Thursday, July 4, 2013

Booth Update - Happy 4th of July!

Yesterday was a strange day.  First we witnessed two nasty injuries at the zoo, then I went to the booth and stared at it blankly for 20 minutes.  Last but not least, The Mom was moving a headboard (which she bought off Craigslist and repainted a fabulous turquoise color) and it fell and cut the crap out of the back of her ankle!  She's lucky it didn't cut her Achilles tendon.  Crazy women had to go get stitches and she's ok, but dang!  Not good with The Mom getting hurt.  See, I told you it was a weird day. 
 Even with wasting time staring at it like a fool with no ideas, the booth got floofed a bit.  The tiered shelf is gone for now and replaced with a plant stand I got for free from a neighbor.  I like that it blends in with the chalkboard and makes it look like stuff is floating.  It's a little less cluttered too.  
 Sorry for the bad phone pics, I forgot my camera.  Anyway, for now I have to keep the book case because honestly, it works really well for my purposes and it didn't cost me anything.  I was thinking about putting a brightly colored contact paper on the shelves to change it up without having to take it home.  What do you guys think?  Contact paper or leave it be?
Thanks for all your input yesterday with my shelving issue.  I'm not sure what got my britches all in a bunch but like I said, for now I'll keep this one and I'm totally ok with that.  
Happy 4th of July!!!  
We're heading to a friends BBQ later this afternoon.  I'm bringing FunFetti cookies and am having a hard time deciding what to put them in.  Is it ridiculous that I want to bring my Yellow Pyrex Hostess but am terrified I'll chip the lid?!
Have a great holiday everyone!
Heading over to the Colorado Lady for Vintage Thingie Thursday.


  1. I would leave the shelf as it is an not put any contact paper. You want the focus to be on the Pyrex, not the shelf, right?

    Happy 4th! I am always afraid to take my Pyrex to barbecues because I'm afraid someone will steal it! Paranoid, I know:-)


  2. We all have our days. Sorry you had to have one, but that is life. Leave the self as it is.

  3. I think I agree with the others about the shelf. I was thinking, maybe if you put some paper on the back of the shelves with a white, subtle print that would highlight the Pyrex that is in the brown-tan range but then the lighter-colored Pyrex might not stand out. I think it looks pretty darn good as is! I would very much like to shop your booth!

  4. HA! I transferred my guacamole from a Pyrex Butterprint to a non-vintage bowl because I was scared too! HAAAA!

  5. Laughing because I was always afraid to take mine and lose or chip a lid, so I found an imperfect one and its my take-along piece with my name in marker on underside. We're all a little crazy where our Pyrex is concerned. :) Terrific booth, well done!

  6. I really like your booth and would definitely like to spend some time looking around! I agree with the others and would leave the shelf be so you just see Pyrex! Take Pyrex to a BBQ...I'd have to think about that one! Have a great weekend!


  7. I am going to agree with the others to leave the shelf as is. But I think it would look great white. I think it would highlight the colors of the pyrex better.

  8. That Pyrex display is amazing! I think the brown shelves look great with those patterns of Pyrex. I would shop there for sure!


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