Sunday, November 24, 2013

Instagram Recap

I feel like this week was wicked uneventful, but I apparently had lots of fun on Instagram.   
This Dream Pet was my only thrifty find from the week before.  I love him!  I just found out that he has a lovely female counterpart, (thanks Melissa) so now I'm on a mission to find her.  
I replanted Chompers Junior into a fancy new house.  It's a venus flytrap that I grew from seed.  
 These magazines were a fun thrift score that have been super entertaining to go through.  So many crocheted bathing suits...
 The seventies seemed to have been a kind of creepy decade for crafting...  Creepy but kind of cute.
 It snowed!!!  Yay, I love snow!  
 This is the first crochet project I've done in a almost a year and I remember why I put it down for such a long time.  I have the shortest dang attention span since The Little Dude was born.  It's ridiculous... Look, is that a dog with a puffy tail?!
 Anyway, these boot cuffs actually were a great project for me because they worked up pretty dang fast and are really cute.  I made another set for the Best Bud and will probably make a few more pairs for others.  
 I went to an auction...and it was super disappointing.  The auctioneer and pace were much better than the last one I went to, but the merchandise was worse.
 Found this pretty little pink Pyrex.  One of my regular customers has called dibs on it already...she's the best!
 I made a bunch of these little guys so I could scratch my wreath making itch.  This one went to the booth today. 
 Squeeeee.... aren't they cute?!  Two of them will be staying with me to keep the big one company.  
 Are these not the most stoned looking Santa's you've ever seen?!  Hahaha!  

 Do you Instagram?  Find me at andromedavintage if you do.  It's so much fun!!!


  1. Are you keeping those Santas??? YOU NEED TO KEEP ALL THE SANTAS!!!!

  2. What did you use for your base on the decorations? Awfully cute!

  3. Great crochet project. I've got to do a baby blanket in the next few weeks. My best bud is due with her second little one. I usually can whip out a baby blanket in 8 hours... so I'm hoping to tackle that on a lazy (HAHA) Sunday. Sorry your auction experience stunk. I'm so glad we have good auctions around here. I would go nuts to not be able to go to one for awhile... they're so much fun! Those mini wreaths and stoned Santas are stinkin cute!

  4. Great mini wreaths! And great cuffs too! I've never done Instagram. But I also JUST joined Pinterest a couple months ago too. I seem to be a bit behind on cool things!
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Erica :)

  5. I just realized our deers are almost the same but yours has less crazy eyes than mine does. I can't believe how much awesome vintage Christmas stuff you've found this week!


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