Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Thrift Haul - Happy Holidays

I'm about two seconds away from busting out into a spirited version of White Christmas! Seriously,  I've found a lot of awesome Christmas stuff lately (last week) and it is totally getting me into the holiday spirit a bit super early this year.   
The Shiny Brites were plentiful this week.  Check out the perfect box of lavender bulbs!!!  They're lovely!  I bought the two boxes on the bottom for wreath making and was stoked to find mostly old Polish ornaments. 
 More ornaments!!!  And no, I didn't screw up and photograph the lavender Shiny Brites twice, I found a second box a few days later!  That is some seriously good thrifting juju right there. 
This poster is a really cool promo item from 1968.  I'm going to try it first in the booth after I research it a bit.  I bought the opal so I could have the cradle but now I'm not sure if it's the right one.  It originally came with one that was oddly shaped like that, but the handles are making me wonder.  Anyone know for sure if this cradle is Pyrex or a Fire King impostor?
A few good antique store finds.  The Mr. Cola crate is for Grapette Soda (heard of it, I haven't), from Colorado, and was priced really well plus on sale-didn't have to twist my arm!  I'm a sucker for stuff from my home state.    I love the Smokey the Bear litter bag!  It was filled with other good 60's era Colorado ephemera.  
 Now Monster Mash is stuck in my head!  The thrift gods were smiling down on me again because I scored some fabulous vintage Halloween over the weekend!  The walrus and Spock came from the thrifts and Mickey was priced well in his original box at an antique shop.  Everything other than Mister Spock is being set aside for next year.  They are so creepy looking!!!
Sorry, it is going to get a bit wordy here.  Here is what topped off my already pretty dang good week.  The Mom, The Little Dude and I went to a small town called Rocky Ford for my Uncles 80th birthday.  We stopped at a Store called Don's for Lad and Dad (cute name!) and the first thing I noticed were vintage Halloween decorations in the display window.  There were more inside the store too (I'm kicking myself for not getting pictures)!  I asked the wife if I could buy one of their awesome decorations and the husband said "I have a whole box of that old stuff upstairs, hold on."  I'm not usually one for this little acronym, but it fit the situation - OMG, OMG, OMG!!!  This is everything he sold to me, and at good prices to because he wanted to make sure I made a little money on it in my booth.  Such a nice man!!!
 Everything is currently on display at my house.  I'll sell some of it next year...maybe!  Ha!
 Check out her green toe sticking out of her boot.  I love Beistle!  
He even has some crepe paper hair left.  I have to repair his arm, but I think he'll sell well next year. 
He might be my favorite.  It's jointed and in really good shape.  They had a fabulous pumpkin and owl in the same style displayed in the store but they weren't for sale.  He seemed to really like the ones he put out, so I didn't press too hard for them.
He just gave me these three!  I'm telling you guys, they were the sweetest little couple ever.  The store has been open since 1933 and they've owned it since 1969.  He said they have a bunch of old Christmas stuff too and to come down around then.  I internally freaked out again and shook his hand while I told him I'd see him in a few months!  Yay for super cool small town people!
 I'm so thankful to have met Don and Carol and spend a bit of time with them.  They were pretty excited to share a bit of their story with me and I was grateful to hear it. 
Do you have a fun unexpected vintage finding story?  Share it with us if you do!
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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Weekly Instagram Recap

Why haven't you guys all jumped on the Instagram bandwagon?!  It's so much fun!  Come on...you know you want to!!!  Peer pressure is a bitch! Hahahaha, sorry, it's been a long week....
I found this perfect box of lavender ornaments and about died when I found a second perfect box a few days later.  That was one of those GASP moments Danavee!
These little bits were tucked into a box of lovely blue ornaments.  I love little surprises like that! 
I used up my very first can of BKF...good stuff.
 A few family members were in town for my Uncle's 80th birthday so I went day drinking with them downtown.  These sweet gas pump taps are so awesome!  
 What's up scary ass Mister Spock?!  From 1981.  
 Some how I was lucky enough to find more buttons at the thrifts.  This sad squished little Mickey is my favorite one of that batch.  
 We went to a small farming town for my uncles 80th birthday and naturally we stopped by a few stores.  I saw some wonderful vintage decorations in the window of one stores and asked if I could buy one.  He said, "I have a whole box of that old stuff upstairs, hold on."  SHUT UP!!!!  I almost died....  He said I should come back around Christmas...nicest dude ever!  
The farming area we visited is famous for their melons.  They were out of season for us, so I found the next best thing. 
I bought these green tomatoes at the same produce mart.  I''m going to try to make my Big Momma's fried green tomatoes.  Cross your fingers for me, frying scares the crap out of me!  

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Booth Update...Finally

Wow, it's been a long time since I did a booth update post!  It's not like sales have been bad and I haven't been adding merchandise and rearranging.  Sales have been great and I've been working extra hard to keep things stocked and nice looking (I act like it's so much hard work...I FREAKING LOVE MY BOOTH, it's way more fun than work).  I really have no excuse for the lack of posts about the booth, just being a lazy wench I guess!
Hopefully in the next week or two we'll have a vendor night so I can change the chalkboard saying. And then pretty soon it will be time to do my Christmas display.  I can't wait!!!  I have so much cool Christmas stuff to set up this year!  

We have our costumes all figured out.  The Little Dude is going to be Neil Armstrong and I'm going as his mom - great excuse to wear a vintage dress - and The Hubby is going as himself.  He's not a costume guy...
What are you going to be for Halloween?  Anything with a vintage spin?

Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekly Thrift Haul and Some Sweet Gifts

Well, as you saw in yesterday's post, we're back from our trip to Florida!  The Little Dude did really well on all the flights, thank my lucky stars! It was a really great trip full of fun activities and precious family time.  I feel very lucky and blessed.
My Grandma was very sick recently, so I didn't expect we'd do much but sit around the house, enjoying each others company.  Guys, I almost couldn't keep up with her, it was amazing!  One of our days out was to Dade City to go do a bit of junking.  The spun cotton angels were a steal!  And while I know it's not Pyrex,  (gasp!) I really liked the pattern on this cute little bowl.
My Grandma has a lot of history in her house, and she was kind enough to share some of it with me.  The old sugar sacks will be used in some kind of craft project and that little baby is sitting with my keepers in the sun room.  She gave my brothers and I each a salt shaker set!  Yay!
The ball jar is really special - it was her Grandmothers!  Imagine how much food that jar has seen...  The two items next to it belonged to her mom, my Big Momma.  The little trinket box had that Babe Ruth clipping in it, I wonder if it's from when he actually played.  And the little glass turtle pin cushion is keeping my sewing machine company.  So cute!!!   Thank you so much for all the fun stories and little goodies.  I really means a lot to me!!!
I went to my usual thrift when we got home, and it was like a whole new shop!  It's amazing the new things you notice when you haven't been there for 10 days.  They put out the Christmas stuff and I dove right in.  Christmas and Pyrex...yes please!!!
This guy is my favorite Christmas find yet.  His angry little head is spun cotton and his arms are mercury glass beads.  
I have no idea how these survived the bins in the back.  All of the glass ornaments I found were bagged up and each one had at least one broken bulb in it.  The mushroom and peacock are broken on the top, but I figure with some careful placement they will be perfect for a ornament wreath.
It must have been my lucky day because I found some vintage buttons too!  I have to start selling these, I'm running out of room to store them!!!  I just love them so much!  Do you have an item that you just can't resist when you see it?
Yay for vintage Halloween!  These were at a local antique mall that was having a store wide moving sale.  After all the discounts, they were 35% off and I got them for a steal!  I felt bad, but the lady at the counter told me that the owners were going to reimburse the vendors for part of the discounts. 
And to finish off a great thrifting week, I found this dang near perfect promotional piece with its original handle.  It will be in the booth in the next few days.
 It's been a busy but super fun past few weeks.  This next week will be spent catching up with all my blogs friends.  I fell like it's been ages, I miss you guys!!!
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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Weekly Instagram Recap

We made it home from Florida where we had an absolutely wonderful visit - even though we were sticky and hot most of the time!  Geez Florida, it's October, take a break for the winter!  Ok, maybe I'm being a bit dramatic...still, I was happy to get home to my  dry, crisp and cold Colorado! 

This beautiful old cabinet belonged to my Grandma's Aunt.  This bad picture doesn't does nothing for it.  
 We went to Tarpon Springs where I became an expert on sea sponges (yeah, I wasn't expecting that either).   The movie  pretty much just promoted the shop, but they did include an old video from the 60's that explained how they fished for and prepared sponges for sale.  It was pretty interesting actually.  I bought a few little cosmetic sponges.  I really wanted one of the sponge planters (lower left corner of the photo).  They soak those down and keep them outside with moisture loving plants.  Not really something I could do here in Colorado.  
Tarpon Springs was originally settled by Greek people.   You can kind of tell that from the font on this sign.  And come on, Spongeorama!!!  That's the best name ever!
Holy guacamole!  Ha, thanks Jackie!  This isn't your average avocado.  It was huge and much sweeter than a regular sized one.  Florida grows them big!  Have you ever seen such a monstrosity?!
I found this dude at the beach on Treasure Island.  I've been to this same beach with my family lots of times and have never found anything as cool as this.  And trust me, I'm always searching.  I'm the dofus at the beach who is always looking down trying to spot good shells!  This was in only a few feet of water.  Too bad I couldn't bring it home, it was still occupied.  
My Grandma's aunt made this quilt out of men's under britches!  Hahahaha, I love it!
These guys are every where in Florida.  The Little Dude got a kick out of them.  He was watching one who was so desperate to get away from him that he jumped on his hand to get away. Startled the heck out of The Little Dude!
It snowed a little the day after we got home.  I love waking up to snow!
A well deserved Punk'n beer. It totally hit the spot!
 I found some great bags of vintage buttons at the thrifts when we got home. I wonder what the metal tag was for... Grandma, Grandpa, anyone -do you know?
Stained, faded and totally mismatched.  Such a bummer.  
 Check out the owl I found at an antique shop the other day!!!  It's a bit rough, but the price was right and I just couldn't leave it behind. 
What a glorious way to finish out the week!  I bought this on Etsy a few days ago.  It's black but worn in a few places to be almost brown so it will go with anything.   And the leather is buttery soft!  I love it!!!
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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Estate Haul - Fun Odds and Ends

I did a bit of thrifting last week, but didn't end up with much.  Stuff was either too beat up or too expensive so - PASS!  Still saving pennies!  I did hit one really big estate sale twice and came up lucky both times.
I didn't know anything about this sale, so the first time I just happened to see it, but I had The Little Dude in tow.  He's very VERY heavy, so we didn't stay long.  The place was full of little bits and pieces, as you will see by the pictures(none of the sale itself :(  too many people).  A few swizzle sticks, pink and black jewelry box and a lone spun cotton dude elf earring.  I've never seen earrings made with them, have you?  A  what is my deal with the swizzle sticks lately...
This family had a large attached garage and a HUGE detached garage workshop.  I found these guys out there.  
I unfortunately didn't see much vintage Christmas stuff.  This was all I could find.  But look at Mrs. Claus!  She has little puff balls trimming her apron and dress.  Such sweet little details.  
They were kind enough to give me this hat box since the bottom had fallen out of it.  I'm not sure what I'll do with it, but I couldn't pass it up.  Love the star bursts!  
My second trip wasn't planned either.  The Hubby offered to stop on our way home from the pumpkin patch Saturday, and like I'm going to turn that down!  I found this ring and some other strange bits.  I finally have a letter!  Take that extracurricular activities I didn't participate in! HA! The hanger is from a hotel in DC and the little round cards next to it turn to calculate driving distances.  And look, I found the other earring!  Yay!!!  
The light was not cooperating, hence the single photo.
The lady who was running the register on Saturday said that the house belonged to her grandparents and the sale was a joint sale between them an another couple that passed away.  She said there was so much that they were doing a second sale at the end of the month.  I'm soooo there!  Maybe that is when the vintage Christmas will come out to play!  

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Weekly Instagram Recap

Well I got my undies all in a bunch for nothing.  This week was pretty chill and easy going, not at all what I was anticipating here.  Lets just hope tomorrow's flight goes the same way!  
This space age style stove is so cool!  I've used an old stove though, so I know that there is something to be said about modern conveniences.  
I made a play mat to occupy the Little Dude on the plane.  He has a thing for buckles right now, so this should entertain him nicely for a while.  It has velcro straps on the back so I can attached it to a tray table, either up or down.  Pretty clever if I do say so myself!  : )
 Fall greeted us a bit early this year, but I'm not complaining.  Look at that!  It's beautiful!  
 Ugh...I bought this at Target thinking I would love it.  I got it home and after The Husband burned on me for a few minutes I put it back in the bag to be returned.  It's wicked cute, just not my style.
 The Halloween decorations are coming along nicely.  I added a 60's Beistle pumpkin to this little ensemble today.  
Yup, that almost came home with me...
 We went with The Best Bud and her family to the apple orchard/pumpkin patch. and picked a late crop of raspberries and black berries and The Little Dude picked out a pumpkin.  So much FUN!!!  How is your October treating you so far?  Have you made it to the pumpkin patch yet?
This is my first piece of estate jewelry.  They had a ton of good stuff there, but most of it was out of my budget.  This was my favorite anyway and it wasn't very expensive.  I think because the garnet is scratched.  I don't care, I love it.  It's probably from the 40's and stamped OB Sterling.  
 This Pink Kromex Server finally sold via Etsy.  I'm gonna miss her, she's been with me since the beginning of this whole thing.  
Why is this baby head so yellow?!  Jaundice - destined to be a Simpon's doll...
And my antique mall put up our street signs!  I'm on Ginger Rogers Loop.  I love it!!!
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