Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Past Few Weeks...

Man, our new year is off to a rocky start.  The Husband caught some kind of plague so he had to be quarantined in the basement.  Then I contracted his disease, even with all the isolation and sanitizing!  Dammit, I don't have time for cooties!  Cross your fingers and toes that The Little Dude doesn't get it.

So before we contracted the germs of death I was able to get down to Pueblo to do a bit of thrifting.  I found this super cool Dansk Designs candle holder and I searched like crazy for the other one in the set, but was disappointed.  It's pretty dang neat so it will probably stick around here, at least for a little bit.
 My only other unusual find was this enamel Finel bowl that is in pretty good shape.  Francine at HotCool Vintage has one for sale in her Etsy shop right now.
 Good gravy, my booth was a mess!  10 days untouched is far too long I guess because when I went a week or so ago, it was wrecked.  
 All the glorious Christmas decorations were boxed up.  It was a sad day.  
 YES!!!  This is probably going to be my new chalk board saying at the booth. 
 The Mom and I took the Little Dude up to the Denver Aquarium while The Husband stayed home to nurse his gooey plague (isn't that a lovely image). We all had such a great time! I LOVE the aquarium.  Doesn't matter which one...I LOVE them all!!!   
 Stop judging me fish!  Hahaha!
 We had plans for New Years Eve, but I wasn't about to drag The Festering Husband anywhere and I didn't want to risk infecting my friends, so we stayed home.  I felt about as maniacal and stir crazy as this little girl.  
 Yes, you're seeing this correctly.  That is a giant squid chilling on my couch.  The Best Bud got him for me for Christmas and I couldn't be more in love with him.  His name is Sid the Squid and he's fantastic!
Thank you for being a friend, traveled down the road and back again!!!  All hail the Golden Girls.  : )
 And then boom!  I came down with what very well could be Ebola.  Ok, obviously I'm being dramatic but still, I'm sick and I hate it.  It's impossible for me to lay around and do nothing, so I made a few friends to keep me company while I was in my self imposed isolation.  
 Thank goodness it hit me on the weekend.  The Husband is feeling better so he was able to take over all the Little Dude duties.  Hopefully he doesn't get this.  Sick toddlers are so pitiful.  Hell, what am I talking about.  I'm pretty sure I'm whinier when sick than he is...he's so tough, he makes me look like a super wimp.  
That's it.  That's all I've got right now.  I'm going to make some more cephalopods and watch Netflix as I wait for my Ebola to go away.   How is your year going so far?  Better than mine I hope!  
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And since I won't have anything to share later in the week, I'll use this post to join the parties at  Sir Thrift A LotRemnantMod Vintage LifeThe Thrifty GrooveA Living SpaceIvy And ElephantsThe Cottage MarketWe Call It Junkin' and Apron Thrift Girl. Have a great week everyone!


  1. So I'm not sick but have a case of the winter doldrums. My cure was coming here and reading your post. Sorry if I sound unsympathetic when I say I'm literally laughing out loud, but you are too funny...and I hope you're all feeling better soon. But dang, festering husband, etc. cracked me up.

    Love the bowl, and your squid and cephalopods too. :)

  2. Feel better soon, you might be missing a fabulous thrifty find!

  3. Get well soon! I have one of those candle holders and didn't know what it was until I put it on my blog a couple of months ago. Great finds!

  4. Hope you feel better soon! One of the perks of family life is sharing all those lovely germs! :( Fingers crossed Little Dude dodges all the ickiness. Thanks so much for the link love. :)

  5. I've been stuck inside since Saturday night due to this winter storm. They have "red" level travel restrictions - aka it's illegal to go anywhere unless it's an emergency, you're seeking shelter bc your power is out, or if you're emergency/critical personnel. So yay for an adult snow day today. Is it sad, I want to go back tomorrow to be able to get out of the house?

  6. So sory you caught the plague! It's been a really bad germ year, IMO. Love the Dansk candle holder! The squid is pretty awesome, too. Feel better soon!!

  7. I loooove the squids! And aquariums and all sea things. Hope all in the household get well soon. It got so cold so fast, definitely bug season!

  8. Feel better soon! Maybe by the time I write this you are already feeling better. Love all the sea life in your post! Hope the new year treats you well from now on...

  9. My girlfriend and I were sick ALL CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEARS... Ugh it's the WORST! One of our friends that came to Thanksmass Part II was apparently a germ terrorist because the following Monday almost everyone who attended the party had the Black Death... *NOTE* ( they did not get sick at my party, it was not the food or anything. People just got sick Monday.... It was terrible! Now we've just about kicked it, I'm ready for no more cold weather and no more sickness. All of my Christmas decorations are still up for goodness sake!


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