Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Thrift Haul in Technicolor - Part 2

Here is the continuation of the spectacular haul (Part 1) I had a few weekends ago.  Why can't every weekend be like this one was?  Because I'd be freaking broke, that's why!  Ha!

I'll open with what is probably my favorite item from this haul.  That afghan!!!  The colors are just so perfect for my house it's unreal.  And it's so nicely done.  I'm in love!  The lady of the house was pretty dang good with a needle and thread too.  This embroidered deer table runner is impeccably done and the crochet edging is just perfect.  I was really hesitant to take it to the booth.  And that sewing kit is awesome!  I love anything with a kissing clasp.
Isn't this just a pretty picture?  I was so happy to finally thrift some good Pyrex!  They went to the booth while the fabulous blue pencil sharpener went to my Etsy shop.  
 I have no clue as to what I'm going to do with these, but I HAD to have them.
 Vintage Easter!  The little ducky and bunny have spun cotton heads and are actually little pieces of foil wrapped candy.  And who can resist a honeycomb Easter egg?  Not me, that's for sure!  
 I have a thing for old pencil sharpeners I guess.   This one is super heavy and very sleek looking.  They always sell well for me online, so I listed it on Etsy *SOLD!*.  And the neat old clamps will be available for sale on Instagram before I move them to Etsy.  Aren't they cool looking?
 These were in a bag under a table in the garage at the estate sale.  A great find, though  I could have totally gone without the giant spider that came screaming out the second I touched the bag.  I screeched like a little girl, everyone turned.  It was ridiculous!  Anyway, the bag had 6 of the honeycomb bells, two foil stars and one foil garland.  They gave it to me for $1!  SCORE!!!
 Another beautiful example of her stellar stitching skills.  She did 6 pieces in this set.  Does anyone know what each piece would have been used for?  I'm guessing a few of them were hankies, but otherwise I'm stumped.
 Stumped again.  Was this meant to be a wall hanging? I love the scene on this piece.
 The Husband asked me where the funeral was when I brought this home!  Phooey on that!  I'm almost as in love with this rain coat as I am the afghan..  It's a bit big on me, but I think it could be altered relatively easily.
The estate sales are heating up around here.  There are two in a little town not far from me that I'm thinking about hitting.  I would love to be the early bird that gets the worm but The Little Dude wouldn't be nearly as thrilled.  And I'm not a huge fan of that whole standing in line and competing with others to get the goods thing.  I'd rather poke around and take my time.  Ya know, enjoy myself!  I can't handle the stress otherwise.
Are you an early bird or an, "I'll get there when I get there" type when it comes to estate sales?

Sunday, March 23, 2014

This Past Week...

It was finally nice out, so we took the kidlets to the zoo.  We were about as happy to be outside as this smiling hippo.  Spring has finally arrived...
I got to work photographing and sorting the enormous amount of frilly stuff that my aunt brought over.  I was drowning in pink...it was kind of disturbing.
 The Little Dude loves my bakelite bracelets.  It's so funny when he wheres them like this.  Got a nice stack going there buddy!
 The booth got a little bit of love.
 I sold my first item via Instagram!  Yeah!  
 Mmmmm... cinnamon rolls.
 These vintage pearls belonged to The Husbands grandmother and I had totally forgotten about them until the other day.  They made me feel all fancy in my dirty sweatshirt and jammie pants.  
 That 70's Show!  I recently started watching it again on Netflix  and am loving all the good stuff!  I actually just sold the lobster recipe tin in the corner.  Lara at Pretty Quirky commented about how fun it would have been to be a set designer on this show.  That would have been so AWESOME!!!  
 I take comfort knowing that I'm not the only one of us that this applies to...  : )
This wine was so yummy!  Another successful, "oh, that label is cute" wine purchase.
 What the hell spring?  WHAT.THE.HELL?  We're sick of getting teased over here.  We ended up with almost three inches before it was done with.  SO OVER IT!!!
 A lot of the Barbie stuff sold on Instagram, but I was still left over with the dream house, bus, two cars and all kinds of other bits and pieces.  I posted it to my Facebook and ended up selling the whole lot to an old friend from high school.  Score one for me!!!
 This estate sale wasn't super fruitful for me, but it sure was fun!  I wish everything in this picture could have come home with me, house included!  
A fire destroyed hundreds of homes and thousands of acres last year in the same little town where the estate sale was.  I'd hate to be a resident of this town and  have to drive this road all the time.  What a painful reminder.  You can see in this photo that the tires on the truck melted away completely, along with the house that used to be behind it...  And those trees aren't just back-lit, they're burned.  So sad all around...

Do you use Instagram?  It's usually much more cheery than my last photo!    

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Thrift Haul in Technicolor - Part 1

Wow!  The thrifts were awesome this last weekend and one little estate sale rocked my world!  Holy cow, I so needed that.  It was totally cathartic to just poke around a nice estate sale run by cool people, and to thrift with The Mom.  My brain feels level again.  So without further dithering, on to the vintage goodies.  Put on your shades, it's going to get bright and colorful.   :-)

Can we take a second to look at that freaking afghan?!  It's perfect and gorgeous and going to the booth along with the globe.  And if you know me, you know I DON'T WANT TO DO IT!  Can't keep everything...damnit. The suitcase and pillow cases came from the estate sale and will be staying with me.  I'm gonna be like Oprah and change my pillow cases every night just so I can use my fabulous growing collection!  Hahaha!!!
The Mom and I spent most of Saturday thrifting and goofing off.  We had so much fun!  And yup, that's another Fire King Jadeite swirl bowl.  I was gifted one a few weeks ago, but this one was thrifted (I know, I was surprised too).  The other swirl bowl came from the estate sale.  I imagine if I had gotten there earlier, I would have found all kinds of good glassware.  Oh well.  The Honeysuckle Pyrex is going to the booth.  And I just couldn't resist the design on these Melmac plates.  So retro!  
These fabulously bright guys all came from the estate sale.  Normally these don't move well, but Martha Stewart Magazine did a little feature on ceramic planters, so they'll probably sell now...   
That balloons crewel piece sat at the thrift store for what seemed like forever, and I just couldn't let it be neglected anymore.  It's huge, cheery and wonderfully bright. A perfect addition to my sun room. The little floral bag is dang near perfect and currently for sale on Instagram for a bit, then moving to Etsy.
 How cool is this little set?!   So many funny expressions!  I wanted to keep it, but decided to list it on Etsy instead.  We need a bigger house to keep all the things!  
Hold up...seriously!?  This was still at the estate sale on the last day.  That's nuts!  This paint by number was done really well and framed nicely too.  It will go to the booth where it will probably sit for a while, but I just couldn't leave it behind.
 I wouldn't have bought the little purse if it had been made with something other than barkcloth, which I'm kind of a sucker for.  It's going to get taken apart and used for a project.  And keys, glorious keys!!!  Do you see a super cool key wind chime in my near future too? ; )

And that's not even all of it!!!  Like I said, it was a great weekend!   I'll share more in a week or so.

We're eagerly awaiting for Spring's arrival around here.  We keep getting teased with nice days between the yucky days and we're pretty much over it.  I'm excited to start some yard work and possibly a garden.  Has spring sprung in your area, or is it being sassy for you too?

Sunday, March 16, 2014

This Past Week...

My cats were feeling frisky!  (Sorry, it couldn't be helped)  "You aren't busy, are you Mom?"
"You need to brush your teeth?  Really?  Don't bother me with such trivial things human.  I don't care."
Got my green on at the booth.
These were in a box that my aunt brought over a few weeks ago.  They belonged to my Grandma and I'm keeping them (no take backs)! Unless The Grandma wants them, and even she'll have to fight me for them.  : )  The one on the right has the funniest annoyed facial expression.
Yeah for Pie Day!  Did anyone celebrate with some actual pie, or dare I say it, math?  
This is by our front door.  I didn't have many letters to choose from, but that's ok because rare describes us pretty well. 
I made these mushrooms last year and still love them.  This is my offering to spring.  More of a demand really...
Vintage Easter!  That little spun cotton ducky is actually a piece of super old candy that someone didn't unwrap.  So cute!  And the little honeycomb eggs...adorable!
This was a little treat to myself since my booth sales are doing so well.  I'm not sure which convinces me to buy Benefit more, the nice makeup or the fun packaging!
The Best Buds actual 30th was this weekend, so we did some more celebrating.  This was her Bellini Martini and it was super gross (it reminded me why I stick to wine and beer), but the mermaid was wicked cute.  
And I had SPECTACULAR luck at the thrifts this weekend!  Oh, I can't even explain how much I needed that.
My Little Brother left for Afghanistan and I miss him.  I know it's his job and he's damn proud of what he does (as he should be and I am), but it still sucks that he has to go so far for so long.   Stay safe little brother! 

So I see a lot of you still aren't on Instagram...what is that about?!  Get with the program people!  Geesh!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

This Past Week...

I fell in love with another lard bucket, though I didn't buy this one.  It was priced a bit high for me so I passed, but I had a dream about it last night so a trip back to the store might be in order.
 We were either viciously attacked by a stomach bug or I accidentally poisoned dinner because HOLY COW, The Husband and I were sick, sick, sick.  I was telling The Mom that I hadn't been that sick (hangovers not included) since I was a little kid.  It was bad news for sure.  Thankfully it was short lived.
 Ugh...I'm not meant to have New Dots.  Last week - a chipped green dots and then this week - a horribly dishwasher damaged blue dots.  Double damn!
 It's so nice to have this space where the microwave used to be for display and storage.  It's going to be fun to play around with and rearrange.
 With snow in the forecast, I decided to force some spring into our lives with some fun flowers.  These are great because they last for dang near forever, yet stay bright and pretty.
 JOY!!!  Butterprint at the thrift!  I can't even remember the last time I found it in a thrift store.  
 Age = Beauty!  Yes!  
 This is on the other side of the wall, above the cabinet.  It has by far been my most popular chalk board saying.
This makes me smile everyday.  I just love my new kitchen storage!   
 We celebrated The Best Buds 30th birthday and had so much fun! These props were from the craft store for next to nothing and they were a huge hit.  I think I need some frames like that!  
Happy Birthday Yo!
Look at all the space I have for activities now!  I can finally hide away all the boxes and ugly shipping stuff.  Plus, with the old kitchen island in there I was able to get rid of two pieces of storage furniture and it feels so big and open.  If there were just find more hours in the day to be out there I'd be set : ) 

Are you using Instagram yet?  I sure hope your answer is either, "YES" or "no, but I'm doing it now"!