Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wanted Wednesday

All three things guys, I need em'!  
I'm not sure what has been up my butt lately, but I just have not had much motivation to get my crap done.  I've been having a little pity party about my crappy thrift scores and poor booth sales which is SO UNPRODUCTIVE!!!  And I haven't been a good blog friend lately.  I'm in a vintage funk and I desperately want to get out of it!  
Does this ever happen to you guys?  Any advice on how to get off ones ass?  (Sorry if that's crude, it's just seems appropriate)


  1. Melissa - cheer up! My booth sales are rather dismal right now, too, especially compared to this time last month! I know everything will pick up for you. You just have to tell yourself that you do this because you love it. If you no longer love it, reevaluate it! I had to do that with my old space. I began to not want to bring new stuff to the booth and was not happy with the mall management. All I needed was a change! I love my new space, sales or not. From what I hear, it's slow all around the country. I blame the weather and the time of year. Also - feel free to shoot me an email if you REALLY need to vent! :)

  2. My booth sales have been terrible lately and I have been in the same "whatever" mind set. But, my rational self tells me that there are peaks and valleys to this business and those that make it are those that push through. Sales are down here in S. Cali :( But I'm trying to get over it and push through to the other side where hopefully sales will pick up. You can do it too! :)

  3. Giant deadlines seem to be the only thing that really get me moving! I am a terrible procrastinator and it's unfortunate but true that I tend to get my best creative inspiration when I am under pressure! I don't know if there's any way to give yourself a deadline of some sort? Although for me, when they are self-imposed I tend to ignore them. LOL I also know that when I sell stuff on Etsy, it definitely motivates me to list more, which in turn usually leads to more sales--the opposite is true too. I don't know how much Etsy you want to do over the booth, but maybe you could set a goal to get one new item listed per day? Stinks to be in a funk, I know. I've had several this year and they have been hard to shake, so I feel for you!


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