Monday, January 13, 2014

This Past Week...

Things are finally getting back to normal around here (thanks for all the well wishes guys!)  As of right now, no one is oozing or dripping or hacking up who knows what, and I'd like to keep it that way!   Now we just have to get ready for my Mother-in-Law's visit and The Little Dudes 2nd birthday party.  I just can't believe that he's going to be 2!  Where the heck did my wittle bitty baby go?!
Anyway, before I start crying...this past week was pretty tame due to everyone's recent germ infestation.  We haven't done a lot of thirfting and I've mostly just been trying to get my house clean.  Is anyone else doing The January Cure with Apartment Therapy?  I'm doing a modified version of it, since ya know, I live with a tiny tornado.  Hopefully by the end of the month my house will look like it came out of freaking Apartment Therapy!   Ha!
This book is hilarious, and I'm thoroughly enjoying it.  She also writes a great blog and updates her Facebook all the time with wonderful foul mouthed commentary.   I might have a girl crush on her...

 Hobby Lobby has these super cute vintage inspired signs that tempted me but I didn't give in!  I have to save my pennies and I'd rather have a real one anyways.  
 All this was in one glorious grab bag.  It was great too because I really needed new measuring spoons.  Why can't I keep track of those little plastic ones?  What is that about?  Tiny tornado, that is what that's about! much many stitches had to be pulled out.  
 So The Little Dude got a pretty squirrelly the other day and some how managed to knock down my pub height kitchen table, knocking everything off in the process.  He was fine thankfully and so was the beer bottle, but my Great Great Grandma's Ball jar wasn't so lucky.  : (  I'm still so sad about it.  
The Husband and I went to visit some friends of ours who were vacationing in Vail.  The drive up was great, and we had so much fun!  The drive down, oh not so much fun!  It was snowing wicked hard and people are stupid so our three hour drive turned into six hours.  Some people just aren't meant to drive in the snow.  I'm talking about the dummy in the freakin' rear wheel drive car!  Ugh....  
 It did give me some time to crochet a cute pair of boot cuffs though.  : )
So my twin brother and I will be turning the big 30 this August.  He doesn't deal with birthdays very well and I might have a bit of a hard time with this one so we're going to spend it together.   Sounds easy enough...but he lives in Alaska so that's where we're going!  YAY!!!!!   I'm so excited but that means I have to save save save for the next eight months.  That place isn't cheap!  

Do you guys have any money saving tips for me?  
And have you joined the Instagram bandwagon yet?  Come it, you know you want to!  It's fun! 

And since I won't have anything to share later in the week, I'll use this post to join the parties at  Sir Thrift A LotRemnantMod Vintage LifeThe Thrifty GrooveA Living SpaceIvy And ElephantsThe Cottage MarketWe Call It Junkin' and Apron Thrift Girl. Have a great week everyone!


  1. budgeting is the answer! get dave ramsey's total money makeover from the library! the book is kind of annoying to read (lots of motivational speak) but it is GREAT! we have been doing it for a few months and saving a lot. we both have iphones and use the home budget app to do the envelope system, but on our phones. it syncs our phones together so we can keep track of our budget. it is awesome!

  2. I know it sounds cheesy - but I totally have change jars. They're, of course, vintage blue Ball jars with the zinc lids! :)

  3. So glad you're feeling better! I hear you on the brother-who-lives-far-away little bro and his wife are having their first baby in February. He lives near Seattle, so I'm dreading the cost of the trip, even though I'm SO excited to visit! I'm trying to stick to a budget in the new year (thrifting for the shop NOT included). We'll see how it goes!

  4. Sorry about that jar, but at least you're all well! I've tried to learn to crochet but just couldn't stick to it, so Yay! for you. Those are awesome. Thanks so much for sharing this at my History & Home Link Party. Hope to see you again on Tuesday. Take care - Dawn @ We Call It


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