Mom and I went to the Mid Century Modern Show in Denver and had a great time.  I'll have a short post about that later this week.  But afterwards we went thrifting and we scored!  Not only did we find good stuff by the boat load, but it was all half off!  The Goodwill stores in Denver and surrounding areas were running a 50% off all tags sale.  Yeah, we were all over it!
First and foremost though, check out this bounty The Best Bud brought back from Pennsylvania!  I'm sure you know which pieces are for me.  The Butterprint butter dish and cinderella bowl, and the Pressed Flowers!  Squeeeee!  The rest is headed for the booth.  Do you see all those great promotional pieces?  Just lovely.  
Thanks lady!!!  I'll get you your cut soon. 
: )
This is a just a taste of one of the shops they visited in Adamstown.  My heart would have stopped, for real...

Did your brain explode?  Yeah, it's ok, mine too.  Anyway, can you believe I found more paint by numbers?!  The tall skinny one is Daniel and the Lions (bought it because my brothers name is Daniel) and I'm thinking about selling it as a pair with last weeks find on Etsy.  What do you guys think?  The other three are for sure going to be on Etsy soon.  
These things sell like crazy so I always pick them up.  The Mom is going to use the bull to hang chunky jewelry from.  Such a cool idea!  Maybe I'll suggest that on the duck's tag when I take it to the booth.
This dude is my new friend.  I call him Murder Bunny and he guards the door to my sun room now.  That face scares me to death, but it's hypnotically cute at the same time.  I just couldn't pass that up!
How strange to find a stethoscope.  My little brother actually asked me a few weeks ago if I could find him one (he's an EMT in the Army) and I said it was unlikely.  Foot in mouth!  I think that green plate is a piece of Jadeite though it isn't marked.  It's pretty nonetheless. And what would you guys call the other thing?  It's plastic and is meant to maintain food temperature.  I love the colors, but I don't have a clue what to call it.  
These guys might be subjects in a little experiment.  I'm going to try them as they are in the booth for a little while.  If they don't sell quickly I think I'll spray paint them a bright color and try again.  Maybe that will help to modernize them a bit.  
And last but not least, meet Elvis.  He's a super cool old blow mold parrot.  I didn't need him and I have no good place for him, but there was no way he wasn't coming home with me!
I also found a super awesome lamp that I can't show just yet since I'm still working on fixing it up. I know I said boat loads of stuff and this isn't exactly that, but a lot of what I found is strange odds and ends and some of it went into the box for my give away winner Becky.  But no joke, I bought a lot and will probably take it easy on the thrifting this week. I need spend the time on listing till I can't list no more!  Getting a bit too lazy with the Etsy shop.  
I'm joining the parties at  Sir Thrift A Lot, RemnantMod Vintage LifeThe Thrifty Groove, A Living SpaceIvy And ElephantsApron Thrift Girl, and Joyful Treasure Hunting. Have a great week everyone!


  1. That my friend is a serious SCORE!! All the Pyrex made me giddy and it's not even mine:-)

    Friends who give Pyrex are the best friends of all. HA!

    Have a great week~


  2. That "other thing" is an insulated casserole--it'll keep your Green Bean casserole hot through your entire Thanksgiving dinner! I have the matching ice bucket.

    1. I was going to say the same thing. I have one of those in brown and a pitcher in aqua. I've had them in my booth for over a year now and they haven't sold. I think people don't know what they are either! :)

    2. Also, they go by Vacron or "Bopp-Decker" if you look them up on eBay!

  3. Loys of great finds! Oh my GOSH all that Pyrex it's just so prematurely to look at. It reminded of Missouri Michaels collection (although his is not nearly as neatly displayed!) murder bunny makes me think of a 1930's drawn cartoon... Or maybe Rodger Rabbit. And the blow mold parrot, I TOTALLY understand! Hahaha

  4. You always find the best PBN's!! And would you believe I just gave away a box of those white ceramic hanging guys!! Had no idea they were a seller! Oh, and yes, my head exploded with the Pyrex shop photos!

  5. That is definitely a Pyrex haul! Such neat pieces and I don't think I have seen so much Pyrex in one shop! My daughter and I would be dizzy with excitement!

  6. I want to hear more about the Modernism show! I wish I could have gone last year when they had Charles Phoenix and it seems like I remember they might have even had SHAG? I bet it was really fun!

    Today I was in a GW in Parker and they had a Pyrex casserole with lid like your dark blue one in the glass case. It was light tan/cream and had a gold pattern of vines/grapes. Marked $29.99. WTF! You are a charity, not an antique shop, Goodwill!

  7. That is an enviable amount of Pyrex! Oh, and I love the paint-by-numbers! I never find paint-by-numbers, but I'd love to have a little collection of them on a bare wall...they are just too funny!

  8. You really found some amazing stuff this week! I don't know how you find so much good Pyrex- it's so hard to find for a decent price out here! We actually had those same exact owls at one time- we had them in our space forever and they never sold but then we put them on ebay and they went fast!

  9. You lucky duck you! Those are some AMAZING pyrex finds - your bff is awesome. ALSO - I think I would've died too if I saw that much Pyrex at once. Elvis the parrot is cute and murder bunny is going ot give me nightmares!

  10. Nice! I don't think I've ever gone into a Goodwill where everything was on sale!

    Wow, I can't believe that Adamstown shop! I think I would start shaking if I went there!

    Enjoy! ♥

  11. I have been to Adamstown and it is AMAZING. And overwhelming. After a while I stopped squealing and just stared. And stared... and stared! Great finds!


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