Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wanted Wednesday - A Fabulous Bloody Mary

I know it sounds weird, but I have totally been craving a really awesome Bloody Mary for months now.  Well, I guess since April when we got home from the gloriousness  that was Junk Bonanza.  This is what day drinking dreams are made of.
I've tried to recreate it but haven't gotten there yet. I think that I have to be with The Mom in Minnesota surrounded by the most fabulous junk ever before I'll get the full effect that I'm after.  We are hoping definitely going to go again next year!
Day drinking at junk fairs in Colorado is pretty much frowned upon.  I know some other places aren't as stuffy.  Do you have a favorite drink to go along with your junking?


  1. I definitely love a good wheat beer. When I go junkin in the country with family, we usually load the cooler with beer. Makes for a fun day!

  2. Hanna & I are big on Mimosa's while junking. But in Vegas, where we DAY DRINK ALL DAY LONG it is anything with vodka in it. Why do you think we visit Vegas so much?


  3. I have never sampled a Bloody Mary! Mimosas sound perfect!!!!!!


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