Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Thrift Haul - Small But Mighty Haul

Quality over quantity was the theme last week.  I lost track of how many thrifts I hit, but it was a lot!  I walked out empty handed more than a few times.  It was kind of a bummer, but when I look at what I found all together, I'm pretty happy with my haul.  I need to be saving my pennies anyway!  Take that stingy thrift stores!
Look at that big silly grin!  This blow mold surprisingly isn't marked with a date, but I think it has some age to it.  What do you guys think, original or reproduction?  I think this week I'll work on putting up some fall and Halloween decorations, including this dude.  
It was sunshiny and nice while I was taking pictures until I hung this beauty up.  Then out of no where it started to POUR rain, which is not uncommon here in Colorado, but sure is kind of annoying.  I only had time to take one strangely lit photo that isn't doing this justice.  How do you guys make sure your photos are bright and clear when the weather fights you?  We're coming up on shorter days here so it gets hard for me to get good outdoor pictures.    Tip from recent and relevant experience - don't wait till the last fricking minute to take pictures!  Geez Melissa!  Anyway, this paint by number is a big one, and it's well done.  It's probably going to be added to my little collection because...it's a steam boat and super cool!
And last but certainly not least is my little Pyrex score.  My favorite has to be the little Twin Buffet dish.  The blue is a little warn, but it's my first of the pattern and I like it.  The Nouveau Floral promotional was a good find too.  This lid is slightly chipped, but that's ok because I have had a perfect one for sale in my booth for a while now. Maybe it will sell quickly now that it has it's mate.  
The week has barely just started and I already feel like I have too much to do and no time to do it in, though I'm not really sure why.  Just feeling kind of anxious I guess, or possibly loosing my damn mind...either one seems reasonable to me!  
I'm joining the parties at  Sir Thrift A LotRemnantMod Vintage LifeThe Thrifty GrooveA Living SpaceIvy And Elephants, and Apron Thrift Girl. Have a great week everyone!


  1. how do you ALWAYS manage to have a great pyrex score?? Lucky!

    1. Yes, how do you ALWAYS manage to have a great Pyrex score??

      DRY as hell around here (well, for me anyways... dealers are quite wet I'm sure).

  2. If you are losing your mind, you are definitely in good company. Mine has been missing for a while :-)

    Love the Pyrex finds, of course. I've had a little bit of luck too that I need to share. As for keeping the photos bright when the weather is dark? I finally got so fed up with my pictures looking like crap and having to spend so much time fixing them that I broke down and bought a new lense for my camera that is for low light levels. It cost a third of what my camera did but is sooooooo worth it! It's not like I was ever going to actually thrift one.


  3. I have a good DSLR and know how to shoot manual but still I need help with my photos! I always edit them in PicMonkey--it's easy and free. Photoshop is out of my league, LOL. Fixing the exposure & color always makes a big difference for me!

  4. I don't know anything about photos. I just take.

  5. I like your blue and green piece! It sort of goes with Alpine Challet.

    I do pics in front of my sliding glass door and use a white back ground. It helps catch the least bit of light.

  6. Yay! More blow molds!!! Isn't it thrilling to stumble upon then in the wild?! I remember my first one was a tiny ghost from the 50's and I had to make a pumpkin for him to hold. I love yours with the cat on its back, I have the matching one to that set (a jackolantern sitting on top of a bushel of wheat) that I traded for last year! Hang in there, your vintage Halloween will grow!

  7. So no marking at all on the blow mold? Empire? I'm sure it's old. So cute!
    And I love your paint by number. I'd love to start a collection too.
    Great job on the Pyrex this week! I used to have that little twin buffet piece, but I sold it when I cut my collection in half. It's an especially cute one! I have such a hard time with lighting when I'm taking my pics since we live in the woods. I use Picasa to edit all of them. Kind of a pain, but it makes all the difference. I'm thinking about making one of those picture taking light box things. Have you seen those tutorials? Have a great week! :)

  8. i have a blowmold EXACTLY like that one, and i know it's old because it has the old style plug and light inside. i bet yours is old too!


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