Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Today's Thrift Store Finds

The little bambino and I hit the thrift store today.  It was half off for seniors day, so the place was crawling with em'.  Some of them are super intimidating, dang near pushing you aside to get a peek at what you might be looking at if you take a half step forward.  I'm not a very competitive person, but dang if I don't want to beat them to it sometimes!  Anyway, even with the few crazed seniors, I picked up a few cool things:

I was pretty excited to pick up the two small Pyrex mixing bowls, one in Spring Blossom and the other in Early American.  The Spring Blossom one has a strange yellow tint to the flowers, but I thought it would be a good challenge to see if I could make it sparkle again - any advice would be awesome all you Pyrex collectors!  I also picked up some cool vintage cards for practically nothing.  I was hopeful that the cards on the right looked all pretty and colorful like that, but alas, when I got the package home and opened it I only found plain paper and envelopes.  Oh well : (  My favorite find of the day is the Avon Owl container.  It was full of something that was lotion 50 years ago but totally rank now, so I scrubbed it up and now it is strange smell free.  I have a frog one that I put lanolin in and leave on my nightstand.  There is something feminine and kind of old movie star-ish about using a pretty jar instead of a boring plastic container.  I will be checking on my case at the antique mart tomorrow - wish me luck!


  1. Strange yellow tint: first I think I'd go lightly with a Magic Eraser, then lightly with "Bar Keepers Friend" if eraser didn't work. Did you get some BKF for your Pyrex? Amazing stuff!
    Erica :)

    1. I have heard of the magical Bar Keepers Friend, but never tried it. I will have to give it a go because so far I have failed miserablly at getting the yucky off.

  2. I love grab bags of cards. I always rip open a small hole in the bag on the side so I can see what's inside if the bag is pulled too tight to look through without tearing the hole. Gotta see what I gotta find!

    Yup, I agree with Erica! Magic Eraser than BKF. The first time I tried BKF was on a pink desert dawn dish that had A LOT of grease caked onto it. I thought all the "desertness" was grease to & could not for the life of me get it off with anything & denounced BKF. Months later I came across a piece of desert dawn online. Felt like a fool. I spent hours scrubbing that thing with soap, water, magic eraser, BKF.. everything.


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