Monday, June 23, 2014

The Past Few Weeks...

The Little Dude gave me these little purple flowers and my heart dang near exploded out of my chest.  He's such a sweet little monkey!
 A few weeks ago I won a small lot of bakelite bangles on eBay and this beauty was hiding in it.  I sanded and polished it to reveal all these lovely colors.  It's a great "end of day" bracelet.
It's wonderful when they pose for pictures!
 These all came in one grab bag from the thrift.  Look at that original packaging - fabulous!!! 
 Squee!  This is only the second bakelite bracelet I've scored from the thrifts in two years.  
 Our local King Soopers stocked up on beautiful succulents.  Shut up and take my money!
 My sweet, sweet little booth.  Sales have been really good so far this year and I couldn't be more thankful.  Means more shopping and more fun in Alaska!  : )  
 It took every bit of willpower within me to not eat the whole box!  Delightful!
 So at first this was going to head to the booth, but now I'm having second thoughts. It's big and I don't have much space for it, but it's so unbelievably cool that I might have to make room.  
What do you guys think?  Keep or sell?

So have you succumbed to all the peer pressure and joined Instagram yet?  Do it!!!  : )


  1. I love that succulent arrangement! LOVE!

  2. Lovin' all your bakelite bangles. You need to do a post on your whole collection.

  3. Sanding bakelite sounds scary to me. What do you use? I'm picturing sandpaper and big gouges in the pretty plastic so I hope that's not it!

    I LOOOOOOVE that giant cooler. I would totally keep it. My husband would cuss me to the moon for keeping something so giant and unwieldy but it would be AWESOME to have at parties!!

    1. I use wet find grit sand paper and work my way up to the highest grit I have, like 4000 I think. It's pretty simple, just very time consuming.
      And I'm keeping the cooler! I found a sneaky place to put it, and he hasn't even noticed! : )

  4. Your succulent planter is so cute!

  5. long as the inside looks as good as the outside...I love the succulents too!

  6. Hi Melissa ! I love your blog ! You have a new follower from Chile !


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