Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Past Few Weeks...

I'm hoping to crank out a proper blog post here in the next few days, but until then here are a bunch of Instagrams from the past few weeks.  Things have been so busy around here lately, it seems like that's all I have had time for.  Whine, whine, whine!  Whatever, things will be back to normal soon.  : )

I didn't have much stuff to take to the booth recently, but that's ok because my time was spent on the chalk board wall.  It doesn't look like much, but it was a lot of dam work!  I posted a quick booth update here.  Thanks for all the great feedback guys!!!
 The Best Bud and I made this adorable cupcake cake for The Little Dude's second birthday party.  It was quick and easy, and a total hit at the party.   Thank you Pinterest!  
 My sun room/work area/storage space was a wicked wreck at the time of his party, so I made some quick window coverings.  No one seemed to pick up on what was I was doing, just thought it was decoration...PERFECT. 
 I spend the next day cuddling with a lovely bowl of chips.  All that socializing and stuff is exhausting!  That and the adult beverages...I just can't hang anymore it seems.  
 We went to the zoo on his actual birthday.  His absolute favorite thing in the whole world is to feed the giraffes and this one happily indulged him.  Also, I made that shirt for him - tooting my own horn a bit.  ; )
 Ugh, my first pink ever in the wild and it is beat almost beyond recognition.  Dam, dang, darn!  And they priced it at like $7 just to piss me off.  Grrrrr...
 Super sad, sniff-sniff, and still bent about it.  This little puppy belonged to my parents and he passed away a few days ago.  Just a little just doesn't seem right for that to happen to a puppy.  Terrible.  Thank you all for the kind words for my family.  You guys are the best!  
 And then I drank this wine that I bought because the label was funny.  Bad idea...instant headache.  I tested it tonight to see if it would happen again, like maybe the first time it was just my brain telling me to stop acting like a lush.  Nope, same thing.   Win some, loose some I guess. 
 That evil temptress Target flaunted this beautiful specimen in my face.  I want it, but The Husband is against me selling any limbs or body parts to get it.  I have a black one, wonder if I can paint it...  
Have you ever tried to paint a mixer before?
 I'm slowly working on a Valentine's Day display.  Six thrifts and all I found was the little made in Japan owl.  So far it's pretty pitiful, but I gotta start somewhere right?  And like Erica said, soon I'll have a special collection of hand made Valentine's from my Little Dude.  Awwwww....
 A box full of random Christmas lights caught my eye at a booth that always has cool stuff.  It was priced right so I grabbed it and was surprised with this sweet little birdie in one of the boxes.  My first glass bird bulb.  So stinking pretty!  
 I almost bought this washer...almost.  
 And last but not least, this is the first globe I've ever found on a floor stand and I'm not sure I can part with it, but my house is full up on globes.  Seriously, I can not squeeze another one in my living room.  I'm one more globe from being out of control.  So until I'm ready to sell it, I'll use it as a bubble wrap caddie. : )  
We're expecting snow for the next few days...honestly, I'm getting close to being over winter.  What about you guys?  Is winter working your last nerve or are you just fine with it?

And have you joined in on the Instagram fun yet?  Come it, you know you want to!


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  2. Super cute cake and T-shirt! My daughter can't drink red wine - something about the nitrites, I think. She can still drink white though!

  3. So much on one post! The cupcake cake looks awesome, and way to hide the sun room mess! Our friend over at the blog spot "cherry picked" JUST did a post about painting a kitchenaide mixer! And it turned out great, maybe you could ask her for some painting tips? So sorry to hear about the loss of your parents dog, sending good thoughts your way.

  4. Poor sweet doggie! I'm so sorry for your loss. :( I confess that same mixer sang its siren song to me in Target recently. My friend had to physically pull me away from it. Oh yes, and I'm sorry to tell you that red wine is a pretty common migraine trigger. I pay the price every time I drink it -- such a bummer!


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