Monday, June 30, 2014

This Past Week...

Quality over quantity has been the theme at the thrifts lately, and I'll take it!  Sales are still doing well at the booth, and turn around time for items is quick so I need to be finding good stuff consistently.  Now if I could just sell more and stop hoarding, like this cute little red notebook for example.  That lettering!  Swoon!
 Colorado weather is notoriously bi-polar as evidenced by this picture.  Keeps us on our toes.  Pretty nonetheless.
 How's that for motivational!  : )  I'm loving my booth so much right now.  Any suggestions for future chalkboard sayings?
 This shelf is awesome right?!  I've never noticed it at my antique mall before (maybe it's new).  It's genius how they used the pegboard to maximize their space.  
 I spent some time arranging this shelf over the weekend because it was getting overcrowded.  It's still a bit full, but looks much much better.  The clamps as bookends is my favorite part.  Thank you Pinterest! 
 This wee little guy was found at an estate sale over the weekend.  My first Viking!  He's going to end up on Etsy soon, much to my inner hoarders chagrin. 
 This is supposed to be a braided recycled t-shirt rug.  My sewing machine ate it...  I'm going to try a walking foot per an Instagram friends advice.  Hopefully I won't have to make a blood sacrifice to the machine...
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Monday, June 23, 2014

The Past Few Weeks...

The Little Dude gave me these little purple flowers and my heart dang near exploded out of my chest.  He's such a sweet little monkey!
 A few weeks ago I won a small lot of bakelite bangles on eBay and this beauty was hiding in it.  I sanded and polished it to reveal all these lovely colors.  It's a great "end of day" bracelet.
It's wonderful when they pose for pictures!
 These all came in one grab bag from the thrift.  Look at that original packaging - fabulous!!! 
 Squee!  This is only the second bakelite bracelet I've scored from the thrifts in two years.  
 Our local King Soopers stocked up on beautiful succulents.  Shut up and take my money!
 My sweet, sweet little booth.  Sales have been really good so far this year and I couldn't be more thankful.  Means more shopping and more fun in Alaska!  : )  
 It took every bit of willpower within me to not eat the whole box!  Delightful!
 So at first this was going to head to the booth, but now I'm having second thoughts. It's big and I don't have much space for it, but it's so unbelievably cool that I might have to make room.  
What do you guys think?  Keep or sell?

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Monday, June 9, 2014

The Past Weeks...

I've been slacking!!!  Slacking on blogging, slacking on commenting, slacking on thrifting - slacking on everything!  Some of it is pure, unadulterated laziness, don't get me wrong.  But most of my blog neglect is because we have been potty training The Little Dude for the past three weeks.  I have been a bit preoccupied, to say the least.  : )  
All things considered, the booth got a little bit of love in the recent weeks.  I got a really nice email from a customer last week.  She was sweet enough to take time to tell me that she shopped at my booth when she could and I helped her finish her yellow Gooseberry set.  She even said she loved my blog!  Thanks so much Marianne.  You made my day, that's for sure!
More bakelite!  That light blue one on the left started out grubby and mustard colored.  With lots of sanding and polishing it is back to it's lovely original light blue color.  
I KNOW!!!  Hahahaha!  This thing is huge, and super obnoxious, but there was just no way it wasn't going home with me.  The cephalopod lover in me wouldn't have it any other way.
 The Husband didn't like his tangerine gimlet.  Not a problem Not. A. Problem.  : )
 OHMYGOODNESS, OHMYGOODNESS, OHMYGOODNESS!!!  These were in a bin at the thrift the other night.  I saw the black and white and thought, "that can't be what I hope it is.  Holy sh*t, it is!!!"Can you believe it?!  
 Mine!  Mine! Mine!  ; )  This little gem sang to me at the thrifts.  It was magical...
This stack of bakelite bangles reminds me of a hamburger.  I was overly amused by the resemblance all day.
My antique mall did a flea market in the parking lot a few weeks ago.  It was fun, and a good learning experience, but I didn't sell as much as I hoped for.  It was just meh.
 ~insert heavy breathing here~  
Two of these sugar coated sugar pillows was all I could handle (even that was too much) but man, they sure were AWESOME!!!
 Lets all have a moment silence please...  Tragic, just tragic!
I did another market over the weekend that went much better than the previous one.  It was in a fun touristy part of town behind some cute boutiques that I frequent.  They have decided to do the market three more times this summer and I know I'll do at least one more.  
Are any of you going to sell at or go to a few flea markets or vintage shows this summer?
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