Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Thrift Haul - Woohooo!

Finally!  Holy crap on a cracker.  It's been more than a month since I've had finds that are worthy of a post.  I could whine and cry about dry thrifts and bad weather, but no one wants to hear that nonsense so on to the goods!!!
Pyrex, oh glorious Pyrex, how I have missed you!  I searched hard for the red primary, but I never could find it.  : (  The fridgies are a great score from a small antique store.  I was pretty thrilled to find the Gooseberry.  Some people find that stuff like it's Butterfly Gold, not me!  Maybe this is a sign of good finds to come.  A girl can dream right?...
 These little sundae cups are puzzling.  They look vintage to me, but I know there are a lot of reproductions out there, and I have no idea how to tell the difference between real and knockoff.  Does anyone know anything about these little cuties? 
 Here pretty soon I'm going to get my crap together and start listing more on Etsy and these adorable salt and pepper shakers are first in line.  I can't decide on the prescription bottle.  I kind of want to fill it with red buttons and use it for my Valentine's Day decorations.  
 I found a little pile of these cast iron owls a few weeks back and have already sold a batch on Etsy.  That fabric might have been an empty hand syndrome purchase, though it's slowly growing on me.  I will probably stick it and the recipe tin in the booth soon.
 Squeeee!  My first floor globe!  It's likely that it will become a permanent fixture in my home...because I apparently need more globes...NOT!!!   I have a problem for sure, but it's ok because they're educational...right?
 My first Federal Glass find in the wild.  They are really neat and the pattern is in good shape, but both bowls are half dishwasher damaged, if that makes any sense.  I couldn't leave them behind though.  
One thrift had a bunch of pennants that I just couldn't pass up.  What is it about these super colorful, wonderfully illustrated pieces of felt that is so stinking attractive to me?  They don't sell well in the booth, but I have had luck with them online, so that is where these will go.  
 This one is huge and will probably go pretty dang fast online.  It's a bit creased on the end though.  Does anyone have any tips or tricks for getting the creases out of these?
I couldn't leave it behind.  I just couldn't.  Someone needs to give me some advice here.  I'm not sure why I'm being so weird about it, but I can't help it.  Is it ok to sell this or should I just hang onto it?   What would you do?
This month has been pretty good at the booth, and even though the Etsy shop isn't getting a lot of new listings, those sales are doing pretty well too.   We don't really have a lot going on for the next week.  We have more snow and of course the Super Bowl.  Here in Colorado things are starting to get a bit nutty and us non-football people are a little frightened.  : )  I just don't have the brain power to learn the game so therefore I have little interest in it.  Maybe one day I'll figure it out, but for now I'll stick to scrolling Pinterest and filling up my shopping cart and then emptying it out during games. HA!!!
Do you have any big Super Bowl plans?  
Oh, and because I'm super proud of where I live, and if I watched they are who I would root for...
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Wanted Wednesday

I'm still trying to be good and save my pennies because my friends, Alaska ain't cheap and since I'm spending my 30th with my twin brother up there, we're doing it right!  But this lovely scarf is so tempting I can't stand it.  Ok, so everything in this store, Underground Vintage, is tempting me.  Ugh...why can't I either have lots of money or be totally irresponsible?  WHY???

Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Past Few Weeks...

I'm hoping to crank out a proper blog post here in the next few days, but until then here are a bunch of Instagrams from the past few weeks.  Things have been so busy around here lately, it seems like that's all I have had time for.  Whine, whine, whine!  Whatever, things will be back to normal soon.  : )

I didn't have much stuff to take to the booth recently, but that's ok because my time was spent on the chalk board wall.  It doesn't look like much, but it was a lot of dam work!  I posted a quick booth update here.  Thanks for all the great feedback guys!!!
 The Best Bud and I made this adorable cupcake cake for The Little Dude's second birthday party.  It was quick and easy, and a total hit at the party.   Thank you Pinterest!  
 My sun room/work area/storage space was a wicked wreck at the time of his party, so I made some quick window coverings.  No one seemed to pick up on what was I was doing, just thought it was decoration...PERFECT. 
 I spend the next day cuddling with a lovely bowl of chips.  All that socializing and stuff is exhausting!  That and the adult beverages...I just can't hang anymore it seems.  
 We went to the zoo on his actual birthday.  His absolute favorite thing in the whole world is to feed the giraffes and this one happily indulged him.  Also, I made that shirt for him - tooting my own horn a bit.  ; )
 Ugh, my first pink ever in the wild and it is beat almost beyond recognition.  Dam, dang, darn!  And they priced it at like $7 just to piss me off.  Grrrrr...
 Super sad, sniff-sniff, and still bent about it.  This little puppy belonged to my parents and he passed away a few days ago.  Just a little just doesn't seem right for that to happen to a puppy.  Terrible.  Thank you all for the kind words for my family.  You guys are the best!  
 And then I drank this wine that I bought because the label was funny.  Bad idea...instant headache.  I tested it tonight to see if it would happen again, like maybe the first time it was just my brain telling me to stop acting like a lush.  Nope, same thing.   Win some, loose some I guess. 
 That evil temptress Target flaunted this beautiful specimen in my face.  I want it, but The Husband is against me selling any limbs or body parts to get it.  I have a black one, wonder if I can paint it...  
Have you ever tried to paint a mixer before?
 I'm slowly working on a Valentine's Day display.  Six thrifts and all I found was the little made in Japan owl.  So far it's pretty pitiful, but I gotta start somewhere right?  And like Erica said, soon I'll have a special collection of hand made Valentine's from my Little Dude.  Awwwww....
 A box full of random Christmas lights caught my eye at a booth that always has cool stuff.  It was priced right so I grabbed it and was surprised with this sweet little birdie in one of the boxes.  My first glass bird bulb.  So stinking pretty!  
 I almost bought this washer...almost.  
 And last but not least, this is the first globe I've ever found on a floor stand and I'm not sure I can part with it, but my house is full up on globes.  Seriously, I can not squeeze another one in my living room.  I'm one more globe from being out of control.  So until I'm ready to sell it, I'll use it as a bubble wrap caddie. : )  
We're expecting snow for the next few days...honestly, I'm getting close to being over winter.  What about you guys?  Is winter working your last nerve or are you just fine with it?

And have you joined in on the Instagram fun yet?  Come it, you know you want to!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Booth Update

I LOVE the way my saying came out!  Sure, I wish I was a better artist and my handwriting didn't look like a hungry kindergartner's, but still, considering my lack of skill it came out pretty dang well!  I tried to have it say "money can't buy happiness, but it can buy vintage treasure, and that's kind of the same thing," but that totally wasn't going to fit.   
And I finally did it!  For the first time ever, I marked down items.  Time to move the crap out to make room for the good stuff!  Now, I don't technically have much good stuff right now, but I will dammit!  After this crazy month is over I will be back at the thrifting and I will be pickier than ever.  I'm with Van, time to step it up a bit!  : )  
What do you guys think?  Is the saying funny and booth appropriate, or tacky and I should take it down immediately because customers are going to hate me and never shop my booth again?!?!?!  
Hahaha, I'm being a bit dramatic.  I don't really think anyone will hate it that much.  And if they do they should probably spend their money on what is now legal in Colorado and relax.  : )  Man, I'm in a feisty mood!  
Have a great weekend everyone.  Linking up with the Colorado Lady.

Monday, January 13, 2014

This Past Week...

Things are finally getting back to normal around here (thanks for all the well wishes guys!)  As of right now, no one is oozing or dripping or hacking up who knows what, and I'd like to keep it that way!   Now we just have to get ready for my Mother-in-Law's visit and The Little Dudes 2nd birthday party.  I just can't believe that he's going to be 2!  Where the heck did my wittle bitty baby go?!
Anyway, before I start crying...this past week was pretty tame due to everyone's recent germ infestation.  We haven't done a lot of thirfting and I've mostly just been trying to get my house clean.  Is anyone else doing The January Cure with Apartment Therapy?  I'm doing a modified version of it, since ya know, I live with a tiny tornado.  Hopefully by the end of the month my house will look like it came out of freaking Apartment Therapy!   Ha!
This book is hilarious, and I'm thoroughly enjoying it.  She also writes a great blog and updates her Facebook all the time with wonderful foul mouthed commentary.   I might have a girl crush on her...

 Hobby Lobby has these super cute vintage inspired signs that tempted me but I didn't give in!  I have to save my pennies and I'd rather have a real one anyways.  
 All this was in one glorious grab bag.  It was great too because I really needed new measuring spoons.  Why can't I keep track of those little plastic ones?  What is that about?  Tiny tornado, that is what that's about! much many stitches had to be pulled out.  
 So The Little Dude got a pretty squirrelly the other day and some how managed to knock down my pub height kitchen table, knocking everything off in the process.  He was fine thankfully and so was the beer bottle, but my Great Great Grandma's Ball jar wasn't so lucky.  : (  I'm still so sad about it.  
The Husband and I went to visit some friends of ours who were vacationing in Vail.  The drive up was great, and we had so much fun!  The drive down, oh not so much fun!  It was snowing wicked hard and people are stupid so our three hour drive turned into six hours.  Some people just aren't meant to drive in the snow.  I'm talking about the dummy in the freakin' rear wheel drive car!  Ugh....  
 It did give me some time to crochet a cute pair of boot cuffs though.  : )
So my twin brother and I will be turning the big 30 this August.  He doesn't deal with birthdays very well and I might have a bit of a hard time with this one so we're going to spend it together.   Sounds easy enough...but he lives in Alaska so that's where we're going!  YAY!!!!!   I'm so excited but that means I have to save save save for the next eight months.  That place isn't cheap!  

Do you guys have any money saving tips for me?  
And have you joined the Instagram bandwagon yet?  Come it, you know you want to!  It's fun! 

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Past Few Weeks...

Man, our new year is off to a rocky start.  The Husband caught some kind of plague so he had to be quarantined in the basement.  Then I contracted his disease, even with all the isolation and sanitizing!  Dammit, I don't have time for cooties!  Cross your fingers and toes that The Little Dude doesn't get it.

So before we contracted the germs of death I was able to get down to Pueblo to do a bit of thrifting.  I found this super cool Dansk Designs candle holder and I searched like crazy for the other one in the set, but was disappointed.  It's pretty dang neat so it will probably stick around here, at least for a little bit.
 My only other unusual find was this enamel Finel bowl that is in pretty good shape.  Francine at HotCool Vintage has one for sale in her Etsy shop right now.
 Good gravy, my booth was a mess!  10 days untouched is far too long I guess because when I went a week or so ago, it was wrecked.  
 All the glorious Christmas decorations were boxed up.  It was a sad day.  
 YES!!!  This is probably going to be my new chalk board saying at the booth. 
 The Mom and I took the Little Dude up to the Denver Aquarium while The Husband stayed home to nurse his gooey plague (isn't that a lovely image). We all had such a great time! I LOVE the aquarium.  Doesn't matter which one...I LOVE them all!!!   
 Stop judging me fish!  Hahaha!
 We had plans for New Years Eve, but I wasn't about to drag The Festering Husband anywhere and I didn't want to risk infecting my friends, so we stayed home.  I felt about as maniacal and stir crazy as this little girl.  
 Yes, you're seeing this correctly.  That is a giant squid chilling on my couch.  The Best Bud got him for me for Christmas and I couldn't be more in love with him.  His name is Sid the Squid and he's fantastic!
Thank you for being a friend, traveled down the road and back again!!!  All hail the Golden Girls.  : )
 And then boom!  I came down with what very well could be Ebola.  Ok, obviously I'm being dramatic but still, I'm sick and I hate it.  It's impossible for me to lay around and do nothing, so I made a few friends to keep me company while I was in my self imposed isolation.  
 Thank goodness it hit me on the weekend.  The Husband is feeling better so he was able to take over all the Little Dude duties.  Hopefully he doesn't get this.  Sick toddlers are so pitiful.  Hell, what am I talking about.  I'm pretty sure I'm whinier when sick than he is...he's so tough, he makes me look like a super wimp.  
That's it.  That's all I've got right now.  I'm going to make some more cephalopods and watch Netflix as I wait for my Ebola to go away.   How is your year going so far?  Better than mine I hope!  
Have you joined the Instagram bandwagon yet?  Come it, you know you want to!  It's fun!  
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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

I hope you had a great night and recover quickly this morning!  
I don't normally do resolutions because I can never stick to them, but I'm going to try this year.  It's time to become more efficent and thoughtful in every aspect of my life: my time, my money, my relationships, my house, my blog, my booth, EVERYTHING!!!
Any resolutions you want to share?