Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wanted Wednesday - Little Bugs

I made this leather cuff with a vintage patch the other day.  It's cool, but it's a bit manly and in desperate need of something sparkly.  I'm thinking bugs!
I've been eyeing these pretty little insects in Vintage Junk In My Trunk's Etsy shop for a little while now.  I've resisted because I didn't know what I would do with them but now they would have the perfect home!
They are a bit spendy, but so stinking cute!  I'm also kind of afraid they would be too big at 1.25 inches long.
What do you guys think, get these soon or keep looking?

Joining Rednesday today. 


  1. Well, Melissa, the little buggers seem to be eyeing you, too. They certainly are pretty...I don't think they'll go to waste. You'll use them for something.

    Enjoy a shiny day,


  2. Hm, I like the cuff as is. But I love simple accessories ;)

  3. Loyal reader discounts available -- I'll give you a good deal! ;)


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