Thursday, December 26, 2013

My Top Ten Favorite Finds of 2013 - #7 and #6

Merry day after Christmas everyone!  I hope you all had a great day, we sure did here!  The Little Dude went 12 hours straight just running and playing and no napping!  He had such a good day and we all had so much fun watching him.  There is nothing like the joy of a little kid on Christmas.  I'm continuing with my my top ten list.  Vintage Christmas ornaments started the list at #10, vintage Halloween decorations at #9, and Franciscan Star Burst Mugs came in at  #8.  The next fabulous find...
#7 - Pair of Retro Aluminum Chairs
 I ADORE these chairs!  My cousin Tiana found them for me and I scooped them right up.  They started out pretty dang rough, but I had them powder coated and they turned out crazy cool!  These bad boys greet me everyday from my front deck.  Now if I could just get my hands on a glider to match them, I'd be set!
#6 - Vintage Dresses
I found some great vintage clothes this year.  These wonderful vintage dresses are my #6 favorite find.  They belonged to my cousins mother and boy did she have quite the collection.  She kept some really amazing stuff that I was so thankful to have the chance to go through.  These were the ones I took home with me.  So far I've only worn the one in the upper left corner.  That one is so much fun with a petticoat underneath!  I'd love to wear the one in the lower right corner, but it totally doesn't fit.  What a bummer!  Maybe I can refashion it and just have the skirt or something.  Add another project to's going to be a busy year!

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  1. Your post on the chairs is where I got the idea to have a couple of mine powder coated! Now I just have to choose the right colors....


  2. I am loving this series! My favorite find of yours is the chairs! Now what is "powder coating"?? I have four old rusty chairs to redo in the backyard!

    1. It's a really durable finish that will last damn near forever. They use a powder that is sprayed onto the item ("they" are the professionals because it takes specialized equipment) and then heated to expand, melt and harden. In other words, it's AWESOME!!!

    2. Is it expensive? And who do I google for this?!?!!

  3. Love the dresses! Finding some vintage clothes is on my wish list for 2014. Love the jewelry from a previous post too.

  4. I love, love, love the dresses!! Finding some vintage dresses is on my wish list for 2014!


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