Thursday, June 27, 2013

Booth Update

I'm very happy to report that the second half of the month has so far treated my booth much better!  I was even able to bring in a few more things today.
The neighboring booth is still trying to get a bit too chummy with mine.  I've had to move a few things of his back to his area.  It's hard to say if this is customers or his placement, but either way, it's something I have to deal with.  
I wish that bread box would sell already.  It takes up a lot of real estate.  
I told the owner about Fleaquest and because he pays for good suggestions for the mall, I'm going to be getting an extra 25 big ones on my check!!!  Hell yeah!   
Have you guys checked out Fleaquest yet?
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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wanted Wednesday - Colorado Goodies

If you're a regular reader, then you probably already know that I'm a proud Colorado girl, born and raised.   I love my home, so this week I wanted to honor my lovely state and share some vintage souvenirs I totally need!
I already have a lot of vintage local postcards, but a few more couldn't hurt!  These are of Garden of the Gods, a local park 15 minutes from me.  Isn't it beautiful?  I'm a lucky chick!  Have you ever visited Garden of the Gods?
The Royal Gorge Park was pretty much destroyed in a pretty nasty fire a few weeks ago, but the bridge is still there.  This oil painting is a fabulous depiction of it from the 30's or 40's.
A super cool 80's t-shirt.  I love the lettering on it.
The geology dork, as well as the vintage graphics lover in me covets this book.  
This collapsible cup is the most tempting thing I've run into while writing this post and I'm not totally sure why.  It's just neat.  
And last but not least, a great little pennant collection.  I can't believe I don't have any of these places represented in my collection.  All of these attractions are within 20 minutes from my house.  Have you ever been to any of these places?
They would fit perfectly with my collection!

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Thrift Haul - Or Lack There Of

Wah wah wah...  Last weeks thrifting was terrible!  Eight different trips to the thrifts yielded zip, zilch, freaking nothing!  But I'll get over it because the booth had a tough month and it wouldn't hurt to floof more instead of adding new items.  On a much brighter note, I got my chairs back from the powder coating place!!!  Check em out!
Aren't they beautiful?!  They look way better than they did here a few weeks ago.  
Yeah, I'm totally happy with these!  I wanted aqua but it wasn't a color they had on hand and I would have had to pay $200 for them to order it.  No thanks!  
What do you guys think?  Chippy or restored?  
Trust me, you won't hurt my feelings!  It's totally a matter of style and there is nothing wrong with that.  I like them restored because I tend to like a more mod look and it goes well with our mid century house. 
I'm joining the parties at Apron Thrift GirlSir Thrift A Lot, RemnantMod Vintage LifeThe Thrifty Groove, A Living Space and Joyful Treasure Hunting. Have a great week everyone! 
Oh, and I'm on Instagram now.  I got it at first only to participate in my first Instasale, but now I kind of like it.  I even put a button up in the top right column of the blog...check it out!  : )

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Booth Update

I floofed the booth a bit yesterday morning and met one of my regular customers.   Can you believe that, I have a regular! SWEET!!! She said she really liked my booth and got stuff there pretty frequently,  which is awesome!   Thanks so much Jen (I sooooo hope I got her name right,  I'm the WORST with names, much better with faces).  Also, it took an enormous amount of self control to not hug her and tell her I love her...
 I'm going to start putting more effort into freshening up the joint, ya know, for my regulars.  :-)
Check out that sexy lamp that I scored the other day!   It was pretty hard to part with that one.  I added the super cute high chair that the best bud found last week.  I'm hoping people can see it as it is kind of squished in there.  
My new neighbor is kind of crowding in on me, but it's ok.  He is drawing people in to our little alcove and that is what I asked for, I think...
My June booth sales have still been lacking, but my Etsy shop is doing pretty well.
What about you guys.  Which one wins, booth or online sales?  
Keep sending us your rain vibes and prayers or doing rain dances.  Another fire started yesterday about 100 miles Southwest of here. The smoke is so thick here, half my neighborhood was out last night looking for a new local fire.  Crazy...
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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wanted Wednesday

Most of you know that I live in the foot hills of the beautiful Colorado Rockies, and I wouldn't be a real Colorado chick if I didn't like to camp in those majestic purple mountains.  But here's the thing...I'm getting to damn old to sleep on the ground anymore!  For real!  I'm not adverse to doing my business in the woods, but man, I can't sleep on the ground anymore.  This fact keeps us from camping very often (Little Dude aside) because air mattresses suck and cots take up too much room.  Soooooo don't you think I NEED a camper?!  A cool vintage one!
This one is available for a reasonable $2800 on Craigslist.  I love the colors and the fact that it has mostly been remodeled. 
This one is priced a little steeper at $3800 without and remodeling.  It's bigger though.  
Look at that 70's interior!
For a measly $9,000 I could have this bad boy.
This one is rough, but check out those wings!  Awesome!
Yup, I'll take two of those please!  You know it's a lot when they don't show the price...
Remodeled and priced reasonably at $5500.  I REALLY like this one.
And if I ever win the lottery I will own a small fleet of super cool Airstreams!!  This needs to be mine!  Can someone just write a check?!
So there you have it.  I am currently, and will probably be for a long while, lusting after a camper.  
Do any of you guys have a vintage camper?  Have you restored it or left it in all it's old glory?
Also, if anyone happens to have one that they don't want anymore, or knows someone who has one they are looking to get rid of, let me know.  
Wicked cheap or free preferred!  : )
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Monday, June 17, 2013

Thrift Haul - Snazzy High Chair and a Pick Me Up

I was all set to write a whiny post about how my booth sales suck and thrifting sucks lately, but then I found something today that totally turned my frown upside down!  (Which is great because I'm sure no one wants to hear that crap anyway!)
Before I get to my fabulous "pick-me up" check out all this other cool stuff.
This West Bend Hot and Cold Server is so cute.   Most of us have seen/bought these before because they were pretty dang popular back in the day.  I have one in my personal collection here, but this has the bakelite handles, so I traded and took the wood handled one to the booth.
Can you believe I didn't have this in my collection?!  Well me either!  The best bud found this divided dish and I'm keeping it!  
 Speaking of the best bud, look at what else she found!  She's on a freaking roll!  She found the Woodland dish, and while I was photographing it I noticed this cool manufacturing mistake.  I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, but it was just a smudge in the print.  Cool!  The Woodland dish along with the Spring Blossom butter dish I found will be heading to the booth.
  She was still on that roll when she found this ridiculously cute and kitschy high chair.  Most of me wants to keep it because I LOVE the color, but I don't have a place for it, so off to the booth it goes.  We were thinking it would be a cool plant stand.  Would you use it for it's intended purpose or something else?
So what is it that got my thrifty little heart all a twitter? This beauty!!!!
Isn't she lovely, isn't she wonderful?!!!  I'm a dofus, I know, but look!  I was just thinking about how I never see some of the really cool patterns, and then this dreamy dish falls into my lap.  It looks freaking fabulous here!
In all reality, I haven't been to the booth a lot this month and I've been busy and not hitting the thrifts very hard.  So really, I have no reason to complain.   It's been a tough week with the fires, but they are settling down and for that I am thankful.  
Pretty soon things will get back to normal.
Until then, I'm joining the parties at Apron Thrift GirlSir Thrift A LotSumo's Sweet StuffRemnantMod Vintage LifeThe Thrifty Groove and A Living Space. Have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wanted Wednesday - RAIN!!!

This week is more of a desperate need than a want.  My beloved state is on fire again, so we need rain!  Lots and lots of rain, over the whole dang state.  Something like 9 fires are burning here right now, with more popping up every day.  Two are burning not far from here.
This is the view from my area about 4 hours after it started.  That is Black Forest, about 30 miles away from me.  
The view from my parents house.  Less than 10 miles away from the fire...
This is a photo from The Gazette of the Royal Gorge in Canon City.  The fire here has burned more than 3,800 acres.  It is much closer to the bridge now.
And that is just a few of the fires burning right now.  I know fire is a natural thing, but two of my friends have probably lost their homes, countless others are gone or in jeopardy.  It's hard to be logical and rational when my friends are going through this nightmare. 
So please send your rain vibes or prayers, do a rain dance, whatever you want, just send it our way!  We can use all the help we can get.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Left Behind - Auction Goodies

So it might surprise you guys, but what was featured in yesterday's post was all I bought.  I felt like I got so much stuff, but when it was all laid out, I realized I didn't : (.  I totally could have gotten more had I stayed around longer because they were just trying to get stuff out, no matter the cost.  Melissa at Melissa's Antiques scored awesomely with that strategy this weekend.
But live and learn.  I like what I bought and I totally got to drool over some super cool stuff, but next time, it's on!
These green recliners were to die for!  The color, the comfy, the shape, they had it all.  They went as a pair for $200. 
I bid on this fabulous three legged chair, but backed out when it got too high.  It was super cool, but I really don't need another dang chair.  (I wanted it sooooo bad.  I almost cried when I didn't get it.)
 They didn't get to this section until after 3:00.  I think like 6 other tables full of stuff aren't pictured here.  
 Swoon!  This is a Post Office from Cotapaxi Colorado and it is a beast.  Two guys fought a bit over it until it finally went for $3,500!  Wouldn't that be so cool in your house, storing little vintage goodies?  
I was tempted to stay for these guys, but I wussed out.  The one made out of shells is my favorite.
 This picture is full of lovely things that begged to come home with me.   The little kitchen set was in great shape and went for $350.  The fabulous mod lamps went for $250 (that totally surprised me).  The two cabinets were a big draw for the auction.  An older gentlemen in a maroon leisure suit bought the one of the right, and a local dealer I recognized bought the one on the left.  They both went for around $400.  
This was a good learning experience for me because next time I will be totally prepared, and will come home with a glorious bounty!  Oh yes, it's happening...I don't know when, but soon...It's gonna be awesome.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Auction Haul - Penguins and Jadeite!

I went to my first auction on Saturday and have come to a few conclusions.
1.  I need to take some aspirin beforehand,, during and after.  It was so loud and the auctioneers voice almost induced a brain bleed.
2.  Bring a friend.  I was by myself which I usually don't mind, but I got kind of lonely :(
3.  Bring more snacks!  So many more SNACKS!  And something to crochet.  That's totally what I should have had!
4.  Maybe find a different auction house to go to.  The auctioneers yelled at employees in front of everyone.  It was pretty uncomfortable.  Is that common?
5.  I need a bigger booth!  The awesome furniture was plentiful at this one.  Holding in the bids was making me all twitchy.
Taking 1-4 into consideration, I will probably go to an auction again, just not for 9 hours.  It was waaaay to long!
Check out the product of all my hard work. (Ha, mostly it was sitting on my rear end trying not to loose my mind.)
This was my first purchase of the day.  I probably paid a bit more than I should have considering it is broken, but I was kind of confused and having a hard time following the auctioneer dude.  I'm keeping it, so it doesn't matter too much.  It's pretty cool!
Check out these adorable little penguins!  I bid on an entire lot of shakers just to get these.  Millie and Willie Penguin, so stinking CUTE!  They will probably go to the Etsy shop after we enjoy them for a bit.
These are some of the other items from that lot.  A few more single ones aren't pictured.  So what the heck should I do with the singles?  List them on Etsy?  Donate them?
I'm not entirely sure why I bid on these milk glass pieces, but I like them.  Most of it will probably go to the booth. 
Look at what I got!!!  The hostess I was pinning over in last weeks Wanted Wednesday!  It's perfect and the only reason I stayed at the auction for so long.  I know it sounds silly, but I never see these in decent shape.  This one is pristine!  
So to get all of that Pyrex, I had to also take this stuff.  It was a big lot for a good price, but again, what the heck am I going to do with all of this?!  Take it to the booth I suppose.
 These are kind of yellowish.  I'm fairly certain they are really early Pyrex, but not 100%.  Does anyone know more about the clear Pyrex?
This Fire King mug is the first Jadeite I've ever found and I couldn't be more excited about it!  Though it is causing a bit of a mental dilemma.
Should I keep it or sell it, and if I sell it, where should I put it?  Etsy or the Booth?  Do you have better luck with one over the other with Jadeite?

Tomorrow I'll show you some other pictures from the auction.  And hopefully later this week I will have a glorious makeover to share with you!  Until then, I'm joining the parties at Apron Thrift GirlSir Thrift A LotSumo's Sweet StuffRemnantMod Vintage LifeThe Thrifty Groove and A Living Space. Have a great week everyone!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Left Behind - Weird, Scary or "What the..."

I don't buy everything that strikes my fancy or piques my interest.  Sometimes things are just too dang weird, or scary, or "what the hell does one do with that?!"  The following items are examples of the above phenomena.  
Weird, scary and pricey.  I'll admit, if Smokey was priced better, he would have come home with me.   He's not really a symbol of safety and strength without the shirt and hat.  I like the frightening irony in that.  
 What the hell does one do with this?!  It is obviously a hair dryer, but it's labeled broken.  Who needs that?!  It tricked me when I first glimpsed it's bent wood arms and sexy front legs.  I was irked when I realized that it wasn't the treasure I thought it was.  Broken hairdryer....geez.
Scary!  Kill it!  Kill it with fire!  Someone please tell me what the heck this thing is?  It was in the case and there was a crowd around it trying to guess it's origin.  I'm going with Hell, anyone have a more logical guess/answer?

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