Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Pyrex Jackpot

So the Best Bud has been on a seriously awesome roll lately.  She found this highchair and Pyrex a few weeks ago. She has done it again but this time on a much grander scale!  Check it!
She called me in quit the tizzy to tell me she had to go get more money because she hit the Pyrex mother load.  I'm impressed she held it together as well as she did because I wouldn't have been able to do it!  This all came from one ladies garage sale.  Apparently she had a booth at one point a very very long time ago because some of the pieces still had her crumbling tags on them.  All of these came with lids that were in good shape!  I couldn't believe it.  That pretty much never happens around here.  Typically all the lids are gone or super chipped.  The Best Bud kept the Flamingo Pink baking dish and is deciding on the Desert Dawn Loaf pan and one of the Butterfly Gold fridgies went to another friend.  Most of the rest went to the booth where I doubt it will last long.  Can you believe I sold all my Shenandoah pieces the other day?!  I was amazed!  
Do you guys have friends and family that thrift with you in mind?  Do they sometimes do waaay better than you too?  : )


  1. I got my BFF hooked on Pyrex last Summer during our annual girls trip. So now she and I along with Hanna are always looking for pieces for one another. I love it! Plus, I always know what to get her for her birthday:-)

    Your Best Bud is definitely a keeper!


  2. Just amazing she found that at a yard sale! If I see Pyrex at a yard sale it's usually chipped or dishwasher damaged. I have a couple friends who keep their eye out for vintage tablecloths for me. :) Pam

  3. nice find! I am obsessed with that avocado color lately. And have always loved the loaf pans for some reason...not sure why :)

  4. My momma went garage sale-ing this weekend while I was in my class. She found 4 Spring Blossom bowls (and paid $3 for all), which is the pattern I collect, and a typewriter. She brought them over to me yesterday! :)

    I may be interested in the orange dots, too! It looks like it's in great condition!

  5. Wow! That's quite a lovely collection! The only person who thrifts with me in mind is my sister. It's usually when I'm in the same store at the same time and I just ask her if I can take what she found, actually. ;)

  6. You're a lucky girl to have such a friend! ♥

  7. Oh yes! Friend and fellow blogger Missouri Michael is always keeping an eye out for me. I get into such debt shopping with him haha! What a fantastic haul, and with all the lids to boot!


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