Thursday, January 31, 2013

Show Some Earthly Love

So I imagine that I'm not going to surprise any of you when I say that I'm kind of a nerd.  Not in the super genius, Big Bang Theory sense (geez, I wish!) but more in the "I like rocks and fossils" sense.  At one point in college I wanted to be a geologist but then I realized the level of math that would be involved and quietly backed away.  But my love of all things earthy hasn't changed.  One of the many things I came to be interested in was maps.  Not only do I enjoy the information they provide, but the colors are spectacular, like big smart pieces of art.  That is one of the reasons why I love my giant wall map that I blogged about here.  It's also why I love the below globe so much I kept it for my house, and why I purchased two more to sell at the booth.
My little table top set up to show off my thrifted globe.
Globe that is for sale in my booth.
I found another just like it the other day.

Surprisingly, it hasn't sold.  I did some price comparison to make sure I wasn't off my rocker with the $18 price tag (what do you guys think, too much, not enough?  Keep in mind I have a discount of 15% off anything over $10.)    Maybe people aren't seeing how cool they are and all the different ways they can add some color and smarts to your house.  I poked around on Pinterest and below are a few ideas I found and loved.  
How cool is this?!  Now because I am a super dork and the thought of cutting up a globe makes me a little sweaty, I would have a hard time doing this myself.  But if you aren't a spaz it is a beautiful idea!  And what a great way to use one that might be a little too damaged for educational use.  
This photo is from Pinterest.  I can't seem to find the original source though. : (
Thanks to Mary's comment below, I now know that this is from Better Homes and Gardens.   Thanks Mary!!!

I've seen these around in different stores and some other bloggers have written about them (forgive me friends, I can't for the life of me recall who mentioned it).  I would cut a globe for this, I'd cut it good!  Now where could I put one in my house?

Photo from Apartment Therapy 

You can buy this awesome creation here!

Here is some more creative defacing of globes (which again makes me feel a little faint).  These are super cool and I adore them.  Giving an item, that otherwise might not get a second thought a new life is always good in my book.  

These are made by ImagineNations.  

One day I will get the guts to do something cool to one of my globes, but until then, I will just continue to use it as part of the decor in my house.  I'm such a chicken sh*t!

Have any of you guys ever re-purposed a vintage globe or used one as a decoration in your house?

Heading over to the party at Colorado Lady.  Have a great weekend everyone!  


  1. I wonder if your globe would come apart at the equator line, like to parts of a tin box, and then you wouldn't have to CUT it to use it for a decor container.

    I truly "get" not wanting to destroy vintage items, like your globe, with cutting, pasting, or painting!

    My hubby would LOVE seeing your crystals beside your globe - - - he is a self-appointed rock/crystal lover just for the natural beauty of them.

  2. I love globes too, but suddenly have a hard time finding them (but did pick up a miniature one the other day at Goodwill - it is my mobile one that we can take with us anywhere, lol. My kids go to regular public school, but I also homeschool them in my native language (yes, I am dedicated/crazy), and we use globes all the time for our lessons. I have only sold one in my booth and priced it at $25 I think. I just cannot seem to find them anymore.

  3. Oh, I love those lampshades made from the globe, too cool!
    I wish I was nerdy smart like "Big Bang Sheldon" too! I took an archaeology class in college but I kept falling asleep, the first thing Prof did was start on math!! :-) I'll just stick to reading!
    Thanks for sharing,

    1. Thanks for stopping by Dorothy! I'm with you, I'll stick to reading about science and let the others practice it!

  4. Really nice globes. I like them. I have one, too that I can't part with. It still speaks to me. Stopping by from Vintage Thingie Thursday.

  5. I have a vintage globe sitting in my room right now...I've also devoted an entire blog post to it just because I loved it! Also, I don't think the $18 is too far off, it all depends on the area, but that is about the average in my area in antique stores.

  6. according to, this bowl was from better homes and gardens magazine. The Junk Gypsies used an old globe to make a hanging light. see their web sight too... Mary

  7. Globes sell here pretty quickly (MO). I think my last one went for around $20!

    Defacing globes. I just can't.


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