Sunday, December 8, 2013

This Past Week...

Holy crap on a cracker, it's frickin' freezing here!  I'm done with this nonsense, DONE!  Do you hear me mother nature?  Colorado is not supposed to be 25 degrees cooler than Alaska right now.  I hate to whine so much, but dang man...-5 is getting just stupid.  
Anyway, I shared this last week, but I'm going to share again because it's so dang cute!  Look at the butt cheeks on this little thing!  I've never seen such a cute tush on a toy before.
These pretty babies were sitting in a small booth in my antique mall and I snatched them right up for a great price.  I love the birds!
 The temperature dropped all the way down to 25 degrees in my sun room!  My poor little heater couldn't get ahead, so I stopped trying.  
 My favorite tote now has pockets thanks to a few vintage button broaches and a canvas Home Depot apron.  I'll be honest, I felt like a genius when I did this!  Haha!  
 ModCloth had these wonderful place mats on sale so I picked up a few sets.  I love them!  
 The nasty weather didn't stop me from getting up to Denver to check out the Rue de Noel show where I got to see the lovely Heidi.  I bought this and a few other fun things from her.  She had so much cute stuff, it was hard to choose!  
I picked up these fabulous earrings too!  So pretty!  
 Going to the show inspired me to do some more Christmas crafting.  Finally I saw a fun use for some of the jello molds I had laying around.  

Have you guys seen Subversive Cross stitch before?  I love this book!  I ordered it a few years ago and broke it out again to make a silly gift for my brother.  

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE your little jello mold ornaments!

    Wish I knew how to cross stitch (or had the time to, for that matter!)

  2. It's freakin' cold here too! 2 degrees right now. NOT typical Oregon weather, I tell you!

    Maddie decided to start up an Instagram for me yesterday. It's only a matter of time before I post my first picture (she posted one) and I get addicted!

    Stay warm. Another no school day today so I think I am going to either wrap presents or get crafty. I have tons of those Jell-o molds just screaming for something cute to be done to them!


  3. I'll tell you what, I am SICK AND TIRED of the darn cold! And of loading and unloading boxes into my car in the freezing cold. The snow makes things look pretty and Christmassy and all that but I am just over the temperatures and bitter cold. Yes, I am complaining. Maybe if I never had to go out in it I would feel differently.

    Thank you again for coming all the way up to the market and stopping by to see me--it made me SO happy to see a familiar face amongst all those strangers! :)

  4. Those earrings are too cute! Looks like you've been making some really sweet things. I need to fire up my glue gun again. :)
    Hey- What did you think of Junk Bonanza? And where else did you go when you were here? Hope it was fun. Love what you did with the tote!
    Erica :)


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