Sunday, November 10, 2013

Instagram Recap

This Barbie case is so seventies.  I really wanted to buy it but the inside was trashed.  Too bad, it would have been a great box for fabric scraps.  
 I got the new CB2 catalog in the mail the other day.  Why do they do that to me?!  I can't buy anything in there anymore though I WANT to so bad.  This little town decorator set would be the first thing I bought - it has a thrift shop in it!!!
 Nothing to see here!  Hahahahaha! Such a strange cat...
 My antique mall had a huge new monument sign installed so we celebrated with a champagne toast.  The owner will be able to upload different pictures to the LED screen and notify passing people of events and sales.  It's pretty dang cool.
 The Mom and I went up to Denver to do a craft project with Heidi at Vacuuming in High Heels and Pearls.  She is so nice and has the cutest house!  We had a really great time.  Thanks again Heidi!!!
 I want a vintage camper so bad I can taste it!  This will have to satiate that craving for a LONG time.   It's at Michael's. 
 Since I hope to get a bunch of Christmas stuff to the booth soon I needed to figure out what I was going to sell and what I was going to keep so I started my wreaths.  I know, it's a tough life! ; )
 This is a peek at the one I'm making for The Mom.  She does a tree in her front room every year that is just decorated in gold ornaments. This will match that perfectly!  
 I worked on my own too and it's fantastic!  Making ornament wreaths is so much FUN.  I know I said I have enough ornaments, but I totally don't, these things take a TON!  I'd like to make a few more for the booth, so back to the Christmas section I go.  

Do you Instagram?  Find me at andromedavintage if you do.  It's so much fun!!!


  1. I want eyebrows like that Santa this Christmas!

    He's a true inspiration.

  2. Fun filled post! Too bad about the case. Can't wait to see your wreaths. Yup, everyone says you need tons of ornaments. Lucky you and your Mom doing that class. Sweet photo. OMG, that cat...seriously? LOL!

  3. If it takes a ton, I bet I don't have enough yet - better find some more!!

  4. I would have bought that barbie case anyway! I always liked those "stick legs" girls because I was a skinny mini, too!

    I'm hoping I have enough bulbs for a wreath this year- even if I have to steal them from the tree!

    Your cat is so cute! I have a crazy cat, too. She can open doors and her favorite spot to nap is the hall way. She stretches out and sort of cuddles the wall. Weird!

  5. I'm so glad you and your cute mom came up! I loved meeting you both!

  6. I am restoring a vintage camper and I need to get a few of those camper ornaments! Headed to Michaels:) Fun stuff love reading your blog.

    1. Thanks! I love reading yours too! I pinned a picture of your bus roll thingy wall treatment in your camper (which is SUPER cool) and it gets repinned every day!

  7. I have SO MANY ornaments... but I'm still afraid to make a wreath. I think I need a little how to a push to do it... it would look great in my booth!


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