Friday, August 30, 2013

Pyrex Contest!!!

Pyrex lovers, pay attention, this is for you!  Many of you guys know about this already, but just in case you don't, check this out!  Fresh Pasty Stand is looking for interesting photos of stacked Pyrex so they are doing a super fun contest.  Check out their Facebook page to see all the rules and info about prizes and such.  And after you've entered, check out their Etsy shop too because they're going to give you a coupon code for your entry.  Woohoo for coupons!   I've been wanting to get a few of their Pyrex inspired towels for a while.
Here are my entries so far.  You can do more than one too, so it's a great excuse to play with your Pyrex!
The biggest rule is that it needs to be only two colors and white doesn't count.  I might make some coffee mugs with this closeup photo on them...  apparently I just can't get enough Pyrex in my life.  
Oh, and I'm not getting anything special for writing this post.  Just wanted you guys to know about the contest!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Booth Update - Flipped

Last night my mall had a vendor night, which I LOVE going to!  You're going to let me spread out like crazy, make a mess and then give me pizza and cookies too?  Hell yeah, I'm in.  This is the product of two hours of work, two pieces of pizza, two bread sticks and two cookies.  Apparently I was having an OCD moment last night!
Can you see the difference?!
My goal here was to make it as different as possible without adding or taking away any furniture.  I also wanted people to look in my little cove and see the super sexy table legs to draw them in.  Granted, the table isn't for sale right now, but hopefully they'll linger for a bit after noticing that.  
I tried to use fall colors for the tiered shelf - tis the season!  Is my chalkboard saying dumb? Be Honest!  I'm still not 100% sure about it.  And the table is a bit cluttered for now, but I'm going to work on fixing that in the next week or so.  My only problem with the set up is that it doesn't photograph as nicely as before.  Oh well!

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wanted Wednesday

Some of you are going to be bugged at me for this, but I want Fall!
For sale on Etsy here.
I long to eat pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING while wrapped in a warm, soft, secure hoodie.  I want to breath in the crisp dry air and crunch leaves beneath my fabulous tall boots!  I want to skip shaving my legs for a day or two dangit! (sorry for the over share, but it's true!) makes me feel all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it.
Do any of you share my enthusiasm for the autumn season or are you ready to punch me because you aren't ready for summer to be over?

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The 2013 Denver Modernism Show

This past weekend The Mom and I hightailed it up to Denver for the Modernism Show.  It was a long day, but it was awesome!!!  We had a blast!!!
I wore a black circle skirt that The Grandma wore back in the 50's.  She also loaned us some of her fabulous vintage jewelry.  She laments now over not having saved more of it, but you just can't save everything and I was so happy to wear what she did have.  I'm painfully un-photogenic, I know, but I really liked my outfit and wanted to share it with you guys.  The Bakelite bangles are  mine, but the sparkly bracelet and black and white cameo earrings are The Grandmas.
Last year I stayed for all the discussions, but this year we just made sure to attend the fashion show.  Here are the lovely ladies, gents and kiddos who modeled some pretty fun outfits for the event.
We walked around the booths multiple times just to make sure we saw everything.  Check out this one!  Swoon...I'll take one in each color please!  
My Little Dude would love making me a nervous wreck on one of these things. 
I need another globe like I need a hole in the head, but had this been priced a little lot lower it would have totally been mine!  
I just loved the way all of these radios looked together.  Very space age-y.  That's a real word isn't it?
Apparently I was too distracted with awesomeness to get any other pictures because that is all I have of the show.  This is all I came home with.   Damn crazy prices put a big kink in my buying plans!  I wasn't the only one who noticed the high prices though.  I didn't see as many sold signs and shopping bags as this year. 
That sifter was more than it should have been, but I really liked it.  It's something I'll use frequently plus it's pretty! Win win for me!  That big ol' boy next to it is a 4 cup measuring Pyrex.  I found one a while ago but dropped it so I was super happy to find another one.  I have three sizes now and that pleases the OCD in me.  The fabric is a vintage bark cloth from the 50's.  I will be making some curtains for my kitchen window.  And some pillows and maybe another set of curtains...I bought a lot of it!  
I also got this great Bakelite ring.  I've been wanting one for a while now, but buying Bakelite online makes me nervous and twitchy, so I was happy to find one at the show that was cute and in my budget.  
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Monday, August 26, 2013

Thrift Haul - Pyrex and More Paint By Number!

Well this week made up for last weeks mini haul.  The Mom and I went to the Mid Century Modern Show in Denver and had a great time.  I'll have a short post about that later this week.  But afterwards we went thrifting and we scored!  Not only did we find good stuff by the boat load, but it was all half off!  The Goodwill stores in Denver and surrounding areas were running a 50% off all tags sale.  Yeah, we were all over it!
First and foremost though, check out this bounty The Best Bud brought back from Pennsylvania!  I'm sure you know which pieces are for me.  The Butterprint butter dish and cinderella bowl, and the Pressed Flowers!  Squeeeee!  The rest is headed for the booth.  Do you see all those great promotional pieces?  Just lovely.  
Thanks lady!!!  I'll get you your cut soon. 
: )
This is a just a taste of one of the shops they visited in Adamstown.  My heart would have stopped, for real...

Did your brain explode?  Yeah, it's ok, mine too.  Anyway, can you believe I found more paint by numbers?!  The tall skinny one is Daniel and the Lions (bought it because my brothers name is Daniel) and I'm thinking about selling it as a pair with last weeks find on Etsy.  What do you guys think?  The other three are for sure going to be on Etsy soon.  
These things sell like crazy so I always pick them up.  The Mom is going to use the bull to hang chunky jewelry from.  Such a cool idea!  Maybe I'll suggest that on the duck's tag when I take it to the booth.
This dude is my new friend.  I call him Murder Bunny and he guards the door to my sun room now.  That face scares me to death, but it's hypnotically cute at the same time.  I just couldn't pass that up!
How strange to find a stethoscope.  My little brother actually asked me a few weeks ago if I could find him one (he's an EMT in the Army) and I said it was unlikely.  Foot in mouth!  I think that green plate is a piece of Jadeite though it isn't marked.  It's pretty nonetheless. And what would you guys call the other thing?  It's plastic and is meant to maintain food temperature.  I love the colors, but I don't have a clue what to call it.  
These guys might be subjects in a little experiment.  I'm going to try them as they are in the booth for a little while.  If they don't sell quickly I think I'll spray paint them a bright color and try again.  Maybe that will help to modernize them a bit.  
And last but not least, meet Elvis.  He's a super cool old blow mold parrot.  I didn't need him and I have no good place for him, but there was no way he wasn't coming home with me!
I also found a super awesome lamp that I can't show just yet since I'm still working on fixing it up. I know I said boat loads of stuff and this isn't exactly that, but a lot of what I found is strange odds and ends and some of it went into the box for my give away winner Becky.  But no joke, I bought a lot and will probably take it easy on the thrifting this week. I need spend the time on listing till I can't list no more!  Getting a bit too lazy with the Etsy shop.  
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Friday, August 23, 2013

And The Winner Is...

BeckyKay at Blue June!  
I'm hoping this is how she feels!
I used the random function in Excel (all by myself thanks to taking statistics...twice) and it choose her from all the entries, which were more than I expected : )  Thank you all so much for your support!!!  I'm so appreciative of all of you and I sincerely value the friendships that have grown over the past year.  
Here's to another year of blogging fun!  
I'm going to get her surprise box ready over the weekend and get it out by Monday morning, first thing.  I'm going to the Mid Mod Show in Denver tomorrow, so she will be happy for the delay.   

Thursday, August 22, 2013

What I Didn't Buy

What's with the scary ass dolls at the thrift store?!  Every freaking store has a wide assortment of these things with their giant eyes and terrifying grins.  Freaks me out!  I've posted about it here before too, it's an ongoing thing for me.   Needless to say, these little weirdos stayed at the store.
Not so bad until you look a little closer. What's with the nightmare inducing, hollow eyes...
I'll spare you the curse words I yelped when I glanced towards this creepy little head in a bag.
I'm not even sure what was going on here.  It was made with soft floppy rubber that lost it's shape in the face, hence the alien look.  For whatever reason it was in the case, so apparently I'm totally missing something special here.  
Today is the last day to enter for my blog giveaway!  I'll do the drawing tonight and announce the winner tomorrow.  
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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Ring and Quick Booth Update

Ask and you shall receive!  This is the ring that my Mother-in-Law gave me that belonged to The Husbands Grammy Millie.  I mentioned it here yesterday and lots of people asked to see it.
Isn't it pretty?!  I love all the little details in this one.  Millie had three children, so she bought herself three rings.  I think they were kind of like what we might call push presents today.  I have two of the three.  Aren't I a lucky chick?! 
I was given this one a few years ago, right after Grammy Millie passed.  These are great rings because they have a lovely vintage look without being overly flashy or gawdy.  Don't be fooled, they aren't as big as the photos make them look (so no one should take the time to rob me for them o_O). I took macro pictures so you guys could see the details.  Grammy Millie wasn't someone I knew very well which I feel bad for now, but she was a classy lady, that's for sure.   Thanks Fran for the awesome gifts!!!
On to the booth!  
My super cool desk lamp sold so I brought in a really neat flying saucer lamp I found a few weeks ago.  Other than that, not much has changed.  I did move all the Butterfly Gold over to the tiered shelf in hopes of showcasing it a bit better.  Maybe someone will love the way it looks and fall in love with it.  Cross your fingers!!!
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Monday, August 19, 2013

Mini Thrift Haul

This weeks thrift haul is a bit small because like I said last week, my In-Laws are visiting and I knew it was going to be hard to sneak away, which is ok because we've had a really good time.  Lots of chatting and playing with The Little Dude.  My mother-in-law brought me a diamond cocktail ring that belonged to The Husbands Grandma.  It's a lovely 50's setting, not too big and not too small with just the right amount of flash.  I love it!!!  Other than that, here is what I acquired this week.
This stationary is super fun with the ruler on the side of the giant envelope.  I haven't decided if that is going to the booth or to my neglected Etsy shop yet.  And have you guys ever heard of the card game Pit?  Is it really The World's Liveliest Game?
This cute little creamer should go pretty fast in the booth, though I'm not sure if the pretty Prolon Ware will go as quickly.  That might go onto Etsy.  
In high school and college I was always in the dark room so it was practically impossible for me to leave this vintage new in box photo easel behind.  I'm going to use it as a picture frame since I haven't been in a dark room in ages.  Sigh....
And for the coolest find this week I have a 1960's Jesus paint by number.  It's done really well and is actually very vibrant.  This photo doesn't do it justice.  While I do love PBN, I don't really collect religious art, so this will be going to the booth.  
I'll be doing the drawing this Thursday for my blog anniversary give away, so make sure you've entered HERE!
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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Booth Update

Wooohooo August, you're freaking spectacular!  This has been a really great month so far, which is awesome because that means I get to shop more and that's always good.  The difference isn't super noticeable but here's a comparison between last week and this week.  
One of the Globes, the big red "A" and a bunch of Pyrex has sold since I took this week's picture.  Now if I could just get some of the Butterfly Gold Pyrex to sell I'd be golden...haha, pun not intended but totally welcome!  
My In-Laws will be here for the next four days for a visit, so I probably won't be able to get a lot of thrifting in.  Hopefully I can sneak out here and there for a little thrift fix...sneaky sneaky style! 
Don't forget to enter my giveaway!  The info is all conveniently located right here!  
Thank you very much to everyone who has already entered!  You guys rock!!!
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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Thrift Haul and A Giveaway!

Lets start with the most fun part first - the giveaway!  My blog will be 1 year old August 22nd!  I wouldn't have stuck to it for so long had it not been for this awesome community we have here, so this is my way of saying thank you for all the support.  I'll fill a small-ish box with various fabulous goodies.  Could be some postcards, salt and pepper shakers, and maybe even a piece of Pyrex.  Whatever I can find that is worthy of my blog friends could be in that box.  So, are you ready to enter?!  I was going to do one of those raffle copter things, but that is way to complicated for me.  Soooo...
To enter:
1.  Follow me on Bloglovin with the button conveniently located to the right.
2.  Follow me on Instagram - come on guys, I need more pictures to look at!
3.  Follow me via email using the box on the right.
4.  Follow me on Etsy - easy access is to the left and right! 
5.  Favorite my shop on Etsy.
6.  Leave a comment on this post.
If you already do any of those things, let me know in the comments because they will still count towards your entries.  So there you have it, 6 different easy ways to enter in this giveaway!  On August 22nd I'll use a random number generator to pick a winner.   Oh, and this is open to non-US residents too!

Now on to the hodge podge of goods!

I didn't have another good Pyrex score like last week, but this graduated cylinder is made by Pyrex.  It's pretty cool and probably going to stay with me.  My other neat science-y find is this slide kit, complete with scalpel and neat pokie thing. 
Two cute tin recipe boxes.  Both will be listed on Etsy soon.  
Happy little hippo planter.
This paper cutter is a bit rough looking, but it cuts like a hot knife through butta!  
My only Christmas find this week.  It has a bit of a chip, but I've never seen one like this so I had to get it.  
Another Made in Japan item, this little Lefton wall hanging/vase is so sweet it hurts!   She'll be listed on Etsy soon too.
I drilled some holes in the bottom of this hand painted pot and added a plant The Grandma gave me for my birthday.  It reminds of the ceramic stuff Jamie has been doing at Owl Really.
Something about a good tiki face always gets me.  This doesn't have a makers mark but it's awfully heavy and looks old to me, though I'm not sure.  Does anyone know anything about this dude?
And last but not least, I found this Pyrex Georges Briard beverage server.   This thing is so cool, but I don't know much about it.  After a bit of research, it will be listed on Etsy.

Have a great week everyone and don't forget to enter for the giveaway!  

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Quick Booth Update

So far August has not let me down!  Stuff is moving out of the booth pretty quickly.  Sunday I went down to floof and restock a few items.  I was in the middle of arranging when I had to go back to my car for something and when I came back, the Flamingo Pink 8 inch baker I had just brought in was gone.  That has to be some kind of a record!  
The large plastic "Y" sold over the weekend too.  Now if that giant "A" would go, I'd be in good shape. 
What do you guys think I should do about the Best Buds sweet little high chair?  I can't believe it hasn't sold yet.  Should I be patient and wait it out, mark it down or list it online somewhere?  
I woke up this morning to a message from an old friend who is cleaning out her Grandma's kitchen and found some bowls I might be interested in.  Heck yeah I'm interested!!! She's so thoughtful. Cross your fingers!

I'm also excited about a little talk that is going on in Pueblo tonight.  Hannah at Just Peachy, Darling is going to be talking about mid century architecture, art and fashion.  She is actually a friend of a friend, and I enjoy her blog, so I'm pretty excited and hoping to be able to go.  Thanks for the heads up Heidi

Linking up with The Colorado Lady today.  Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wanted Wednesday - A Quarter

Not just any old quarter, but one made in 1963 or earlier.  Those puppies are pure silver and with a little time and patience, you can turn one into a cool ring.  How awesome is that!?  I found this on Pinterest (follow my boards via the button to the right for good stuff, and some occasional inappropriateness) one day when I should have been being productive.
I dug through my huge pickle jar full of change and couldn't find one older than 1965 (that's the year they started adding copper to quarters).  Ah, so close!  I was so bummed because I had these instructions up and I was ready to go.  Major let down!
So, does anyone have a few old quarters they are willing to part with?  : )
This idea obviously isn't new to everyone because there are lots of comments from people who say they have been wearing one for years.  Do you have one of these neato quarter rings?  If so, tell us how you got it.  Did you make it or did someone make if for you?