Thursday, May 30, 2013

Booth Update - Grrrrr

Seriously?!  Still no neighbor! You're killing me Smalls!  They have someone's name on it now, but no merchandise in it.  I've heard people rent small spaces and then don't do anything with them because the real intention is to write the rent off on their taxes.  Now I don't know if this is true or not, or how they do it, but if that is what happens in the booth next to me, I'm going to be peeved!  The sale weekend wasn't as good to me as I had hoped, but it also wasn't that bad since quite a few things sold.
I sold these two guys.  I'm glad they have gone to a new home!
I acquired the Square Flowers pieces from a great deal on eBay.  Not my favorite way to buy Pyrex, but I couldn't pass it up.  I also sold one of the Friendship Casseroles I talked about here.  Something different needs to happen under the table.  Any suggestions?

After the floofing was done, I wandered around for a bit and found this beautiful globe for a super good price.  I don't need any more globes, ten is enough, but I can always trade...which is exactly what I did!
 I swapped it for one I didn't love as much, so now I have another globe to sell.  I love that we can do that!
Do you guys ever find yourself switching out new vintage finds for old finds in your house, and then selling or giving away the old one?  It's a great way to enjoy a lot of different things with out being a hoarder.
Thank you so much for all the great comments last week everyone!  Your encouragement and support means a lot to me!
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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wanted Wednesday

Apparently we have a resident in our shed that we didn't know about until a few days ago.  The Husband went to retrieve my patio rocking chairs and heard a bunch of noises.  He didn't actually see our new little tenant but we know he's made himself comfortable because he used the fabric from my rocking chairs as part of his nest.  Nice...
That is why I need a cool vintage metal (critter proof) glider or rocker like one of these:
This Etsy shop has a bunch of great restored options.  This yellow one is my favorite.  
This glider on eBay is in rough shape, but is much closer to what I have been looking for.  I might be willing to take on a restoration project like this. Might.  Would it be totally worth it or a waste of time?
One day I will find one at an estate sale or yard sale, but until then I might take Jamie's advice and get a reproduction.  This shop here has a ton of options!  I LOVE this crazy bright yellow single glider!  
Man, I love a good rocking chair!  If this one was a little lot less pricey, it and three more of it's friends would be mine.  It's so cool!  

Lowes has this one, and it's a reasonable price, hint hint hint Husband!  
Which one would you pick?

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Thrift Haul - Rubber Baby and Groovy Beaded Curtains

This weeks haul isn't particularly exciting.  The thrifts were bare AGAIN and it was The Husband and I's 5 year anniversary so we spent a few days out of town in Glenwood Springs Colorado.  We relaxed in the world famous giant hot springs pool while The Mom (thanks Mom) stayed with The Little Dude.  It was a short trip, but it was just what we needed!
I did find a few cool things though.  These are already in the booth, but it killed me to put them there.  I've never found any aluminum cups before, and these were so cute and little, but I just don't need them.  
I was just whining to Heidi at Vacuuming in High Heels & Pearls because I've never found a vintage scrabble game and some people find them all the time.  Well now I can quit my belly aching!  
Check out this creepy rubber baby!  It has "Uneeda Doll Co. Inc. 1967 "Plum Pees T.M" stamped on the back of it.  Did any of you ever have one of these?  It will be listed in the Etsy shop here pretty soon, along with the metal ice tray.  The recipe box and Spring Blossom Dish are already int the booth.  
These curtains are one of my favorite finds from a few weeks ago, I just didn't have time to untangle them (which was a serious job) until today.  I have two sets of these that will be listed on Etsy very soon.  I wish shipping wasn't so insanely expensive because these suckers are heavy!  
That's it for last week except for a few Early American and Woodland bowls.  This week will hopefully be full of fabulous finds and great sales.  I'm trying to be optimistic, but we'll see...
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Friday, May 24, 2013

Apartment Therapy Classifieds

Did you know Apartment Therapy has a classifieds section in their website?  Yeah, me either until I read about it on someones blog (forgive me, I can't for the life of me remember who it was).  I poked around on the site for a bit and decided to sign up.  It's like craigslist, but a little more exclusive and a lot nicer to look at.  You won't find listings for free manure or slightly soiled mattresses on this site!
So far I only have two things listed in my "Corner" but I am hoping to add more soon.
I found these TV trays the other day and just couldn't leave them behind even though I have no space in my booth for them right now.  They are so wonderfully retro and you can't see it, but they have brown glitter flecks embedded in them!
I also found this super cool children's desk for such a steal that again, I couldn't leave it behind.  Finding things like this make me wish I had a bigger booth.  
We'll see how it goes.  They been up for a week, and no one is interested.  To be fair though, I am the only person in my city with listings, and Denver only has 55.  I'm guessing it's taking us Westerners some time to catch up to the East Coasters who seem to really dig it.
Do you have an Apartment Therapy Corner?  Have you bought or sold anything from it? 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Left Behind - Warning...Clowns are Pictured Here

This week it wasn't just thrift price madness that forced me to leave items behind (though that certainly played a large part).  It was also just the pure strangeness of it all.  See for was a weird and creepy week at the thrifts
Blog Disclaimer: Sorry if you have a fear of clowns, just scroll past the first two pictures.  : )
The two on the left are ok, kind of cute but still kind of scary because they are clowns.  Then there is the hilarious/terrifying one on the right, who either just farted or is plotting a Criminal Minds style murder. 
Holy crap, there's so many more of them!  
Moving on from the scary ass clowns!
This Blendo pitcher is huge and beautiful, but it had two things against it.  The $18 price tag and the condition.  It looked like someone had burned candles in it.  It probably could have been saved, but the price wasn't worth the time, plus they don't sell well in my booth and it would be a wicked pain to ship.  
What the heck is going on here?  I got nothin.
 I thought long and hard about this cool lamp.  I just don't have the space for more lamps!  Dang!
 This typewriter was the champion of thrift price madness this week.  They wanted 50 big ones for it!  In a damn thrift shop?!  Yeah, NO!  It was in great shape, but that's about what I would have asked for it so I passed on it without much regret.   
Did anyone else have a thrift price madness encounter this week?  

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wanted Wednesday

Check out this fabulous 12 drawer library card catalog cabinet for sale on Etsy.  It would be perfect as a console table or sofa table (like the seller suggested).  Just attach some tall legs to it or build a frame for it to sit on and poof, you have a fabulous and unique piece of furniture.  I'm pretty sure I NEED THIS to finish off my basement area but alas, the price is a bit steep for me at $450.  I guess I'll have to wait and find one myself, but until then, I will covet and dream about this one.
Click the picture or the above Etsy link to visit Curiosity Vintage.
They have some neat stuff.
Ooo...look at that dovetailing!  
Window shopping on Etsy, Craigslist or eBay is a favorite past time of mine.  Some of the stuff I find is too cool not to share, even if I'm not buying it, so I will now be using Wednesday's posts as a sort of Wanted Wednesday.  These shops aren't asking me to do this, and I'm not getting anything from it other than pure enjoyment from fantasizing about having a giant house to fill with all kinds of awesome treasures.

Has anyone ever been lucky enough to find something like this for a non-retail price?

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Booth Update

Booth sales have been lacking a little bit a lot so far this month, so instead of adding new stuff last week, I just floofed and shuffled things a bit.  That must have helped because yesterday was a good day.  Good enough that I had to take some new items down there.  My mall is having a vendor night this Friday that I regrettably can't attend.  They are giving us a chance to spruce things up before the big Memorial Day Sale.  Cross your fingers for me, I'm hoping it's awesome!  I'll be getting ready for it on Thursday.
I always like to make sure my most special pieces are at eye level.  Stacking them looks great too, but not more than two at a time.  A customer could get annoyed if she has to move three items just to get to the price on the bottom piece.  This also reduces breakage and keeps things tidy looking.
  The super shiny bread box came home with me this weekend.  It's in better shape than the same one I sold last year.  
Do any of you re-sellers have any tired and true booth merchandising tips?
As a customer, what are things you love/hate about antique booths?
Oh, and I still don't have a dang neighbor!  They are holding the space until 5/22.  Ugh, what does that even mean?  

Monday, May 20, 2013

Thrift Haul and An Unbelievable Garage Sale Find

So I'm sitting here in my backyard with the sun shining bright, a cold adult beverage next to me (I wrote this on Saturday afternoon :), looking into my sun room that is finally getting restocked with vintage goods, and thinking, "damn, I'm a lucky chick!"  The Husband gave me some "me time" again this weekend (he really is the best guy ever), and I enjoyed every second of it.   I went to the Flea Market to see what I could dig up  since the thrifts disappointed this week. I found some little things, and spent a few hours out in the sun and that's always fun in my book.
The Made in Japan kitty mail sorter and Boston pencil sharpener are going to be in the Etsy shop soon in the shop now.  Not sure what I'm going to do with the Glassbake fridgie but it was cheap and I liked the color.  I'm still working on a purpose for the brass "C" and the Colorado license plate key chain. Something awesomely crafty I hope. 
I hit a few thrift shops next and finally found some good freakin Pyrex!  Holy crap, I feel like it's been so long! (Hey, a week is a long time to go without a good Pyrex thrift fix!)
Opal Cinderella Bowl, Pink Gooseberry Casserole, and Forest Fancies Casserole
I stopped at a few yard sales this weekend and came out with bupkis until I drove past one in an older side of town, and decided to turn around (make a super illegal u-turn) for it.  Something must have spoken to me from afar because the first things I saw when pulled up were these Friendship casseroles with their lids!   You guys should have seen me trying to hide my excitement from this lady, it was ridiculous.  She gave them to me for an awesome price and I left grinning like a fool because I've NEVER EVER found good Pyrex at a yard sale!  It was a great end to the day!     
These casserole dishes are now my favorite yard sale find ever! 
 What is your all time favorite yard sale find?  
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Friday, May 17, 2013

2 Vintage Markets and A Mid Mod Mall - The Finale

So after the Oh So Charming Cottage Sale and the Horseshoe Craft and Flea Market, we had one more place we wanted to hit while we were in Denver last Saturday.  The Mom saw a listing on Craigslist for The Mid Mod Mall that claimed to only sell mid century goods and large architectural pieces.  I'm big into mid century stuff so I was super excited to see what they had to offer.
It was in a sketchy part of Denver that we had never really spent much time in.  You know, fine during the day, probably not so much at night.  It's housed in a cool old railroad building near some old tracks and switches.  Very industrial looking.
It's so fuzzy and overpriced!  This expensive little chair outside foretold the prices inside.    
Fabulous paint by numbers, priced like gold!  
It didn't matter that this was priced sky high, I really wanted it!  But no more chairs!  I have a problem and  I'm trying to work on it!  : )
He had quite a few things in his shop that I have too, like this Blendo pitcher which I have in listed on Etsy.  He wanted $95 for the set. Dang...
And this Pink Kromex Server Set.  I have one for sale in the Etsy shop, minus the bowl underneath.  He was kind of a jerk when I told him I have one.  He didn't believe me.  Apparently he thought it was some super special ancient relic because he had it priced at $119!  Holy crap on a cracker!  Mine is soooooo nowhere near that price.
Huge royal blue Capiz shell chandelier!  Yes please!
This little Woolworths counter is from the twenties.  Wouldn't that make the coolest home bar?!
The tag on this says "60's Eames style Plyecraft walnut and vinyl lounge chair and ottoman.  Very rare! $1999"  Soooo is in not a real Eames chair?!  I didn't know a reproduction could fetch such a price.  
One of these tables was the only thing I could afford, but I still passed. I wanted to buy something from this awesome store, but I can't be buying just to buy.  That's hoarder madness.
He had a few big architectural items and every one of them was priced way way way out of my budget!  These were two of the coolest pieces.  
The Husband is a train guy so I think that is why I gravitated towards these awesome railroad signs.  

So that concludes our awesome Saturday vintage blitz.  We visited all three locations and got me home in time enough to get to a birthday party by 2:00 p.m and for the Mom to go pick out a new car for Mother's Day!  That last part was a surprise for her.  She got a super cute new style Convertible VW Bug!  She's very excited about it.
Anyway, would we go back to this store?  Well that's a tough one.  If I happen to be in the neighborhood, then for sure I will stop by to see what new items he has, but it probably won't be one that we go out of our way to get to again.  Things were priced  a little bit way out my league even if some of it was understandable because he had some great pieces.  Only some of it though.  ; )  But to be fair to the owner, it is a really neat store that is laid out well and fun to go through.
It is shaping up to be a very fun summer full of vintage shows!  Heather at Lark and Lola suggested another Littleton market that I've never been to, the Paris Street Market which has two locations and multiple dates all summer!  And there is another one called Old Glory Antiques Fair in June.  I love it when my calendar is full of fun stuff like this!   

Thursday, May 16, 2013

2 Vintage Markets and A Mid Mod Mall - Part 2

Like I said before in Part 1, The Mom and I were in a bit of time crunch last Saturday, but we made it work.  After The Oh So Charming Cottage Sale in Littleton (a huge suburb of Denver) we made our way to The Horseshoe Craft and Flea Market that Heidi suggested we check out.  Thanks so much for the tip, it was awesome!  So much bigger than I expected it to be.  They had lots of vendors selling vintage wares and crafts, and crafts made with vintage wares.  It was a glorious thing to behold.

This is the view from the main entrance but it goes on further than what this shows.  It was free to get into to and thankfully the unpredictable Colorado weather behaved.  It was a beautiful day!
They had cute signs at the different entrances.  
Some of the vendors were really creative with their displays.  This one let you look at vintage merchandise in his Airstream.  It was so neat, I've never been in one before.
A couple different vendors used their antique VW Buses as displays.  This one was selling neat found object jewelry, beads and pendants.  You just don't see displays like this in Colorado Springs. It was so inviting and fun!
Check out this super cool desk that begged me to take it home.  It was wonderfully crafted and would have fit perfectly in the basement.  Sadly, my budget didn't allow for the price they deserved to get for it.
So now we have plans for July, October and December.  Sweet!
I wish I had taken more pictures of the different booths to share with you guys.  Next time I won't make the same mistake, and there will for sure be a next time because we had so much fun! All of the vendors were super nice, and had great stuff, plus it was all current.  So many of the summer craft shows down here sell 90's style craft stuff and this was not at all like that.  It was well curated and laid out with thought and care.  Way to go organizers!!!  Now if they just had the spectacular Bloody Mary's that were at Junk Bonanza...
Part 3: Mid Mod Mall

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Springtime in the Rockies

I'm going to stray from my usually vintagey (it's a word, just go with it) posts and share some photos of a recent visitor to our neighborhood.  
Shoot, I've been spotted!
A hungry bear can't even get some dinner without being bothered...Geez.

I don't need this lookie-loo crap, I'm out!  
We have been at this house for three years and this is only the second time we have seen a bear here.  Our old house had a huge apple tree out front so we used to see them all the time.  It was nice to see one again,  though I wish he wasn't eating crap in the dumpster.  Who knows what he got a hold of in there.  
It's like an awesome free zoo around here with all the deer, fox, coyotes, birds and bears.
Do any of you guys get visited by your neighborhood wild life?

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

2 Vintage Markets and A Mid Mod Mall - Part 1

The Mom and I had a lot planned for our little time window, but we thought ahead and rocked it!  We drove an hour or so up to Denver to hit our first destination, The Oh So Charming Cottage Sale
The Oh So Charming Cottage.  Look at that grass!!!
This was a bit smaller than I expected (the photo below is the whole thing), but it was still good.  
These chairs were the first things I saw when we walked up.  The price wasn't bad and they were in pretty good shape.   They are really close to what I'm looking for, but I think I'm going to listen to Jamie and Erica(check em out!) and hold out for the Clam-shell gilder I'm dreaming of or get a reproduction.   

This is a first for me. Vintage toilet paper...  The lady who had these also had 3 pink Gooseberry Cinderella Bowls for a crazy good price.  I snatched picked them up like a normal human for the Best Bud.  
The inside of the store was so nicely set up.  She had different colors in different rooms.  It was all very pretty and flowery and girly.
I love all these clocks displayed together like this.  I could totally collect vintage clocks.  

This is a great little store and market that we will try to hit again.  They have wonky hours and it is in a part of Denver we don't frequent very much but it was cool enough that we will go out of our way to see her new goodies and fabulous displays.  

Part 2:  Horseshoe Craft and Flea Market (which was freaking awesome!!!)