Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Top Ten Favorite Finds of 2013 - #1

Happy New Years Eve everyone!!!  
The countdown is complete!  Holy crap, I've gotten my hands on some pretty awesome stuff this year!  Vintage Christmas ornaments started the list at #10, vintage Halloween decorations came in at #9, Franciscan Star Burst Mugs at  #8, my wonderful retro aluminum chairs landed on #7, some lovely vintage dresses came in at #6, my growing collection of vintage jewelry took spot #5, some fun treasures from my Grandma made it in at #4, my other Grandma's PBN's took #3, and yesterday my fabulous Lamprey anatomy chart stole #2.  My very favorite, most exciting find of 2013 is...
#1 - Pyrex...All of It!!!
I'm sure you aren't surprised!  I couldn't pick just one piece, so here are the highlights of this years Pyrex scores.
  These guys were sitting just like this at the thrifts when I found them in February.  It was my first find of each one, New Dots and Solid Turquoise, and needless to say, it was a pretty dang exciting moment.  I just love this picture too!  Stacked Pyrex is the bees knees.
Wow, May was a really exciting month for me apparently.  These two lovelies were scored at a yard sale that I just happened to glance at while driving down the road.  Something must have caught my eye because I turned around and oh holy crap!  These babies screamed at me from the street!  It was my first ever good Pyrex score at a yard sale and only my second time finding the Friendship pattern.  I took them to the booth and they sold with in a week.  I wish I could have kept them, but they are making someone else happy now, where ever they are...
 Man...what I wouldn't give to find a huge Pyrex haul like that right now!  
 These are my first Pyrex scores from an auction.  Everything went to the booth and has sold...well, except for the Yellow Hostess.  That's a keeper and the only real reason I went to the auction in the first place!  
 Swoon...another keeper.  Isn't she dreamy?
 This is all from the Best Bud.  She stopped by a garage sale in her neighborhood and damn near died.  This was all purchased from one lady!  
 Oh Butterprint...how I love you! 
 I almost knocked an old lady over to get to those Daisy bowls.  I had been driving around Denver all day, half lost with a crying baby and I wasn't about to leave empty handed dammit!  
 More fun finds.  That little red Hostess sold within a few days of being at the booth.  
 More scores by the Best Bud.  She went to the Pyrex famous Adamstown Pennsylvania and brought all this stuff back.  It was better than Christmas when I opened that box up!  
These were estate sale finds from the second day of the sale!  I couldn't believe my luck!  
So that's it!  I've had the best year and I couldn't be more thankful.  Some pretty awesome stuff has come my way this year. My blog has grown and I've made some great friends.   Here's to hoping that 2014 is equally, if not more bountiful and fun! 
Do you have any special items you're hoping to score next year?  I would really love to find a mid century shadow box shelf and a head board I can cover in blue velvet!  That's my 2014 wishlist...so far.  : )


  1. I love all the gorgeous Pyrex pieces. I don't collect it since I don't enough about it and it rarely moves for me but look forward to researching it more into 2014.

  2. I am amazed at all the good Pyrex you found this year--when you put it all in one post, it is astonishing! I can see why it's your #1 pick for the year! Hope you find at least this much and hopefully MORE next year! :) I'm so glad we got to meet this year!

  3. I was waiting for this to appear!

    I wish I lived in your area, I'd either visit your booth often or beat ya to the bowls in the thrifts.


  4. Yay!!! Pyrex in #1 spot! That's right, that'd be my #1, too. I can't get over what all you found, sheesh! I'd love to find dots, not just Pyrex but Hazel Atlas, Fire King, Federal, all dots I love. Eyes, Balloons, the Christmas bowls (1 of which I just saw with the cradle, but had to leave at $45). Thanks so much for joining my History & Home party, the very best to you in 2014 -Dawn @ We Call It Junkin.com

  5. oh, and you're being featured on my Link Party Features Pinterest Board :)

  6. Such a lot of wonderful Pyrex!
    I haven't found any at the thrifts in a long time but then again, I haven't been able to go much lately!
    I don't have any special items I'm hoping to score- I just want to score!
    My salvation army punch card is now full so I have a $20.00 "shopping spree" coming to me. I'm hoping to really score on some stuff then!
    Happy 2014!

  7. Please tell me you still have BOTH orange new dots. I cannot seem to find one!

  8. What a PRYEX GLORIOUS YEAR you had! Here's to an even better one this 2014!!! Hugs...

  9. I never have enough Pyrex, but really I guess it's because it sells so well. I'm on a major hunt to stock up. Your finds are amazing!

  10. I never have enough Pyrex, but really I guess it's because it sells so well. I'm on a major hunt to stock up. Your finds are amazing!


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